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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 3:19PM

Poor Rubio. His Speech Was Water-boarded

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Marco Rubio is a good-looking, smooth-talking political animal.  He side-stepped the dubious Time Magazine characterization of him as a “savior” deftly enough to put a lid on the rubio2jokesters of late night. 

Because I prefer to hear both sides of just about any story, I stayed tuned for Rubio’s Republican answer to President Obama’s State of the Union address.  He got off to an impressive start, learning from Michelle Bachmann’s mistakes and looking directly into the camera, which seemed to be inches from his boyish face.

The first time he reached to wipe the side of his face, I thought little of it.  But the second, third and fourth times got me to thinking about how distracting those beads of sweat must have been for him, because they certainly were for me.  I was pretty bored by the same old warmed-up GOP campaign rhetoric he was delivering by then and it was easy for me to stop listening and just keep worrying about that sweat pouring of the sides of Rubio’s face.  I imagined one trickling into his eye before he could catch it, and wondered if her would squint through it while the salt stung his eye to tears.

Then came one of the most awkward moves I have ever seen on live television.  I guess all that sweating had depleted Rubio’s supply of body fluids and his mouth was getting drier and drier.  With that camera trained on his tonsils, there was really no suave way for him to reach the one item he needed to slake that thirst.

All of a sudden Rubio’s head slid down the center of the screen, then leaned diagonally , almost disappearing altogether.  Was he fainting?  WTH?  Ah, there was the water bottle and the dainty attempt at taking a sip without the world audience noticing.  The look on his face was hilarious, like a little kid who had just swiped a sip of Grandpa’s beer.  Rubio

THEN, instead of just holding the bottle in his hand and out of camera range, he leaned once again over to wherever that bottle had been perched to replace it!

The Public Relations woman in me rolled her eyes heavenward.  Whatever points Rubio scored at the beginning of the speech went flying out of the shot with that bottle.  The Twittersphere lit up with joke after joke after joke.

@jamespoyser: "I don’t always drink water, but when I do, I prefer to be awkward. Stay thirsty my friends."

From Democratic strategist Paul Begala:  "Marco Rubio, the man you want to have a desperate gulp of water with."

And from Marco Rubio himself?


Rubio tweet


Maybe this guy has the chops he’s going to need to “save” the Republicans from themselves.  He has a sense of humor, something sorely lacking in the Stupid Party.  Jindal's words, not mine.

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Nah, he doesn't have the chops.
For people who missed it, your description of that moment is spot on right. Awkward on steroids. So that became the story.

Which is nice. . . . .
I really wish I could have seen that live! (I'm sure he's replaying it over and over in his mind, lol.)
This is what the GOP gets for singling him out as a token Hispanic spokesman. They figure anyone can fill the role, even someone as green as Mark O'Rubio. Yes. I know he's not Irish, but ever notice how everyone pronounces his name as if he were? It is MAR-co (pause) Rubio (rolling first "r"). ... So now we can roll our eyes and our R's. ;)
I hope they stick with him. Gives the dems an unholy jump on the next election.
I had heard about this but not seen it, now I don't need to...the nice lady in me says such a nice boy why did he wear such a hot suit :)
Yeow. He was reminding me of the Broadcast News scene where Albert Brooks finally gets his shot at the newsdesk.
Funny! I saw it too - Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time, that's all! It happens! Best wishes to you Lezlie on your next Report - we're all with you. R
I never watched it but saw all this after. I could not do what he did even if I was dying of thirst.
Funny though.. and he got the media attention.
Elaborating on what Deborah M W said, I know Hispanics who are fuming that this guy is being portrayed as a spokesman for Hispanics. His ideology is corrupt and he is as fake as a three dollar bill.

I also despise him trying to use his humble beginnings to support the policies of the rich. He denies that many poor people are both honorable and dignified. Mr. Rubio, on the other hand, was an asshole when he was poor, and a much bigger asshole now. R
Anyone remember Nixon sweating away to JFK? Dejavu!
One of my favorites of the new stars on the horizon of political punditry is Joy Reid of The Grio. She is frequenty featured on MSNBC. If yu have not taken measure of her, do so. She is everything that one should be for such a position.

Reid's explanation of Rubio was perfect. I can only paraphrase since I can't remember verbatum but it was something like the following. Rubio's ascendance came from nothing, and his downfall was equally nothing. What you saw there was the essence of Mark Rubio.

I agree, again, with Joy Reid. Aside from the fact that Rubio's speech sounded more like a campaign speech, which was later unpacked to be Romney campaign points, it lacked all substance. He appeared to be that young guy that the Tea Party took a liking too, but his face is a wee but rounder now. His harline is a wee bit thinner now. He's a smart young fella', but by the time his second chance comes along to be that young star, his chance with have shot. I think we just witnessed it.

Living in the limelight is unfair for those in the light, but chances to make the fantasdy appear real are few. Of course he's not a savior, but that does not mean Republicans were not looking for one. His humility was creditable, but his shifty eyes, stoop, and glistening brow made him appear al to human for the savior role. Poor thing. Easy come, easily gone.