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Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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FEBRUARY 27, 2011 6:32PM

Tears of the Tempest

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The southern hemisphere has been hit very hard in recent weeks with floods and cyclones in Australia and now, just six days ago, an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

My prayers and thoughts are with my neighbours in NZ right now .... 147 confirmed dead; over 200 missing.


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The tears of the tempest fall to earth
flooding her mass
devoid of care
they drown her soul
overwhelm her heart
and leave her gasping for air

She receives the deluge with good grace
though her defenses have been weakened
she attempts to fortify
repair her soul
and wills the sun to rise again –
become a shining beacon

The tears of the tempest fall to earth
renewing her parched land
inimitable creation
new life
rouse hope
and faith
in all that God has planned


Words by K A Little 2010
All Rights Reserved





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Nature has been very rough and relentless lately, Kate. I hope she calms down and takes a pity on her wrath. Your poem is lovely and wistful.
I've been thinking of you and Kim and a dear friend who live down under.
I hope things come back to normal soon.
It is so sad that you can write so beautifully about destruction. but I love that you write about hope.
From "they drown her soul" to "
new life
rouse hope
and faith"

You know that you and your neighbors are always in my heart.
Beautiful poetry!! Hopefully the worst is over for your part of the world~Rated!!
Fusun: Thank you, Fusun. I sure hope we've all seen the last of such devastation for a while but I know our friends in and around Christchurch, New Zealand, need all that we can give by way of thoughts and prayers or other.

vanessa: Thank you so much, vanessa. I am fine in relation to these catastrophes (and I believe Kim is too) but the loss being suffered by so many of our neighbours is heartbreaking. I hope your friend down this way is safe and well too.

trilogy: I do know I can always count on you to hold my friends and neighbours in your heart, tril. I love your compassion and I treasure your friendship. Thank you.

Susie: Thank you, my new friend! I sure hope it's over for a long time for all of us!

Flower Child: I know faith and hope are a part of me but I can imagine how hard it might be for those in the middle of such devastation and loss to maintain it sometimes. I am lucky ... I haven't been faced with their circumstances. I hope none of us will ever face such tragedy.
beautifully written, Kate!

new life
rouse hope
and faith
in all that God has planned

It's hard to see God's plan when your homeland is going through such devastation. Sending love and prayers.
Angelkisses: Thank you ... I appreciate your kind words. Have a lovely evening, Debby.
Kate, it's beautiful that you see hope and faith bring new beginnings out of harsh things. My prayers for everyone who is struggling through all these disasters, truly they are all neighbors.
Beauty and devistation together. Very lovely kate.r
Kate I just shipped a CD to a customer in Queensland on Saturday.
I thought of you and the people of NZ
rated with hugs
In two weeks here in Kansas City, we have had temps under zero dgrees F ---temps above 70 degress F, and now six incles of snow on the ground being pummeled by thunder storms...whike jsut 200 miles to the south, tornados risks are being accessed!
But none of that stacks up to the Earht events you describe. Be safe...you and your family ad friends,..and God be with those hit or hurt down under!
You've been in my thoughts a great deal through all of this. My prayers are with you and with all. Your poem is stirring........
Bleue: Thank you friend ... I know they need all the prayers we can offer.

hugs, me: You're a faithful friend here. I appreciate you coming by to read. Thank you.

Linda: You're a lovely soul, Linda. Time for me to give you just THE biggest HUG!!!!!

JD: The weather you've been experiencing is terrible too JD. I can't imagine what it is like to get around and go about daily business with snow and ice storms and freezing temperatures. And truth is, the devastation faced by so many down here, has not stood in my face. I am indeed very, very lucky. But when I think of the poor man whose legs were crushed under boulders in NZ and of the Aussie doctor who happened to come to his rescue having to make a decision to cut off the mans legs with a pocket knife and a hacksaw ... and of all the similar stories and events that have rocked many people on this side of the world of late ... yes, I pray to God to be with them. Thank you too JD for your prayers. I know they would appreciate them.

Susan: Thank you so very much. All of mine are fine but your prayers for those in New Zealand right now will be so very much appeciated.
Even in my absence, you have been on my mind and in my prayers and heart. I hate having been gone so long! This is quite lovely!!
I am in awe of your poem. So young yet so wise and deepened by life's mysteries and surprises. How adeptly you capture the soul of your subject, in your inspired words. Really felt this. Thank you.
Here in 'merika we hear about Lindsey Lohan being harshed by the judge but not much about anything in the southern hemispheres.
Wonderfully done. Great tribute LK.
I did not know about this...Thanks for informing us...
pastvoices: It's good to see you again! You shouldn't be worrying about me when you need to take care of yourself. I know I have some catching up to do here and will read you as quickly as I can.

Just Cathy: What a lovely comment! Thank you! But Cathy ... I'm not so young either!

tr ig: It's such a shame when there is much of great importance and very worthy of being reported than silly celebrities. Thank you, tr ig.
Our church has been praying for ya'll. Peace.
Patrick: Then I am glad, Patrick. I didn't think many in the US knew about what had happened in NZ. It is a major disaster. They had a major earthquake in September and now this one has done so much more damage but, most devastating, are the number of lives that have been lost.
Bernadine: Thank you all. God bless.
iq: Your thoughts and very kind words are sincerely and so very much appreciated, iq. Thank you.
Global warming is truly making its face known throughout the world, isn't it? While the snow is still on the ground here in the midwest, it started raining this afternoon with thunder and lightning. Amazing.
Patricia: Oh, it sounds like the weather there is just horrendous! I can only imagine how difficult it is to get round in ice storms and blizzards. I'm glad springtime isn't too far away for those in the northern hemisphere!
You and the people of NZ and Australia have been in my thoughts for the last month...prayers continuing...Wonderful piece, Kate! xo R
Persistent Muse: Thank you so very much, PM. The people of Christchurch especially need those prayers right now. Bless you.
"She receives the deluge with good grace..."
How beautiful, Kate. How sad and yet so beautiful. Thinking of you all Down Under and hoping for better days ahead. ~R
I've been thinking about you and others in your part of the world since the floods. The earthquake was really severe and so many lost. Beautiful poem. Tears of the Tempest. Let's hope it's calming down now.
Inverted Interrobang: Thank you for reading. I appreciate it very much.
liz: Thank you, Liz. I hope for better days ahead for all too.

Janice: I can't thank you enough for your kindness and caring. Yes, I'm hoping for calm and peace to prevail all round too.
Beautiful poem . I too pray for your neighbors. -R-
Christine: Prayers are so very welcome. Thank you!
WOW! What a moving poem... My prayers are with you and your family and NZ.
Absolutely wonderful..what horrid disasters there are in the world. I thank God everyday for calm.. very great poem!
You speak so lovingly as you give voice to so much and so many. As always Kate, you help us hear hope in the midst of so much suffering and loss.
Torri: Thank you so very much. I am in Australia and my family are all fine. It is those in Christchurch that I'd love for all to remember in prayers at the moment.

Cindy: There is indeed so much in the world with which so many have to contend. Thank you for your kind words.
In the face of suffering and loss, I know hope can sometimes be very hard to hold on to, anna1liese. I think it is important to have hope.
When bad things happen to good places .. poetry soothes the soul.
Thanks for sharing yours here.