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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 2:49PM

Have You Ever Heard Sixto Rodriguez?

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It’s not that often that I stumble across something that excites me to the point of spending ten bucks to download a music album.  Why pay when one can find the same music on Spotify?

Yesterday I was jumping around on the web and came across a complete list of the 2013 Oscar nominations.  It’s no secret, since I wrote a blog about it, (grin) that I have seen all the movies nominated this year for the Oscar for Best Picture.  What I hadn’t seen was the nominee for Best Documentary.  It is Searching for Sugar Man.

I don’t want to spoil the magic of this movie for you, and I do hope you will find a way to see it someday.  Suffice it to say that it has led me to the discovery of a talent so huge, it is often compared to Bob Dylan’s. And I have never, ever heard of this man: Sixto Rodriguez.

Have you?

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Is this the guy who was huge in South Africa but lived in a Detroit slum as an unknown? I think they did a 60 Minutes about him. I don't think I've seen the documentary but I saw a long segment about him. It was amazing.
Magical, it was. I did not know such a story was possible.
Kosh: Yes, that's the one.

Bill: It is something that can only happen once in a lifetime.
Yes actually - I have. He was known in Africa before he even knew he was known at all. He still has a very modest life and his discovery of his discovery hadn't altered his life style much, last time I heard anything about him. Love the music. I have a few of his tunes after a tip from a music loving friend on CBS Sunday Morning, who had worked on a segment about him.
I remember seeing a piece about him on sixty minutes. It amazes me that his talent could be overlooked herre while being revered in South Africa. I have a friend who lives in Zimbabewe and I need to ask her if she knows of this guy.
Thanks for posting this! I have been wanting to see the film for weeks!
I am a huge blues fan and most of my favs are gone. Thank you for this, I had never heard of him!
As kosh mentions, there was the 60 Minutes segment and a couple of weeks before I'd seen something featuring the documentary. But I never heard of him back in the 70s. What a great story. He never knew he was famous anywhere. Naturally the South African royalties never found their way to him.
Yeah, I saw that 60 Min segment too...and then forgot about it. I particularly liked his Cold Fact - my computer played it in stereo! Never noticed that effect before.
Yes - I now live in South Africa (I'm from CT), and had never heard of him before I moved here (about 8 years ago). South Africans LOVE him - he is playing here this week ,I think and all shows are sold out. He added a few more to meet the demand. Great music.
He does sound Dylan but even better. I had never heard of him either and glad you did this lezlie. sigh.. I havent seen any of the movies.. nearest theatre is 30 miles away...blah.. will catch up later...HUGGGGGG
L-I'm going to go to Pandora to listen some more. It might be a great open call for everyone to post a new favorite musician. Thanks for this.
A very cool find. He is bluesy with a country twang (at least to me). R
Thanks, everybody, for checking this guy out. I missed the 60 Minutes piece, so I was totally unaware of this story.
I did hear about him somehow and I love his music! The film is long gone from these parts. I wish I could find it.