Lissa Stewart

Lissa Stewart
New York, New York, United States
July 26
I'm a student at Columbia University, studying Chemistry and Physics. I'm a lifelong Girl Scout, I'm in the Columbia University Marching Band, I'm a babysitter and personal assistant, and in my spare time I make art and jewelry. That's my life in 38 words. (Not counting that last sentence or this one, thank you Sam.)


APRIL 8, 2009 2:22PM

A Bizarre Day in the Neighborhood

It's a beautiful day today.

I woke up this morning, looked out my window, and saw sunshine, blue skies, and big puffy clouds floating over the city. Spring, in general, makes me really happy. Escaping the grays of winter to find flowers is a great moment for me- beautiful white and… Read full post »

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MARCH 7, 2009 6:22PM

A Brush With Death on Vacation

A brush with death on vacation

My friend Ivy's mom has a tee shirt with this image on it. It's the only brush with death I have, and I'm okay with that.

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FEBRUARY 1, 2009 6:45PM

LiveBlogging the Super Bowl!

So after my election LiveBlog (which I had a lot of fun doing! I never knew this "LiveBlog" stuff could be so awesome), I have decided that I will LiveBlog more. And what is a better time for a LiveBlog than the Super Bowl! No matter that I know very little… Read full post »

JANUARY 28, 2009 1:03AM

For Hyblaean!

A while back Hyblaean asked me if I would be willing to make her a fimo clay necklace of my avatar, the Rainbow Lady. I responded I would love to, so without further ado:

Rainbow Lady!

The final product. Sorry the picture isn't great, but it's the best my camera… Read full post »

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JANUARY 20, 2009 11:42AM

Liveblogging the Election from Columbia

So I am watching the inauguration from the safety of Sam's common room on the campus of Columbia University in New York City.  In case you didn't know (which you probably didn't, because he refuses to talk about it, much to our dismay), Obama is a Columbia graduate, Class of '83. … Read full post »

JANUARY 6, 2009 5:57PM

Bedridden Movie Reviews

Well, it's more like sofa-ridden. I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and I'm recovering, aka reallyreallyreally bored. After trolling around for a little while on Open Salon (particularly on Tequila and Donut's Blog, which is part of the inspiration for this), I have decided to write one sentence mRead full post »

JANUARY 1, 2009 5:21PM

This is how I cook

I have always known that I was not destined for culinary greatness. Actually, I'm not even destined for culinary mediocrity. Many of my attempts in the kitchen are disasters, like the time I microwaved the butter with the wrapper still on (the cookbook said "1 stick butter- softened"! And who knew… Read full post »

DECEMBER 10, 2008 5:30PM

I will never again visit Alaska

Well, that might not be true, but it won't be anytime soon.

Two summers ago, my family decided to go on a cruise to Alaska, via Seattle. We have extended family that lives in Seattle, and we thought it would be nice to take a nice cruise and then see the… Read full post »

For around six months during high school, I worked at a bakery/deli. I will never work food service again, god willing. It's funny, it wasn't the people or the place itself that I hated, because I didn't. I like the people, some I am still friends with, and occasionally I'll go… Read full post »

DECEMBER 7, 2008 3:09PM

Rainbow Woman, my OS Avatar

Rainbow Lady

 I'm not entirely sure why this looks so blurry, but that's okay.

This is my OS Avatar, the full version of it. It's a little paper lady I made. I call her simply, "Rainbow Lady!" I love this picture, and I don't have Rainbow Lady anymore (even in my… Read full post »

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NOVEMBER 5, 2008 1:12AM

Rallying in the streets of New York City- This is surreal

I have to start by saying- today has been surreal.

 I've been watching CNN since I got back to New York tonight. Before that, I was on a train, receiving text and phone updates from my friends. When it was announced that Senator Barack Obama is the next President Elect of… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 4, 2008 12:14PM

Why women go to the bathroom in groups

So my dad and I were talking as we sat in the car today, driving around and running errands. I recounted to him this story:

I recently bought a new purse. It's ENORMOUS. So large, in fact, that Sam is dumbfounded by it. At some point, to reassure him, I informed… Read full post »

Let me start by saying that I have dyed my hair for more than a year now. When I came to college, I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart, moved 200 miles away from home, and I was ready for a change.  So I dyed my hair purple!… Read full post »

OCTOBER 28, 2008 12:54AM

Introductions are always awkward

I'll admit, I joined Open Salon for the purpose of reading, commenting, and rating other people's blogs. 

 That said, I think  a blog with no posts is just sad.  Not pathetic sad, just depressing sad. To avoid making a sad face every time I see my own page, I shall brave… Read full post »