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Lisa Hickey
November 06
Publisher, CEO
The Good Men Project
Part of The Good Men Project. CEO of Good Men Media. I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public & become a part of the culture.

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A response to an article in The Atlantic about ‘having it all’ and debating feminism and Tom Matlack along the way.

“It’s time to stop fooling ourselves, says a woman who left a position of power: the women who have managed to be bothRead full post »


A look back on the fears I had and the mistakes I made with my son.


My daughters have taken me out to the Armenian diner for breakfast. Scrambled eggs, wheat toast, a white carnation from the waitress. “Happy Mother’s Day!” My daughters remind…

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A blogged version of one of The Good Men Project Evangelist Conference calls run by Lisa Hickey

This morning, I sent out an email for our "Evangelist Conference calls" which all contributors to The Good Men Project are invited to. A reply came into my inbox:
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I found something I can believe in. And it has everything to do with "good" and much to do with "men".

I was raised a Catholic, a “good” Catholic – baptized, communioned, confirmed, confessed. I slowly decided I didn’t like the organized part of organized religion,… Read full post »

I believe some words are used to create intimacy and some to marginalize. Perhaps, by allowing all words to be said, we can marginalize less and connect more.


I’m sitting in a chilly plexiglass booth, running a monster of a scoreboard for a series of… Read full post »

I want to re-define pop culture into something more personal.

It was the day of the Royal Wedding, and my daughter Shannon was telling me about her plan of attack. “So I’ve studied all of the Princes. There are six in Europe that might be available. I’m… Read full post »

Why do we seem to have a problem with people who are clear, direct and assertive?

I was sitting in the audience at my first advertising award show, and creative people who were my heroes would parade on stage to get their silver bowls. I watched and… Read full post »

Are certain day-to-day things that people do more "manly" than others? Lisa Hickey thinks not. See if you agree.

Here are 16 things. Eight of them were done by men (real or imagined by me), and the other eight were done by me, a real-life woman.… Read full post »

Exploring the dynamics of men and goodness from where I stand.

The first time I met Tom Matlack was just over two and a half years ago. When we met, all I knew about him was that he was putting together a book. He had asked me… Read full post »

JANUARY 31, 2012 10:55AM

When Women Fear Men



Why do we presume men are the guilty ones and what would the world look like if that changed?


My daughter is having trouble with her asthma, and I have to get her to the doctor’s. She comes out of school, gets in the car, is dismayed because… Read full post »



On the mixed-up world of sexual consent, the one thing that I never before could talk about. 

The spot of blood on the sheet was a perfect circle, an “oh”, an exclamation. Bob and I stood at the foot of the bed, groggy, half-morning light, we leaned in together asRead full post »



I run something called The Good Men Project, and for those of you who don’t know how it began, here it is. One day, a guy named Tom Matlack, with a decade’s worth of highly successful venture capitalism under his belt, decided to write a story. It was a personal story,/Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 10:28PM

Chasing Beauty: An Addict's Memoir

Photo by amyrod 

Here we go again, I think, as I impatiently wait for the hair straighter to warm up. I’ve washed my hair, deep conditioned it, shaved my legs, tweezed my eyebrows. I’ve blown dry my hair, but it’s still a wreck. It’s always a wreck. It’s thin, so thin that/Read full post »



Ten years ago, I stopped believing in a God as I understood him. It took one brief moment to go from sorta kinda believing to realize I no longer wanted to try. Was there any form of spirituality I could believe in? Nothing as clear to me as thatRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 9:50PM

Can a CEO Talk About Sex?


 CEO Lisa Hickey wonders “What happens when stuff that is  NSFW is your work?”


A Saturday night, and an email comes through on my iPhone. “Hey Lisa, what do you think of nymphomania?”

There were days when I would have taken that as a f… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 1:10AM

Forgiveness Is an Action Word

photo-by-mdid  I didn’t expect to like Germany. It wasn’t on my itinerary, just an accidental stop on my way to better places. But I love that I can rent a bicycle right there at the train station; and even though the words on the signs are long and look unpronounceable, at leastRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 3, 2011 7:16PM

Why I'm Social Media Promiscuous


Good Men Media CEO Lisa Hickey wants you—and Malcolm Gladwell—to know: the revolution can be tweeted.

In December 2008 I walked into a Starbucks. “Are you Erik?” I asked a guy who was scanning the room looking for someone. “No, sorry.” We… Read full post »