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JANUARY 31, 2012 3:38PM

An Unlikely Date Tonight

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I am trying so hard to be cool.  I have had my hair up in hot rollers all day.  Of course, they are far from hot now.  The air is rather humid and it is the only way to hold the frightful frizzies at bay.  The hair is always top on the list at times like these.

Every surface located on the first floor of my townhouse has been wiped, polished, steamed and dusted.  Even the silk calla lilies that look real were swished through a warm, soapy bath and hung from a tree outside to dry.

The Lladro figurines I collect almost came to life, they were so shocked that I was actually opening the door to the china cabinet to give them a swipe with the Swiffer.  That was a dead giveaway that something pretty unusual was getting ready to happen at Chez L’s.

In my head I have tried on about six different outfits.  One is too dressy for a casual restaurant.  The other is too, well, dowdy, for the circumstances.  This one does not flatter what’s left of my figure.  The other is too obvious an attempt at being sexy. 

I clipped, filed and polished my nails.  Then I remembered I had put the powder room throw rug in the washer, went upstairs to transfer it to the dryer, found the sheets I washed yesterday in the dryer, and proceeded to wreck my nail polish.  Repairs ensued.

At first I thought he was just a nice guy who works in the area.  Because I walk every square foot of our neighborhood just about every day, we would see each other almost every day – he in his truck – I walking my powder puff of a dog.  Sometimes he wasn’t in a hurry and we would exchange small talk.  We discovered things in common.  Many more things than one would imagine for two people 20 years apart. 

One morning, in a world not available to anyone but me, I walked down Lake Street.  I heard a soft male voice, tinged with the sounds of a lifetime in Georgia.  “You look like a million bucks, Beautiful!”

It hit me right between the eyes.  How had I missed it before now?  This was a man in his late forties who likes older women.  He was flirting, not just being nice to an older lady he sees often. 

“No,” my inner self said. “Not gonna happen.”  What would a good-looking guy his age want with a woman literally old enough to be his mother, albeit one who got an early start on motherhood?  More talking ensued.  More things in common.

Saturday morning when I saw his truck, I waved and kept walking.  He is usually not chatty earlier in the day.  Instead of driving off, he pulled over to the curb and leaned over the wheel.

“Let’s do something Tuesday evening.”  I was amused and delighted to hear myself saying “Okay.”

Two people who get along well are going out to dinner tonight.  I am stepping outside my self-imposed box.  There can be no harm in sharing a meal with a man who I find charming and interesting.  And as my sister would say, “It’s an outing.”

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I can literally just picture this scene on Lake St.
Have fun!
...and please promise me you will say absolutely NOTHING that even remotely resembles any of the following:

"No,” my inner self said. “Not gonna happen.” What would a good-looking guy his age want with a woman literally old enough to be his mother, albeit one who got an early start on motherhood? "

: )
I'm posting. Hang on to you HAT.
J.T.: LOL! No worries. We've already had that conversation!

Z: Don't tell me....
I do want to add that the way you begin this and continue, builds such excitement just reading along....really well done that way.
Oh, and thanks for describing your cleaning fit.
So that's how silk flowers get washed???
I don't have any but wondered what one does with those things...
How FABULOUS!!!! Give us all the details in part II! Have a great time!
Nothing at all wrong with it. Like you said...two friends having dinner...what could be more natural. Besides, ya never know.....may have to clean that second floor as well. Hehehe!
Would love to hear how the date goes. Have fun!
YAAY! how cool. I love your inner dialogue. You better report back to us, as I am looking forward to this one! Have fun Lez..
I smiled all the way through this. His voice sounds like warmed honey in my head.
Love this! The writing and the content are truly ab fab! You have GOT to give us hopefully many follow-ups. And tonight, be exactly who you've been --who you are-- all along.
I guess I'm the only person thinking how fortuitous it is that you washed your sheets? (Seriously, I hope you have a great time. It's fun to dress up, go out and flirt.)
The sparkle is asparkle! Even in your writing, Lezlie. It shimmers. These two sentences are magic: One morning, in a world not available to anyone but me, I walked down Lake Street. I heard a soft male voice, tinged with the sounds of a lifetime in Georgia.

And what a closer! Let's do something Tuesday night (I'll hafta remember that one)...Okay (what every smitten man wants to hear).

Sweet. ;-D
Awesome! We'll need deets for part II. Have a great time!

Remember to take a little money, your cell phone, a hanky and your lipstick with you...just in case.
whoa!! I got butterflies for ya
Keep your guard up. Lezlie and let your hair down, and have fun. I so feel the anticipation, and at worst you've deep-cleaned your house.
dinner and keeping that damn Feminine Guard up.
Keep it up but let it also filter intelligently
the motives of this fella. A man is fulla
motives, some of them noble, some not
so much...

depends on how it progresses..

anyway, go for it &have fun & report back.........
text a friend where you are when you actually get there if plans change (even if it takes a potty break) and take an unnoticed picture of the car/plate with your cell phone as you are getting in the car, and include it in the 'where you are message'
Can't be too careful :| and you can be safe and have fun. Karen has gone on many dates over the years, and so far it's been ok.
Remember condoms don't protect against herpes though, or a few other things. Sometimes you just have to roll the dice.
(sorry, virtual clucking and hovering, it ain't pretty)
Superbly written, and oh, what a subject! I'm so excited for you. And him. You did it, now -- you have to tell us all how it goes.
To the hope that all goes well
Sounds like "Love is in the Air." And nicely put.
I am so happy but just please be careful..
Way to break our of the box....and give the man credit for reaching out for what I suspect will be a marvelous time for both of you....
I think the whole thing sounds exciting. Have fun, and let us know how it went! ~r
I'm there. You don't know how the wine tastes unless you take a sip. Just don't drink the whole bottle tonight. Have a great evening!
Fabulously written. And what a great subject. I'm so excited for you and for him. Now you've gone and done it -- gotta spill the beans after!
Hope you have the best time and maybe the start of something quite special. No internet dating required!
Leslie and Flag Truck, sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g~~or maybe more, hah!!!
It's so cute how you even spiffed up the house. You're already gorgeous. Have fun!
Great stuff. We require all the details first thing tomorrow morning.
Oh you go girl, with your sexy self!! ~snap snap and to the back~ WOOOOOOHOOOO!! ;)
OOOO this is wonderful! You deserve happiness, and ARE beautiful so don't be so surpised...
Can't wait to read the follow up to this piece!!!
Nothing is easier than simple black. The focus is on your beautiful face, and maybe a peep of the cleave. He has probably checked out your rear end a dozen times or so, no need to worry about it. I guess by the time you read this, you are already home (probably at dinner now). Good luck, get some kisses in.
Enjoy Liz -
I just know - tomorrow the neighbors will be complaining - "The Mail was late"!
I am so excited for you. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. I can't wait to check back here tomorrow and hopefully find out what happened. Yeah L!
rated with love
Whoa!! Keep us post-ed!
I hope you are having an absolutely fabuloso time!
Part 2! Part 2! Part 2!
Doesn't sound unlikely to me. Have a great time.
Oh, Lord, if you don't write tomorrow, I will simply freak out. This is AWESOME. Can't wait to hear how this lovely evening turns out (well, maybe not.) How about just a high sign?
Julie cracks me up :-) Have fun Lezlie.
Can't wait to hear how it goes. You give me hope, L.
This all sounds great....
I hope all goes well...
Enjoy dear...
Since you posted this afternoon and it's already 1:36 a.m. the next day, is it too soon to demand details? Unless of course, it's not over yet. In which case even more details, please.
Oh Lezlie, I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear how the date went! And though I am a heterosexual (and taken) woman, I must say, I can understand how this guy would find you attractive - inside and out!
Ahhh. Sorry to have missed this. Stupid work. So the shorts are cadet blue, not brown. I'm so glad to have read this post second, now I know that you had fun!
Ha. " Its an outing" Yeah. Glad I read the second part first cause I was worried, outing or not.
I'm reading this after the last post about the date. It just makes me smile.
I just loved reading your comments, almost as much as this delightful piece. It's the unexpected pleasures that make life interesting. Enjoy!
Stepping outside one's comfort zone is always frightening, yet exciting. At the end of the evening, no matter how it goes, you will feel proud of yourself.
I love it We need deets for part II.
This gave me a really big smile!