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September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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NOVEMBER 17, 2012 6:30PM

Okay, there's not much joy here any more...

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...so I'm out the door too!


Open Salon is a community that uses the OS website to stay in touch with a core group of people who enjoy writing and discussing all kinds of topics. We, the writers, are the community; Open Salon is only a platform.

We believe the OS platform has become incapable of supporting the community that has developed here. We want to preserve our community as much as possible. The destination of choice for the greatest number of OS members has become OurSalon, a site that was created as a sort of lifeboat for Open Salon members in the event that Open Salon closed down. We have established memberships over there and many of us habitually double-post.

That has proven effective, but the result is a community split between two locations, complete with duplicate conversations, many between the same people at both locations. Until Open Salon becomes technically viable again, we would rather collect it at a single location, as that would result in less duplication of effort and, more importantly, far less frustration for the members of this community. That frustration has resulted in some community members leaving us altogether.

Let’s try this again. We will not engage in any activity on Open Salon for a minimum of a month. This will allow us to centralize our community in a location that is fully functioning. After that period, if Open Salon has addressed its problems, those of us who want to will revert to double-posting.

If you are ready to join in this trial move, please post this letter on your blog right away and make sure you open an account on Our Salon. We will plan to begin the trial on Monday morning, November 19, 2012.

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Old habits die hard, don't they Katie? I think we will all be happy at OurS after everyone learns the ropes and Lorianne continues to improve the site. I, too, will miss what this place used to be.

You may not have known, Kate, but the other morning I made you tea. Making tea again ... and sending love ...
Katie....I'm right there with you.
Thank you for joining us. This really is what makes sense.
Oh! To me this is good news -- OurSalon will be the better with you there : )
:( Despite it's flaws, I can't abandon OS.
:( Despite its flaws, I can't abandon OS.
:( Despite its flaws, I can't abandon OS.
I'd like to know what you define as "joy." Since I've been here a while, all I remember in terms of "joy" are stereotypical stories: The Cutest Cat In The World, its darker version The Sorrowful Death Of The Cutest Cat In The World, and the capital-P Poets, who aren't part of any reality I've ever encountered. (And I've been in Rolla, Missouri, as far from reality as one can get.)

The rest of us have been grouches and curdmudgeons and just plain assholes. We get angry at all sorts of things. And as far as that goes, I believe the ones deserting the ship are looking for a place for more The Cutest Cat In The World stories. If that's what your new experiment is, ave atque vale, and I'll post here until they drag my dead body out.
I've hung on for as long as I could but the site just makes it harder and harder to find any joy here at the moment. I am not giving up hope altogether for I do hope things will change for the better. But, for now, I am going to allow myself to take a breather from the frustration of trying and trying to stay in touch here. I'm also taking this action to stand as one with the majority of my community. It's a decision not one of us has made lightly I am sure.

I remain hopeful that OS will return to a wonderful and beautifully alive site once again.

For those of you who stay to keep the lights on so that we might find our way back .... thank you.

And now I'm off to have a cup of tea with my dear friend, anna1liese! (Did you know she makes the best, soul-quenching cuppa in the world?)

Cheers for now....

Katie xoxox
Kate, nilesite, Nick, designator, et. al. -

Open Salon is just a platform that supports our community. The community exits because of US - not Open.

The owners - Salon Media Group - abandoned Open to the spammers long ago because it enhances their ad-based revenue.

Our Salon is just another platform. But, it is one that works for us - for the community. It is up, avaliable, responsive, and has no spammers.
I'm with Nick. I started blogging with OS, and I'll stay here until there's no "here" anymore.
@MTN - I'll miss your posts, but I won't come back to read them.
Hi Kate.
I'll be there, but I'll continue to browse, read and comment here, should I be lucky enough to get on.
Seeya, I hope :-)
There are people here that I like, and since there are, I won't be abandoning OS. I'll probably keep linking my posts to Our Salon because I hate double posting, but that's as far as I'll go for now.
It really makes me sad to see this site go downhill the way it has. First the spammers making it impossible to post or even view anything and then the new editor who doesn't seem to care about featuring any art on the cover. Still, I've met some incredible people on here (Kate, you're one of them) and I'm just not ready to abandon it altogether.
@Shutterbug - No one is asking anybody to abandon the OS community - but the community is US - not the hardware/software platform.

All that's being asked is to exclusively use Our Salon so that the community can re-establish itself on a stable, reliable, responsive platform with an administrator who actually talks with us and makes changes we ask for.
Good to see you will be there Lil.. it took me so long to just post this one comment...