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September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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DECEMBER 31, 2010 8:29AM

When the Night is All Aglow

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NYE Fireworks - Sydney Harbour Bridge        



This moment when the night is all aglow

My heart awakens with a love for life

Yet misery still lingers just below

This moment when the night is all aglow

I long for right with all the world - you know

A world where peace and joy and food are rife

This moment when the night is all aglow

My heart awakens with a love for life




A Triolet by K A Little

Image:  http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/


 The Triolet

The triolet is a form of poetry comprising eight lines and a rhyme scheme of ABaAabAB. Lines one, four, and seven are identical. Lines two and eight are identical. Classic triolets uses iambic tetrameter in all lines which is made up of eight syllables per line with a pattern of "de DUM de DUM de DUM de DUM" but modern poets use varying meters.  

I have used iambic pentameter here - 10 syllables per line with a pattern of "de DUM de DUM de DUM de DUM de DUM".









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With love and hopes and dreams for all of us in 2011.

I agree with all of that! Happy New Year R
Thanks Dave! Happy New Year!
Thanks Gary!

2011 arrived in Australia just over an hour ago!

Happy New Year!
I think you're already celebrating, right. We'll catch up in about 14 hours. Happy New Year and loved the triolet!
I hope your heart is aglow for the entire new year!
scanner: I've been celebrating most of the night but sitting here quietly now and catching up with friends here who, apparently, are trying to catch up with us Aussies!!!
Thank you for this--and happy New Year to you too!
o'really: Here's hoping! : )

sophieh: My pleasure and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!
Kate-When I watched the news this morning, they showed Australia celebrating New Year's and I thought of you.
A world where peace and joy and food are rife-beautiful, hopeful words. Thank you, Kate.
Janice: You thought of me? That's one of the wonderful things about OS ... that we get to know each other across the globe when we would not have otherwise. I know I learn so much from all of my American friends here. It is a real joy to me.
Linda: You snuck in there! HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend! And those 2011 hugs I'll take with joy! Thank you!
Kate - You nailed this. The form, and especially, the meter. I checked.

Here's to a marvelous 2011: if we can't achieve peace, we can at least use a little more iambic pentameter.

Happy New Year, to you, and to all of our friends Down Under.
Divorce Bard,

Thank you dear friend. You're a wonderful teacher!

Here's to a happy and wonderful 2011 and definitely more iambic pentameter!

Very Beautiful, thank you for teaching us too!
Sheila: Thank you! And it is my pleasure to pass on what I learned from a wonderful teacher in Divorce Bard.
And I really must go to bed now .... it's after 3:00am!!!!
Lovely to share in the glow you feel.
I also thought of you this day. I hope your 2011 is spectacular in all the right ways!
Happu New Years, my friend!
Right there with you, little kate~
Cheers and the happiest of new years to you and yours!
Sending you much love and hugs from last year, dear Kate. You've already stepped into 2011, how is it so far? ♥
Well done triolet, Kate, and such a good idea to add "food." My wish is that night's aglow would last longer than a moment, that they would be aglow always and everywhere.
Beautiful, Kate.
I agree with Jerry : food. Let's all grow and give this year.

Would you know ? I slept through the fireworks - first saw them here. Fortunato Foti, fireworks maestro, outdid himself.
It's just around the bend - how could I sleep through that ?

What a year it was. What a year I hope it will be.
Your triolet points me in the right direction, and now the sun is rising : 6.30 am. January 1, 2011.

With love from down the road,
Damn, Kate, they know how to put on a show Down Under. Fabulous. It is strange that we are all now in a different decade at the moment but only 12 hours more for me.
Your Triloet - Fantastic - there is just one little line......that I would like to see disappear...next year...and you can figure out which one that is, my friend.
I too want to sing the praises of Mr Bard for his great tutorage(?) on poetry forms. Happy New Year, Kate.
Lovely verse, Kate. I hope your bright wishes come to pass! Those fireworks make Sydney look like the battle of New Orleans.
By the time we're celebrating the New Year, you're already one day into it! Amazing....Thanks for the posts all year long, Kate, and a serene 2011.
I really like this format (or whatever it's called in poetry.) How is 2011 feeling to you down there?

anna1liese: Sharing here on OS is what makes it so very special.

JD: You thought of me too? : ) I can't believe the joy of sharing friendship from across the globe like this can bring. I am humbled to have found a good and dear friend in you JD. Happy New Year, JD!
Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!
catch-22: Thank you for being here with me and for lovely wishes! Cheers!

Fusun: I'm waiting here ... in 2011 ... to greet you my dear, dear friend! Please hurry ... I can't wait to see where it leads us! And together we'll share all that this year brings.
Wonderful poem and best of sentiments. Happy New Year! I want to visit you in Sydney! Top o' my bucket list! Cheers!
Jerry: Thank you, Jerry. A wonderful wish too that also sits in my heart. If only ...

Kim: OMG! You slept through it! I can't believe it! You live right there ... party central!!!! I saw Fortunato being interviewed yesterday morning ... do you know him? Happy New Year, Kim ... I hope it is a good one indeed. With love from up the road .... : )
trilogy: Yep, we know how to throw a party my friend! And I'm here waiting for you to leave that decade behind and join me on the adventures of the next! And, DB, yes, another dear friend and a wonderful teacher!

Matt: As I've only heard of the The Battle of New Orleans and did not know of any detail, I just looked it up. The final big battle of the War of 1812 (which I also had to look up!). American history is not my strong point but, gee, I like that I am learning! The teaching, learning and sharing here ... such a joy!
Mary Ann: It is a amazing, isn't it? And that we can share here and each become a little more aware of what is happening in the world at any given time ... now that really amazes me!

Lezlie: Smiling here! Close! It's a poetry form. Although there are clouds in the sky here, 2011 is feeling pretty good so far. A sleep in and speaking with friends here on OS, a lovely gentle start to the year for me.
Lunchlady: Happiness and joy .... I'll take that any day! Thank you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Just Cathy: Come on down, Cathy! You would be so very welcome! I would love nothing more than to introduce you and any of my OS friends to the "lucky country"!
Amen, Kate! The very very best to you in 2011! Thanks for your generous sharing here! xo r
Wow What a Show!! I am so glad you posted it so I didn't miss it!! Wow! Double Wow. Happy New Year!!
A Persistent Muse: And all the very best to you! I so appreciated you always dropping by to read this year. Thank you!

Zanelle: It was good, wasn't it? HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Wishing you happiness and peace this year little kate. I enjoyed your first of many triolet's I hope.
hugs. r
hugs, me: I enjoyed the challenge of writing this triolet and, yes, I think there might just be more to come at some point! And to you too, my friend ... happiness and peace ... now and always. With love, Kate.
When I raised my glass of Moscato at midnight in the middle of the USA alone, I thought of each of my friends on OS in particular! We have joined you and you are most likely asleep again. Thank you for the lovely triolet and Happy New Year to you dear friend.
Happy New Year!
(my heart is always close to Australia on new year's, one day i'll tell you why)
wonderful poem, that lingering sadness beneath it gives one pause
the fireworks show is just spectacular, i wish i were there to see it
pastvoices: Another who thinks of OS friends at a pivotal moment ... this says so much to me about the friendships that are made here. Happy New Year sweet friend!

vanessa: Your heart close to Australia on New Year's has me intrigued and if ... and only if ... you are willing to share I will be honoured to hear. Happy New Year, Vanessa!
Wonderful..thanks for this sweetie! Happiest of new yr!
I hope this is the year we have reason to be aglow!