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September 13
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JANUARY 11, 2011 6:36AM

Inland Tsunami Hits Australia - 10 dead, 78 missing

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Family on Rooftop   


"A one in one hundred year event" is how someone described it.  Another likened it to an inland tsunami.

As if the floods experienced in the state of Queensland over the last week weren't enough, torrential rain fell in the last 24 hours on the highly populated area of south-east Queensland and turned a dire situation  into one of utter disaster.  Late yesterday afternoon, a raging wall of muddy water surged through the city of Toowoomba and then charged down into the Lockyer Valley below. 

Small towns in the valley below were either badly damaged or wiped out by the wall of water.  People have been drowned in their homes and swept away in their cars.

Scenes reminiscent of those witnessed in the 2004 tsunami have been broadcast across Australian televisions.  Cars, houses and even small aircraft all thrashed about in a dirty, angry sea of rushing water. 

As I write tonight, 10 people have died (at least half of them children), and 78 are missing.  Grave concerns are held for the safety of another 18 people.

 family on car


Calls for help in the past 24 hours have totalled 30000.  There will be more.  At least 6500 homes have been affected by water and a further 15000 in Brisbane and 3000 in Ipswich are likely.  Currently, 20000 homes are without power.


Flood damaged street   

Events changed rapidly in the course of the day.  Predictions for river levels climbed continuously and water rose much more quickly than anticipated.  Torrential rain continues.

Many who could not make it to higher ground to be accommodated with loved ones are being housed in evacuation centres.  But even some evacuation centres have had to be evacuated.

Many wait for news of family.  I am lucky.  I know that my daughter and grandson are okay.  I know that my son is safe.

My son lives in Brisbane.  The city's CBD has closed down and the water is rising.  Pontoons with luxury boats and yachts attached are careering down the Brisbane River.

My daughter and her family evacuated their home late this afternoon after being told by Emergency Services Officers to go .. and go now.  They left with very few possessions ... just precious photos, some clothes, blankets and pillows.  But they are safe.

I fear their house and their uninsured furnishings are not safe.  The evening news brought aerial pictures and advice that their town, their little community of One Mile, Ipswich, was cut off by the rising waters. Further news indicates that their home is likely to be inundated tonight as the river level in Ipswich rises to a predicted peak of 22 metres (over 72 ft).

But they are safe.  That is the main thing.

One of the 10 dead was a little 4 year old boy.  Swept away in the waters as emergency personnel tried to rescue him and his family.  Swept away out of their arms.

Mine are safe. 

Thank God ... mine are safe.


Family on Rooftop - Grantham 



Photo credits:  http://www.qt.com.au/

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Time to turn off the tap please, Huey.
Yes, thank God your family is safe. I will pray they will stay that way. -R-
Kate, I saw this last night late here and thought of you. Even tho' I a so glad to hear that all your family members are safe, so many others are not. You and your countrymen will be in my thoughts and prayers today. Please keep us updated the best you can.
Oh, this is awful. I am so glad your family is safe. I am hoping many, many others will be found safe as well. Thinking of you all~
Thanks for letting us know you and your family are OK, Kate. A frightening, terrible time.
Christine: Thank you and so much appreciated!

Mission: There are so many who are in harm's way tonight or who have lost much. I have sat here all evening watching news on every channel as my daughter's town goes under water. They've needed to release thousands and thousands of megalitres of water from the dam just north of my daughter's town. Adds more water to the river systems but needed so the dam won't burst.
I am so sorry to hear about this Kate. I can only imagine your worry and then relief for your family. Let us hope a few more families hear some good news today. Mother Nature does not seem happy lately, does she?
Joan: I'm hoping and praying most of the missing will be found safe and well too but emergency services are apparently preparing to find many who haven't made it. So many homes in the low lying areas of the valley were inundated ... and quickly.

Matt: Frightening ... yes ... but more so for so many more.
Antoinette: Mother Nature does seem a tad bit upset for sure!
Of all the news I've seen and heard as all of this goes on, your words here hit closest home. In moments like these, all of us are one. The speed of this and the relentlessness make real for all the wall of water some have faced. Am grateful that yours are safe themselves. Am grateful that you know that. Was lifted by Julia's words a while ago as she tries to prepare the country for what is real. She seems to be trying to face this head on. Then heard the Premier of Queensland's voice begin to break as she spoke of hearts that are breaking but of the will of the people which will never be broken. Storms of the moment or of the day are hard enough but storms like these that just won't stop, these are hardest of all. Thinking of you, your family, Kim, his family, and all Australians as you face all of this together. May the worst soon be behind you. Much love and hope to all of you.
Thoughts of you and your precious ones, all really, will keep watch.
Thanks for letting us know that you are safe. I hope for the best for those who are missing. My niece's in-laws live in Brisbane. I will be checking with her.
The past year has seen such devastating flooding in so many places. This has to be the worst yet. I'm so sorry for the people of Australia.
anna1liese: Dear friend, your words always bring me so much gentle comfort and peace. Your words of hope and love touch my heart and I know that uou are right ... all of us are one ... and I smile knowing of that loving bond.

Rita: So many images of devastation not here ... but perhaps you will see them. We are going to take a long time to recover from this but we will. Thank you for being here ... and there ... for me ... for us.
sophieh: My best wishes then to those you know in Brisbane too. They are bracing for the worst of it to come in the next couple of days. It is unprecedented what they are likely to experience there but thank goodness for the Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams ... they were built after the last major floods in 1974 and are helping to save the city from even worse devastation.

Jeanette: Thank you for your thoughts ... for being here. These are indeed terrible floods.
...still with you, Little Kate. and so sorry...
I have never heard of an inland tsunami. What a horrible and scary tragedy. LIght and love to you and your family.
rated with love
I was reading about this yesterday. I am so happy you and your loved ones are safe. Thanks for the update.
catch-22: Thank you ... I appreciate that you are still here, reading and listening and thinking of all those suffering such terrible losses right now.

RomanticPoetess: It was flash flooding likened to a tsunami ... came down from hills and mountains and gathered momentum ... tore through the first town ... quickly left and went on down the mountain to the valley to create more devastation.

Fay: Thank you ... yes, mine are safe. We are lucky.
I'm glad you and yours are safe and appreciate you letting us know you're okay and not close to the flooding.
l'Heure Bleue: I am just below the Queensland border. We expect floods here in my area over the coming days but hopefully nothing like that my daughter and many others experience at the moment. Regardless my home is perched high on a ridge that overlooks my town so I will definitely be fine. Thank you for your thoughts.
Thank God your family is okay, Kate. What a nightmare. Keep us posted.
Thank God your family is okay, Kate. What a nightmare. Keep us posted.
Thank God your family is okay, Kate. What a nightmare. Keep us posted.
Oh Kate, I have been thinking about you during this whole mess, and glad you are safe, and your loved ones. Keep the faith; life will get better. R
May all the Aussies who write here, or not stay safe and sound Kate.
I think of you all here in my little room.

Happy for you
but I grieve for the many
water took all
possessions they have

Please know my prayers are with you and your countrymen.
I rad about this and wondered and worried about you.
Glad you are okay.
Dead birds, fish and floods.
Someone is trying to tell us something.
rated with hugs
I am so glad your daughter and her family are safe. Watched the video- holy crap!
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have no idea how terrible this must be. We heard nothing of it here. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope all will soon be normal and well.
I'll continue to pray for you and others.
Janice: Yes, they are safe from harm. Thank you. Their home isn't. As I wake here this morning the news indicates One Mile where their home was has gone under.

Dave: Thank you Dave. Keeping faith. I know all will be fine for me and mine. Just a bit sad at the moment with all that I am hearing and seeing.
The videos I've seen are so alarming...
I'm glad to hear you and yours are okay.
Best wishes to you, Kate!
While traveling from the USA to help my sick daughter in Darwin in 2008, I flew beside a woman from Toowoomba, who was the kindest person I ever met. I have since called her my guardian angel for that trip. She does not use e-mail, so I have not been in recent contact with her. I hope she is well. The pictures and videos are heartbreaking
I've been thinking about you these past few days, as well as one of my best friends who lives in Australia, too. I'm about to email her and ask how things are going.
Thank heavens your children are safe. I'll be remembering you in my prayers.
Amazing footage. Glad your family's safe.
Mission: Thank you so much for kind words and your prayers. I do appreciate them.

Myriad: I know. Thank you for being here.

Linda: I wondered the same thing. Thank you for your kind words.

Julie: Holy crap! For sure! I can't reach my daughter this morning ... phone services inundated and reception difficult where she is but they are still safe as far as I know.
OMG Kate - I hadn't heard this. Our whole world is a mess right now - one way or another. All those people are in my heart and prayers. As are you and your family. SO glad they are safe but with the threat of losing everything I can imagine the utter stress of it all. I had printed out a map of NSW so I would know where my friend Kate lived....now I forgot the name of the town. You can PM me if youd like. I will be looking at Ipswich and saying a prayer.
Sheila: Thank you for keeping all those suffering in thoughts and prayers and for well wishes. Hopefully all will return to normal as quickly as possible but it will take some time ... the enormity of this one is massive.

Belinda: Thank you ... especially for others ... thank you.

Just Thinking: Much of the aerial footage I've seen on television is even more horrific than these videos I have here ... people stranded on house roofs with raging water lapping at their feet ... people stranded in cars in a huge sea of muddy water ... all waiting for rescue by helicopter ... by anyone.
brenlu: I do hope your friend is okay. She sounds like she is a wonderful lady. I smile with the thought of your Aussie Angel.

vanessa: Thank you so very much for kind prayers and thoughts. I do appreciate them and you. I also hope that your friend is okay. If he/she lives in Queensland there is a good chance they have been affected in some way by this disaster. 75% of the state has been affected by these storms.
ConnieMack: Thank you so very much. Mine are safe and well.

trilogy: Have PM'd you .... I'm right below the Queensland border. I smile about you having printed the map of NSW ... you're a good friend! And hopefully one day you'll make it here to visit me. It is a beautiful part of the world when it's not flooding! The news this morning that 90 are now missing ... hopefully the majority are just unable to be contacted because of isolation and chaos with communication services but there are grave concerns for many.
Love, thoughts, and prayers offered.
pastvoices: Thank you so much, my friend. I really appreciate it.
Oh my gosh... I'm thankful your family is all right, Kate. Relatively speaking, that is. But what a horrible situation!
It's good to hear that you and your loved ones are safe. First it was Pakistan, then Venezuela (which I posted about) now it's your turn. Who's up next~for a dose of climate change?
Shiral: I'm so very thankful that mine are safe. I can't imagine what some are going through at the moment. It has been horrific to say the least.

Inverted Interrobang: I just found your post and I'm so sorry that you're country has been through this too. Where next indeed? Thank you for your kind words too. I appreciate them.
oh my goodness, i will say a prayer for your family. rr
iq: Thank you dear friend for thoughts and good wishes. It is indeed a catastrophe. The floods are to the north and south of me but all is well for my town at the moment with only very minor flooding. Regardless of whether it floods here or not, my home sits high on a ridge. I haven't been able to reach my daughter since last night but I'm sure she is still safe and sound and out of harm's way now. Unfortunately her house and her belongings are very likely to be well and truly under water.

Bernadine: Thank you! I do appreciate it.
Just got the water company to turn the water off down there. Hopefully it takes soon!

So sorry Katie about all you and your family and friends and neighbors must endure! An inland tsunami is such a descriptive phrase...and unfortunately accurate!

My daughter's house did not go under! The flood did not rise as high right there as they thought it was going to. Water all around but the house is safe!

I'm very glad your family members are safe. I've got a friend in Brisbane who I haven't yet heard from today.
Go Katie ! Go Katie!

JD: Oh it was the water company I needed to see? I've been asking Huey to turn off the taps! Thanks JD ... you have worked wonders! I am so happy right at this minute because all is definitely good for my loved ones. I'll allow just this for me right now.
nanatehay: Phone services to Queensland have been inundated. It took me all day to try and reach my daughter. Power has been cut in the CBD ... I'm not sure for how long ... I've also heard something like 56000 homes were without power. I know my daughter has no power. I hope your friends are safe and well too. Thank you so much for your kind words. Let me know if you hear anything of them? Please?
See....call the water company...and all is well....ok...not all...but yours is a bit better.
This is so stunning, I am glad you family is safe. When they had flooding I wondered if you would be okay. I was relieved to see your name on here today.
Thank God you and your family are ok. Keep us updated!
JD: I'll definitely remember that for next time ... oh Heaven forbid ... next time!

But, yes, there are many still in great difficulty. Brisbane is facing the brunt of the waters this afternoon here. But at least the rain has stopped.
I will let you know Kate. I guess the power being out is why I've heard nothing.
nanatehay: I would say it probably is. The Premier announced that power would be cut to Brisbane this morning as some of the power stations (or whatever it was) were going to go underwater and they wanted to manage the risks. Perhaps phone might be a possibility but, still, it's very difficult to get through.
Oryoki Bowl: This is so very thoughtful of you. Thank you!

Rei Momo: Yes, thank God! I am just so relieved at the moment that all is much better than we had anticipated.
Incredible. Words escape me at times like this. I appreciate you taking time to connect with us in another land with your pictures and narrative and I'm glad your fam is safe.
grif: It is nice to be able to connect here like this. I know I appreciate being able to share my thoughts and feelings especially at a time like this. I can throw what is worrying me out there ... here ... and invariably the support and feedback I get helps to ease my mind, relax and bring comfort. I only hope that I can return what I receive.

Even though my family is indeed safe and well, there have been so many who haven't been so lucky. It has been horrific.
Great report from right where it's happening. Sorry this is happening to you. Keep your computer dry.
Laughing Man: Thank you. No worries for me right now.

However, I have just heard that the death toll has risen to 12 and 67 are still unaccounted for. Oh dear.
glad your daughter and grandchild are safe. so sorry to hear about the loss of life and property. appreciate the personal account of this. i have family in az too - i'm relieved they are safe too.
Maria: Thank you. And to hear that your family is safe too ...I am so ver, very glad.
i wish i could say something helpful.
i feel at a loss.
Cyril: I understand. Words just never seem enough at times like this ... when so many are facing such hard times.

Thank you for just holding all of those affected on your mind and in your heart.
The horror and the sorrow. Every day as read of this I do say a prayer for the safety of you and yours. Godspeed my friend.
I've just read your post. In the face of such devastation so far away, all I know to do is pray. Thank you for keeping us who don't read the news up to date.
scylla: Dear friend, your prayers and your thoughts are so very much appreciated. Thank you.
heidibeth: Praying is a very good thing to do as far as I'm concerned! Thank you friend.
Please know, my heart is down under, but chin is up, yes, chins are up in fact. Keep kicking.
ablonde: Good advice! Chins up and keep kicking! Seriously, thank you.
Oh, how devastating! So glad you and your family are safe!
lizw9: Thank you. I'm going to rest easier tonight knowing mine are indeed safe.
Little Kate, I have heard from my "angel's" sister, who lives in canada, and yes, she is OK - looking for ways she can help others!
brenlu: Sorry I missed your return comment until now. Gosh I'm so glad I did see it though and that the news is good! That is wonderful!