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L in the Southeast
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
November 04
Retired PR Director
I am a retired Public Relations professional who now writes purely for fun and catharsis. I covered most of my memoir-type pieces in the first three years here. Lately I have dabbled in politics, current affairs, pop culture and movie reviews. Life is my muse.


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JULY 29, 2011 12:23AM

Here I Go Again...

I try, God knows I do. Ever since I made the mistake of writing a blog post lamenting the frequent disregard for the fundamental rules of the English language, I have tried to remain silent while people who should know better assert how badly they feel about this,… Read full post »

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JULY 26, 2011 1:06PM

My So-Called Life after Fried Chicken

chicken wings
In 1972 I gave up cigarettes, which I had been smoking since the fall of 1962 when I entered college at 17 and *needed* to appear more grown up.   I never even smoked an entire pack a day, but quitting for my three-year-old proved to be very tough/… Read full post »
JULY 23, 2011 5:20PM

OK, You Guys. Knock it OFF!

unreformable, obstinate, wayward, cussed, obdurate, unrepentant, unregenerate, refractory, perverse, stubborn, contrary, infantile, boneheaded, moronic, meatheaded, infuriating, off-pissing


And these are the nicer adjectives that come to mind when describing the antics of the insufferab… Read full post »

JULY 23, 2011 10:43AM

Happy Birthday, Bernadine Spitznogel

JULY 21, 2011 1:23PM

You Call THAT Art?!?


Public Art by Tommy Taylor 001

My trendy in-town Atlanta neighborhood is known for its liberal politics, fierce loyalty to the ‘hood and propensity for all things artistic.  We have several little theaters, music venues that draw the tattooed and pierced types with crayon-colored hair, and all the arch… Read full post »

JULY 17, 2011 11:24PM

Musings on My Death

 Most of the time I won’t allow the thoughts to break through to consciousness.  There is a vague sense of them, a nagging little knock at the partition in the part of my brain that controls such things.  But these are thoughts that are better left sub-conscious.  They are j… Read full post »

JULY 15, 2011 12:19AM

Bobbot's Birthday is Today!

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JULY 6, 2011 7:41PM

Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal Worsens


Erasing test scores
Ordinarily, a headline such as the one above would portend a story about a group of high school students who have stolen the answers to a test, or something similar.  Not this time.

In what can only, in my opinion, be blamed directly on government pressure on… Read full post »

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JULY 5, 2011 6:12PM

This is Justice?


Casey at verdict

I’ve only felt like this once before, and it won’t take long for you to guess when that was.  O. J. Simpson’s smirking face at the reading of the verdict in his murder trial should be all the hint you need.

It has been three hours… Read full post »

JULY 5, 2011 12:35AM

Muggy Nights on the Porch

It was as hot as hell in Atlanta today.  No surprise there, but it has been above 90 degrees every day since sometime in May.  That's pretty relentless, even for Atlanta.

I opened the door to let Coqui out for her evening relief and a blast of hot, humid air smacked… Read full post »

JUNE 30, 2011 1:39PM

My Surge of Patriotism


USA Rocks

The moment it was determined for certain who was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on our country’s eastern edges, a switch was flipped in my soul.  A surge of an emotion I had never truly experienced before that moment possessed my being.  

My… Read full post »

JUNE 28, 2011 5:34PM

The Case Against Kronk is a Crock

After watching the direct examination of Roy Kronk, the utility meter Roy Kronkreader who found the remains of little 2-year-old Caylee Anthony in a Florida woods, I don’t know why any citizen would ever report such a discovery to the police.

Kronk stopped in the woods located within a mile… Read full post »

JUNE 27, 2011 10:50AM

Casey Has Her Head Examined...Again

Lead defense lawyer Jose Baez halted the Orlando-based Casey Anthony trial last Saturday when he requested and got a court order from Judge Belvin Perry to have his client examined by three court-appointed psychiatrists to determine her competency to stand trial.  Hmmmm. Casey crying

Feeling a lot l… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 23, 2011 5:56PM

Would You Lie Under Oath to Save Your Kid's Life?


Cindy Anthony on 22jun11

 abc news photo


Cindy Anthony might have just fallen on the sword to save her daughter’s life.

Cindy is the grandmother of Caylee Anthony and the mother of Casey Anthony.  Casey is charged with the first degree murder of little Caylee, her own daughter.  T… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 20, 2011 4:36PM

Human Histrionics Threaten Anthony Trial

Once again I find myself riveted by a murder trial that comes Jose Baezreplete with sex, lies and videotape.  As I write this post I am battling that sense of emptiness that comes when some anticipated something I was looking forward to has suddenly been withdrawn. 

The trial of… Read full post »

JUNE 19, 2011 10:40AM

OS Dads Rock!

My prize daylilies, just for you

Happy Father’s Day

to all you papas!



JUNE 17, 2011 10:38AM

A Dad Is Not About Biology

My sister loved this post so much last year, I decided to repost it in honor of our late Dear Old Dad.  It has been slightly revised.

A dad is a guy who tells his daughter how to handle boys.  He teaches her the responsibilities of driving a car,… Read full post »

Only those who have started participating in Open Salon recently or who have been genuinely flounced  have escaped my probably excessive boasting about my son's role in a new movie based on the best-selling book MoneyballSteve seated no smile

Stephen Bishop -- the actor, not the aging musician -- play… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 12, 2011 9:20PM

Twain Knew What He Was Doing



Nigger.  The most hurtful word anyone could hurl my way?  Yes.  Should the publisher have made the controversial decision to change the more than 200 appearances of that word to the word slave in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?  I don’t thin… Read full post »

JUNE 11, 2011 12:07PM

Scanner Has a Birthday!


The Real Scanner is much better looking than

The Dude, isn't he?


We love you, man!

JUNE 10, 2011 1:38AM

What Kind of Animals ARE We?


Cheaters Collage 2


These have been a rough couple of weeks for the humanoids of America, especially the ones who have genitalia of the penile variety.  Schwarzenegger, Edwards, Spitzer, Woods, Sanford…I’ve lost count of all the prominent men in America who have gone woefully as… Read full post »

JUNE 6, 2011 8:47AM

I Worked on a Georgia Plantation


It never occurred to me.  When I made reservations to hold a customer barbecue event at the Archibald Smith Plantation in Roswell, Georgia, I was in full public relations mode.  It seemed like the perfect departure from the usual chi-chi cocktail parties and hot hors… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 5, 2011 11:50AM

Parents: Please Don't Overreact to Little League Tragedy

Thirteen-year-old Hayden Walton of Winslow, Arizona approached home plate Tuesday with a swagger familiar to any seasoned Little League baseball Hayden Walton player.  Eyes locked with those of the opposing pitcher, he adjusts his batting helmet, tugs at his twin wrist bands and scratches the home pla… Read full post »

JUNE 2, 2011 3:45PM


If there were a way for another person to somehow tap into my inner sound track, I would be committed to the nearest psychiatric facility before sundown this evening. 

My mind is constantly blaring some form of music unless I am reading, talking or typing on this keyboard.  Has… Read full post »

MAY 31, 2011 1:57PM

Chillaxing with Age

Key fob
The real culprit

I really AM mellowing with age.  No one could have convinced me I ever would twenty short years ago.  That was back when I was trying to become all I could be; to keep myself empowered, enlightened, entrenched and employed.

Between the ages… Read full post »