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FEBRUARY 26, 2012 11:23AM

This Just In...

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"Let's face it...Mitt Romney is a dork!"
 Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post, on 2/26/12 Meet the Press
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And, surprising to no one, Arizona's rude Governor Jan Brewer, also on MTP, today endorsed The Dork.
Jan Brewer Chews Out Obama
If Mitt Romney is a dork (and he most certainly is) and Jan Brewer is a Shrew (my word) then what is this guy:
Rick Santorum
I say Zealot.  How about you?

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I saw we have a dork, a shrew, and a dorky zealot.
Zealot is too tame. I say Whack Job to the 10th power!
Meant to say, " I say." Was hoping this post would be a good biopsy result but this should do. :)
Saw that last guy on TV this morning and couldn't get past "moron."

Well, ok, I added a few adjectives but his complete lack of brain power is just stunning.
fernsy: Sorry to mislead... we have to wait until some time AFTER the March 6 biopsy!

Firechick: Perfect!

nerd cred: That's just it-- I don't think he is stupid across the board and is therefore more dangerous than most. His mind, no matter how much we detest what it produces, is fast and shrewd.
Nincompoop with balls to actually say what he thinks and bravado to act like he is kind and fair and even. This leads to a new word
Wordplay in politics. I love OS! to FB
Thanks for the chuckle. Im watchie Gov Christi of New Jersey. He said he would consider a VP run with Romney. You know, I wish whoever gets the Presidency good luck. It is a global game with dire consequences but it is FUN too. Obama is a good player. Did you hear him singing with the Rolling Stones!!!!!!
A steaming bag of bat guano?
Another person I saw on the Early Sunday Talk Shows was my Gov. Jerry Brown. He is on a good moon beam. He looked good and smart next to wild little Jan Brewer on Meet the Press. She held her own tho even if she was on the edge hanging by her finger nails. She is full of so much fear tho. Arizona is a paranoid place and the Supreme Court will have the final say on their controversial Papers Please law in April. It is all getting very interesting....2012 Here we come!!
I'm liking the word "putz" these days. From yourdictionary.com

putz   [puhts] noun Slang .
1. fool; jerk.
2. Vulgar . penis.

I had no idea about that #2 definition. Oops.
I hate to use profanity on other's blog, so I'll just say he's an Ass!
and closet-, self-hating gay guy

Paraphrasing the great blogger driftglass this morning--

Who has the tougher job?

The guy who has to translate Romney's thoughts into words humans can understand?


The consultant who has to translate Santorum's overwhelming desire to burn witches on the Washington Mall into civil discourse?
You forgot Gingrich in there.... The Imp? I think Santorum keeps letting us know he is not interested in the Presidency, because he insists on running for Cardinal. I wonder what if thinks Catholic priests should be allowed to marry and procreate?
He's a creep. A creepy creep.
Jan Brewer
Do NOT get me started
Santeria's just blown and is afraid to swallow.
For such well-educated people who attended Harvard, etc., and such "successful business people" -- why do they have, one, such bad manners, and two, such vacuous stares?

Dork, shrew, automaton? (After seeing "Hugo" though, automaton might be too generous.)
I'd call Mr. S an unfunny version of The Church Lady in drag.
Romney: Running for America's Creepy Uncle

Brewer: Culinary expert at Scorpion Cookery. (Good lord, is she Eating Her Young?)

Santorum: Running in the mistaken notion he's a reincarnation of the 15th century Florentine idiot, Savanarola.

He's the guy who George F. Will, of all people, said has managed to make his Catholicism a bigger electoral issue than Romney's mormonism.
With a little more time I'd try to make a case for moron & shrewd coexisting in the same ... well, I do like dweeb so I'll just go along with dweeb.
I love the diversity and creativity of adjectives OSers produce when talking about politicians.
I agree with Firechick's comment on Santorum. In fact, two minutes ago, I posted on Facebook about Mr. Santorum saying Obama shouldn't apologize for the Koran burnings. I pointed that if some country burned a Bible, whether accidental or not, this a**hole wouldn't stop complaining about it until he was six feet under. (And BTW, arguing about birth control: what century is he in? Not even the 20th.)

And I am glad you zinged Gov. Brewer.
God called and told me he was Satan....so it has to be true.
Oh wait, maybe God said he was Stan, that's it...he's Stan.
I keep getting his name confused with sanatorium. You know, the place where people go when they have a nervous breakdown.
A New Pharisee who would cast the first stone
Boy, did Tom nail that one.