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FEBRUARY 1, 2012 8:04AM

L's Outing

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Yesterday's post will provide background


The black skirt and cardigan over a teal green ruffled blouse proved to be just right.  They say the legs are last to go; the black heels and hose were a conscious attempt to prove the rule.

There are some days when the temperamental hair cooperates fully.  Usually, it happens on a day when I have absolutely nowhere to go.  Last night was the exception that proved the rule.  The day-long ride in the "hot" rollers did the trick.  It will be a long time before my coif turns out so salon-perfect.

I was starting to feel quite optimistic about this date of mine, which was only ten minutes away.  He had called an hour earlier to assure me he was on schedule and "excited about our dinner together."

So it was only right that I would knock over a brand-new bottle of room diffuser oil on the newly washed table cover, right inside the front door. My murmuring "Oh, shit!" did nothing to change the fact that the usually calming scent of French vanilla was now shouting in an obnoxiously cloying way.

He said it smelled good.  When he rang the doorbell at the stroke of 7 p.m., I had barely managed to soak up the spill with a fistful of paper towels, and cleverly cover the oil stain on the tablecloth with the base of the lamp.

He was dressed for a date -- the kind I remember, not the jeans and hoodie uniform one often sees these days.  Sport coat, light blue oxford button-down shirt, dress slacks and shined shoes.  He smelled of after-shave, but not so much as to trigger my sensitivities to fragrance.  

He was bone-tired from his day on the route.  He didn't say it.  I could just tell.  His truck broke down midday, causing him to worry about keeping our date. That made me smile inside.

Instead of causing any sense of awkwardness, our 20-year age difference provided us a chance to discuss how things have changed here in the South since my flirtation with disaster in 1964-era Jackson, Mississippi.  He had been slightly shocked by what he had seen in "The Help."  That was the year he was born.

I had a wonderful time.  He said he looked forward to the next time.  He asked for a hug and drove off into the night.  Perfect!

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Whoa! You went on a date with a hot youngster? How cool! He is a lucky duck, of course. Maybe I should start chatting up my UPS guy. Summer is coming. Brown shorts ;-)
And I smiled as I read it...still smiling!
greenheron: Check out yesterday's post to get the full story. My UPS guy is most definitely not in the running, but I have seen some that manage to look sexy, even in those gawdawful brown shorts. Turn on the charm, girl. :D
Nice. This wil be an interesting new element in your life.
Yay!!!! I'm so glad the date went well!!!! Thanks for this news - it's made my afternoon!
W O W I hope Date-2 is at least as much of a winner! r.
A young fellow can certainly pep you up. Enjoy, as it is good for your body and your mind.
There's hope for us all! Glad it went well.
I missed yesterday's post. Good thing too. Now I did not have to wait for the deets.
Sweet as vanilla scent--my favorite.
There is nothing wrong with the age difference. I always liked older women. That was really true when Iwas in my 20's. I enjoyed the company of a woman who had made it around the block at least once. That way they could speak of what was over there while the younger ones were still trying to figure out what they wanted. The older ones knew. Really knew!
I rushed over here.. its 638 am.
Just so glad you had a good time.
He ASKED for a hug at the end of the evening? Dare I say it Lezlie, you have discovered a rare find in this world...a real Gentleman and it is twice as rare to find one in that age bracket. I am so glad the date went so well for both of you. After reading your blog yesterday I actually worried about you last night and told Mel that the guy better behave or I was gonna fly out there and have a "talk" with him!
I agree with David McClain.

I love your L- Post & Zebra.
a five year-old
using 'leper' when she meant
Charming of course. But, a small word of caution: Does he know you are writing about this? And how would he feel if he comes across it? Anyway, I wish you magic here and it's great fun to read because we can feel your trepidation and excitement.
I liked the details about the lamp base used to cover the spilled oil stain and the work truck breaking down. Regular folk having a regular time.
It appears to me as though love is in the air. Either that or it is taking high power shots at Minnesota and Georgia. So happy to hear the date was perfect.
rated with love
So cute! ... I have a lot of esteem for younger men who have the cojones to ask an older woman out, even if it's just to enjoy her company, and share a few hours of interesting conversation. Shows a lot of character.
Missed yesterdays post. Off I go to read it. Glad it went well!
David: That is soooooo sweet!

catnlion: That's exactly what he said! Women his age are also still Looking for Mr. Goodbar, which he says gets very old. Thanks for the encouragement.

Lea: He knows I write every day about everything that happens to me. He will be very flattered if he comes across it, but he is not what anyone would call an Internet addict.
Sounds like a great time with a gentlemen. Wonderful!
Sounds wonderful. That he dressed appropriately speaks volumes. Happy for you.
I'm doing the happy dance for you. -R-
This is fun! Glad you had a good time and I hope the vanilla isn't killing you today.
Sweet! But you realize you started something here.
Cool. Keep me posted. He sounds charming. Hope you two go out again.
I was so happy to see this update, I felt like an old friend calling over coffee to get the details! So glad it was a good night. Perhaps a Saturday if he is off, less tired.
Sounds wonderful and refreshing to get dressed up and have something to look forward to. A plus for the hug, Jules can rest easy!
I'm so glad you had a good time, L. I wasn't worried for you at all, figuring if he got past all your radars to this point, he had already passed all kinds of silent tests. : )
By the way, L, your date and my husband are the same age.
@ David: There IS more than one gentleman is that age bracket....
: )
J.T.: You know me well, my friend. This date was about 6 months coming! I have to agree with David that gentlemen like my date and your husband seem to have become an endangered species. That's why I am so proud of my own son, who is constantly being complimented for his exquisite manners.
Sounds like a really fun night. :0)
Bragger : )
While I don't doubt your son's manners at all, I get the feeling they really just want to let you know how gorgeous your son is (manners being part of anyone's gorgeousness, of course),
but feel odd repeating that so often....
J.T.: Guilty! Judging by that photo of your family you shared with us recently, you should know -- husband and sons, all lookers.
We learn so much about ourselves when we get out of our comfort zones - don't we? That includes him as well. It's a win-win! You certainly have an audience here of well-wishers! R
So it's "How L Got Her Groove Back"? How cool. Can't wait to hear about date #2.
All riiight! One and not done. Excellent report. Will you be baking him vanilla cupcakes for next date?
Excellent report!!
You go girl!!
Ahh, Lezlie, much respect for the woman who dares to date the younger man, labels be damned!
I've been very hesitant to write here of my boyfriend, although he has even encouraged me to share our tale...2 plus lovely years together, 22 years younger than I am.
It sounds like it was a wonderful date, and I hope to hear more of your adventures together!
Oh my. Off to yesterday's post to get the skinny.
I am so touched by all of your well wishes. To paraphrase a great Billy D. Williams quote in Mahogany, good news is nothing without someone to share it with. Thank you, my OS peeps!

Sallie: That's a great idea!

Barb: Why is it that we older women are the ones who are so reticent about such things? My date doesn't seem to have any concerns whatsoever.
I came straight here to read (first one of the day) - He'slooking forward to the next one. Alright!!!
That's a great question, Lezlie, I wish I had the answer. As you say - it doesn't bother him at all, and I adore him all the more for that.
But the question is, did you give him that hug?

Hello? ;D

Awesome!!! Heck, he's only 7 years older than me!! Whoo!! :D


That's just a reminder, if you ever want to go cat, you know where I'm at!! ;D

Tink: Tee hee. I'll keep that in mind. And, yes, I gave him a big hug. :D
Tink: Rumor is you were neutered. I get her.
I think it's great!
I think I just figured out who the mystery man is... :)
I enjoyed your descriptions of the excitement and preps in getting ready for a date looked forward to, and the good time you both had. To more, Lezlie!
I'm happy for you, L, and enjoyed the low-key way you tell the story.
Way to go. How far you think you'll chronicle this? Just curious.


Does he know about us? (I mean your fans on OS)
Kosh: This is the last post about this, unless and until it gets so serious it changes my status. That's not something I foresee, so...

He doesn't yet know about my "fans" as you call them. Some things are for me and me alone. :D
Good. I have a hunch he might feel a little odd about being rated 43 times.
I can't stop smiling for you. Can't wait to hear more.
I am very impressed with the fact that he called an hour before he was to arrive to assure you he was "on schedule".
Glad you had a good time.