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September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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FEBRUARY 4, 2012 5:17AM

For Rita & Jules - My 1980's photos & some 80's Aussie Music

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Here you go, Rita and Julie ... me in the 1980's!


  In Sydney 1980s

Sydney - 1980's style!



Yep, it's me! 



1980's it is! 



My 21st - 1980 to be exact! 


At a dinner for my 21st - 1980 to be exact!




Moving Pictures - "What About Me"  (1982)
John Farnham - "Your The Voice" (1986)
Men At Work - "I Come From A Land Down Under" (1982)
Crowded House - "Don't Dream It's Over" (1986)
John Farnham - "Age of Reason" (1988)
Air Supply - "Here I Am" (1981)
INXS - "Original Sin" (1984)


Mental as Anything - "Live It Up" (1985)

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I can't believe I'm posting these but what the heck!

It's a great party, and so were the 80's!

Rated too!!!! :)
Welcome to the party, Kate! You're every bit as drop-dead gorgeous as I suspected, but then I'm usually right in these matters. ;-)
ah, see, now that is naturally curly hair *sigh* so beautiful.
Eek! Now I'm blushing!

Thank you ... all three of you!
A fine looking lass, you are Kate. Hope I get to see that bridge, before I die
I hope you get to see it too, Suzy! Sydney and it's harbour are absolutely spectacular! There's no doubt about it!
I still am game for traveling Kate. Your country has always had a top spot on my list. Always and forever.
Then don't give up the dream, Suzy.
Très 80's! Dig that big hair, oh, so familiar! Cute, geel!!
I'm afraid I've still got that big hair, Songbird! It's just the way it is!!! : )
laugh, I'd always thought the Men at work song went:
"Lying in a den in Bombay
With a slack jaw, and not much toothy"
ok, well that makes more sense now...

I loved INXS at the time, but if I had to pick an alltime favorite Aussie band it would be a toss up between Air Supply and Crowded House.
hey, you took away two songs!
I love looking at people's photos. You've got the prettiest eyes! Now that I think about it, you're just plain pretty!
Sorry, Julie! Just putting them back up ... plus some more for you!
I Love Life, (P) .... I'm not terribly good at receiving compliments ... I get quite embarrassed... but thank you so much.
I'm so glad you posted these, Kate. Now you've shown us the outer beauty; the inner beauty is always obvious.
I'm so glad you posted these, Kate. Now you've shown us the outer beauty; the inner beauty is always obvious.
What a lovely thing to say, John. Wow. Thank you.
Goodness, it's getting on to 2am here and time for me to go to bed!

I hope more of you will join in Rita and Julie's party. I'd love to see some of your 80's photos!

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Incredibly great looking! Fun to see. Thanks.
What a gorgeous lass you were and are!! xox
What great pictures! And you added Crowded House since I was last looking. Oh, Neil Finn, (swoon) even with Split Enz. But what? No Mental As Anything? :)
OH MY ! Looky this little Aussie lass! cool photos Kate, I had to grab a few hours sleep, finally! Thanks for playing these are great, you look MAAVELOUS DAHLING
What sweets pics. And you included one of my favorite songs ever...Don't Dream It's Over.
Thumbs for for Down Under and Original Sin. Great Aussie sounds from the 80s. A former Aussie colleague told me that the night Australia first won the America's Cup (1983), the bar he was in played Down Under all night long.
HUBBA HUBBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uhm....doing anything tonight???
Just showed this to sis. She agreed that you are some beauty. Nice to know that we have an Aussie movie star posting here.
....and tomorrow night???
....and the night after that?????? : )
JD, um ... what did you have in mind? ; )
Uhm...a prim and proper date! After all, I was single going into the 80s!
Well....ok...maybe not TOTALLY prim and proper! 8 )
Shall I book a plane ticket????
Fun! Crowded House - one of my all time faves. :)
Oh, a prim and proper date (even one that's NOT SO PROPER) sounds very tempting!

Just checking flight schedules now!
Three straight nights is VERY tempting!
Kansas City Missouri, Katie!!!!

Bring that Aussie Lass Smile!!!!!
I'll show you some Kansas City sights!!!!
The river.....the bridges we have......other stuff!!!!

I'll pick you up at the airport!!!! Just say when!!!!
Do you like steak??? KC has world famous steaks!!!!!
I do like steak, JD! I heard that about KC and I'd really like to try one.
We can do that!!!
And Bar-b-que of course!!!
And jazz...
And you know...other stuff too!!! LOL
Dinner and jazz sounds lovely!

Hmmm.... other stuff?
Yeah...you know....other things that Kansas Citians do...
Oh, sounds interesting! What do Kansas Citians do, JD?
Fishing??? Uhm....tailgating?????

And other stuff...
Fishing I can do! Well ... kind of! Tailgating? Well, guess I could do that too or at least give it a go ... but do I really want to! Nah! But what the heck is "frogging"????

Oh... "and other stuff" ... still sounds very interesting!
Frogging??? Have you never eaten frog legs??
Where do you think they come from?

As for the other stuff....well gee Katie.....some things are just universal....so use your imagination!!! L O L
And nope, I've NEVER eaten frogs legs and I NEVER will!
Fernsy, thank you! I'm glad I could share.

Chicken Maaan ..... um. : )

Erica ... it's 30 years down the track and I find it hard to feel gorgeous but thank you!

Midwest Muse, I'll have to add Mental as Anything! Will get on to that soon!

Rita, thank you for the great party! And catrching up on sleep is a good thing too!

Maureen, it's a great song, isn't it? I love it too!

Sheila, Hi! Thank you for coming by and just ... thank you.

Abrawang, my guess is that is EXACTLY what happened that night! I Come From A Land Down Under was to be heard EVERYWHERE that night!

Fernsy, OH!!!! Crikey what can I say? God I am definitely no movie star and 30 years older now but thank you both for such a lovely compliment. Goodness me.

bikepsychobabble, yep ... a great band!
Little Kate, I missed the insomniac's party early this morning. Listening to Men At Work while I look over your lovely pictures. I heard it driving home the other day and thought of you and Kim G.

Rated for your beauty and Vegemite sandwich :D
You are even lovlier NOW...beautiful through and through. /r
Scarlett, I think Kim and I might perhaps pop into the minds of many an OSer who hears that song now. It's kind of a nice that we do. You know? Thank you for the smile. And, hey, vegemite sandwiches are great ... actually I'm more partial to vegemite on cold toast ... but no matter which way, just make sure you go heavy on the butter and light on the vegemite!
MichelleD ... Goodness. Thank you ... so very much.
Well there it is, you have always looked like a lovely angel, even in the 80's. Thanks for the Crowded House too, I haven't heard that fabulous song in decades.
Nice trip down memory lane. I was eighteen in 1989. I enjoyed the music too. Many blessings unto you.
Gosh, Bleue ... I really don't know what to say but "thank you".

From the bottom of my heart ... thank you.
Hello Laura. Thank you for coming by. It's nice to meet you!
Love the photos and the music, although I could probably do without Air Supply (lol) :) Not sure I'd be brave enough to post photos of me in the 80's, although there are probably some on Facebook. :)
Wow your as sweet as I have always imagined you to be. Cheers and nice flower print dress for way back then too.