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APRIL 9, 2012 12:23PM

A Day in a Hood

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Easter 2012 flower collage
 Easter Sunday in Atlanta was picture perfect.  The morning walk provided this collage of floral abundance

Every Easter my neighbor MaryAnn and her wife “Pastry” throw a party, just as they do every Christmas Eve.  Both women are great cooks, so those of us lucky enough to land on the invitation list are not only well-fed at the party; we can take home plates of leftovers that feed us for days.

The weather couldn’t have been any nicer, so we were able to have the annual Easter egg hunt, the Bocce tournament and the Cornhole playoffs in the common area behind our townhomes. Beer and wine flowed for hours.

It has been a long time since I’ve participated in anything more fun.  We had straight couples, gay couples, lesbian couples, singletons white and black, a Chinese gay man, a Cuban lesbian with her straight daughter and son-in-law, and some surprisingly conservative gay men who are black.  I was the oldest this time.  The youngest was around 40.

When the party started at 2 p.m., we were all calm and low-key.  Somewhere around the middle of the Cornhole matches, the decibel level of shrieks and laughter, cat calls and teasing rose to a disturbing-the-peace level. 

A children’s Easter egg hunt is very cute, at least until the little ones get quickly frustrated at their inability to find an egg and start wailing.  Who would have thought the same could and would be said about an adult hunt?

Random voice:  Dammit Pastry, where did you hide these eggs?

Pastry:  I can’t remember.  I’ve had three beers.

Random voice:  (sing-song)  I found a golden egg.  I found a golden egg.

One guy started beating the shrubbery with a big stick, swearing loudly.  He had no egg and was obviously getting desperate.  His partner, on the other hand, had about five eggs and was gloating all over the place. I got lucky and found one of the two golden eggs, which garnered a “big prize:” a hot pink and aqua polka-dotted beach towel with two appliqued flip-flops.  I was the envy of all in attendance.  Hah!

cornhole boards and bags


Tossing the cornhole bean bag at a wooden ramp with a hole about the size of a salad plate sounds easy enough.  It is not.  We all had our own techniques.  Some lobbed it high, hoping for a landing on the flat side of the bean bag.  The son-in-law, who is rather small in stature and shockingly handsome, developed a technique that had the bean bag landing on a corner and rolling itself up the ramp – something like the way you’d skip a rock on the surface of a body of water. 

Neighbor woman who claims not to be a drinker:  Here comes Skippy.  Somebody please teach this guy how to toss a bag. 

Me:  But he keeps winning.

Random male voice:  Yeah, but look how he does it.  Skippitieskip.

Me:  Are there extra points for form or something?

Female voice:  Shut up, Lezlie!

Jeff and I won the Bocce match by two points.  We high-fived and ran around the yard in triumph until our opponents began to feign vomiting.  We were not what you’d call good sports about our victory.  Neither of us had ever played the game before, but my alleged bowling prowess had come in handy. bocce ball set

 Everybody was having too much fun to think of taking pictures.  Besides, given the antics of many, it is probably prudent to omit photos to protect the privacy of the guilty.

Photo collage by L in the Southeast
Game pieces from Google Images

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Love the Hockney-esque collage... and your neighborhood's eclectic gathering reminds me of dozens of holiday "Beggar's Banquets" that I've attended with other lost souls over the years.
I can't imagine a better way to spend Easter.
Very cool neighbors you have
rated with love
jmac: I had to Google Hockney, but now that I have, THANKS! Sometimes these hodge-podge events are a lot more fun than family.

RP: Yep, we are a very cool crowd. :D
You should see my smile. :)
Thanks for this nice story of a very inclusive and happy Easter.
Jon: :D

Mary: I am sure there are people in this country who would be shocked to know a gathering such as this could really be fun -- for everybody. All it takes is an open mind.
Sounds like you had a ball. I went to my wife's sister's house and ate and had an Easter egg hunt for my grandson.. No more kids. He really cleaned up on the lucky eggs. I didn't use go to these things, but I had a good time. Maybe I'll go again next year.
Scanner, it makes me very happy to hear that you participated like that. I hope you will continue to venture out a little more.
Gives a whole new meaning to "beating the bushes" but glad you had a great Easter with friends!
PS and I like your avatar....
You want to land the bag hard on the board with some momentum, below the hole, so it slides up and drops through. We call it "bean bags" in my circle and it's one of the few games I'm actually not that bad at.

Your party sounds great!
I was at the beach yesterday afternoon and saw this game for the first time Leslie.
Had no idea what it was called....
But glad to see the lovely collage and hear news of a good time had...
ccdarling: That’s what I thought, too! Thanks.

Julie: It was.

nerd cred: I was having trouble just getting the bag TO the board! I thought the boards were too far apart, but that just got me called the name wuss! :D

Mission: Thank you. Did you get a chance to try the game?
I'll take your neighborhood party over sunrise services any day.
Wow, this is one of the coolest Easter celebrations I've ever heard of! I'm glad you had such a great time (and won prizes, to boot!)!
That sounds like a lot of fun!

What a wonderful Easter celebration!

The bocce set reminds me of my grandfather playing in the backyard and at his tournaments. He was a champ too.
Wow! That sounds pretty competitive. What great prizes and neighbors!
jlsathre: :D

Alysa: We had bubble wands, a duck that craps jelly beans, key chains, a bottle of wine for the other Golden Egg finder, post-it notes. Great stuff.

Cranky: It sure was.

Diary: Thanks.

Susie: Some are more competitive than others. I might just be the worst. lol
Hee hee hee...skipitieskip!
Nope Leslie. I stood and watched the college age youngsters go at it.
But looked like fun.
At least now I know the name of it....
Sounds like a great way to celebrate spring!
Chicken Maaan: :D

Mission: You should have joined in! :D

Deb: For an entire afternoon the world's troubles seemed to evaporate.
sounds like so much fun... :)
Clay: It was. I wish you and all my OS friends could have been here.
Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad you live in what sounds like a really nice neighborhood.
Myriad: It is nice. That's why I couldn't bring myself to leave it when I sold my house.
I can beat tr ig's ass in ping-pong and can spank your fanny in bocce.

Just don't ask me to play the cornhole game.

: )~
CrazeCzar: Hey, you! When'd you get back? My fanny will be safe if I keep practicing. I was pretty good for a novice. :D
Now those kinds of activities would really liven up a Seder! (Ours was great as it was -many, many, many bottles of wine- but a few gold eggs and a Cornhole contest might have helped shake the matzo loose). Great, fun post.
LL2: :D

Sally: Try it next year. The good thing about these games is age is not much
LL2: :D

Sally: Try it next year. The good thing about these games is age is not much of a factor.
Easter was picture-perfect weather-wise here too, Lezlie, but I know I didn't have nearly as much fun as you did!

Can I tell you something ... what you call flip flops there ... we call thongs here! (And, yes, I know thongs are something entirely different there too!) And Skippy? That made me smile too ... Skippy was a famous kangaroo down here. He even had his own TV show ... one of my favourites when I was a kid. LOL!!! I'm singing the theme song in my head right now!


A lovely post, Lezlie. I'm a little late but I know you won't mind ... HAPPY EASTER, LEZLIE!
Katie: LOL! Our English language can be tricky as we travel through time zones.
I really liked this and hope to play that corn hole game one day!
Sounds like my kind of party : )
Your day in the hood was just amazing.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
Hooray L! Hoppy eostre! They've said it all for me.