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JUNE 24, 2010 12:31AM

McLovin Disses Obama, Biden, & RICHARD HOLBROOKE

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General McLovin's biggest mistake, besides giving a reporter open access to his ramblings about the endless war in Afghanistan, was dissing "master of the universe," Richard Holbrooke.

The mainstream media emphasized how McLovin had to go because he insulted the president.  However, it was McLovin's dismissive comments about Richard Holbrooke's E-mails which sealed his fate.

Who is Richard Holbrooke and how could he wield more power and influence than the president?  Richard Holbrooke worked for the Carter and Clinton Administrations, held top positions with Credit Suisse Bank and Lehman Brothers, and is a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.  In addition, Holbrooke is a frequent participant at the highly secret "Bilderberg" meeting which is regarded in a similar category as the Trilateral Commision.

The Bilderbergers have been accused of secretly promoting a new world order.  A Bilderberger participant such as Holbrooke is a power broker at the very highest global levels.  Even his buddies at the Pentagon could not protect McLovin from the wrath of an ubermensch like Holbrooke.

The only thing more dangerous than telling a lie for a government official is to tell the truth.  General McLovin learned this lesson the hard way.


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General Mclovin is super bad. He shall return.
His career is "Gone with the Wind" The next time someone see's this idiot is when they bury him in Arlington!
littlewillie ... Glad to see you posting, albeit something to be taken seriously. I always enjoy your work.

Re. this piece: I have no dog in this particular hunt; only that if the concensus-need is for us to place troops on foreign soil, it ought to always be for quick resolution. Having said that, as a matter of principle, in our society ... civilian control of the military ... it is never wise for an "underling" to openly critique a "superior," particularly if that superior is the Commander in Chief. That should always be left to others or done behind closed doors.
Always amusing to hear someone channeling a bum call someone an idiot. Almost as amusing to see how many commentators have bought into Obama's spin that this has something to do with "civilian authority." Arguing with your boss in public is always a bad idea. Needling him in RS, which is probably one of the few mags he reads, is way over the line. But getting fed up and blowing the whistle on a clusterfuck -- i.e., going around your chain of command and taking your case to the public -- doesn't rise to the level of a constitutional crisis. Compare what McChrystal said to MacArthur's famous utterance that the idea that military men owed allegiance to those "temporary occupants" of the White House was "dangerous." That's what a challenge to civilian authority looks like. Most of the people around here who have been ragging on McChrystal should stick to blogging all day about how their unemployment benefits are about to run out.
scanner - General McLovin shall return as a Fox News Analyst.

Rod Emmons - I agree. It was stupid for McLovin to critique the president to a Rolling Stone reporter. However, the war in Afghanistan is FUBAR, and it was refreshing to hear some kernels from a big-time general.

Billy Glad - I agree that MacArthur's challenge to Truman was much more serious than McLovin's challenge to Obama.

afwieuoi ufoiuwo - Versace Jeans for $30.00! I'll take a dozen.
It's a sad day when people can't hold their tongue to save their job...or is it?
I'm glad to see you back here. What scares me the most is how stupid the people we rely on to do our killing for us are. What could they have been thinking ? Don't even get me started...........
BuffyW - I wish more government officials would speak their mind rather than reading from press releases. Most officials will not speak out because they are afraid to lose their jobs.

Rosycheeks - In my opinion, the war in Afghanistan is crazy. Terrorists don't stay in the same place. Push them out of Afghanistan and they move into Pakistan or somewhere else.
Dude. McLovin rules!
The only ubermensch around here is you.
(pinches cheek)
Am I dreaming or did Steve Blevins just pinch my cheek?
You're probably right because if I'd been Obama, I would have retired him after the press conference way back when. Waiting for the book deal.
Fay Paxton - I may be wrong but I do not think that General McChyrstal will be writing any books or giving any interviews for a long time. A deal was made to allow him to retire honorably, with full benefits, and no demotion in rank.