liza Donnelly

liza Donnelly
Rhinebeck, New York, USA
May 12
New Yorker cartoonist, writer. New ebook soon! Women On Men (21st Books). Recent book: When Do They Serve The Wine? (Chronicle)


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MARCH 5, 2009 8:28AM

Online Love

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online love


        "It turns out Ed and I like each other better on-line than off-line."

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Thanks for the early morning laugh. RATED
I'm happy she was able to "connect" with someone.
Love your cartoons. I met my partner online but lucky for me she likes me in person too. Rated and posted. LOL
You're welcome. Can't say I've been there, because I got married before home computers. But we get a lot of things communicated through cyberspace and cell phones!
Liza, I could only picture the exchange if the relation progessed between these two.

"How was it for you dear?"

"Wonderful, and for you?"

Oh baby, I wish you could have been with me when I felt the whole earth move beneath me."

Yes, I'm sure that is real! thanks, all.
sometimes a little distance is a good thing ...

love those sassy, striped leggings!!!
Sounds like the latest "The Bachelor" dumping brou-haha. I've written about this online/offline situation in my life but you capture it in a few succinct and brilliant strokes of a pen.
Liza, it's a humorous portrayal and it probably does happen more than we could imagine!
You've been peeking in my window. The wife is on the computer in another room. We instant message more than we talk to each other.
A true Statement of our Times.
Given that I don't like people, I can totally relate. I love my OS online friends just llike they are (imaginary for the most part).
Great laugh.
Had me giggling uproariously until I realized that all of my more serious relationships have been conducted electronically.
That's funny! There is something about these online friendships (not talking love now) that is very interesting. I have my FB crowd, my blog crowd, my twitter crowd...not sure how they intersect, but they must. And I find it pleasurable, but I keep checking myself to see if it is a positive thing. I think so, so far.
What a concise and perfect commentary on online love...your cartoons bring new meaning to the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words."
Tee hee, and ouch. I realize I have a lot of online friends dotted over the world, but hardly know my next door neighbors. But online relationships have something to be said for them. For one thing, when I watch TV, I control the remote!
I love your work!
I have been an on again off again cartoonist for years but cannot draw to save my life (which makes it difficult to say the least).
I am experimenting with creating images with as little drawing as possible. Please feel free to check it out at Thanks!
Having worked at AOL since the late 80's, not sure if I should be proud or ashamed to have helped create the online culture gap. You captured this part perfectly.
Did I give you permission to tell my story?
Lisa - This should be the small print ad for eHarmony or any other on-line dating service. It's brilliant!

Aw....the magic of modern HD!

You know, this is a precurser to the "entire-wall monitor", where we can be with our mate.......but not really.
virtually hilarious!!
Verrrrry funny. Thank you!

Now that you’re here (on OS), I can get my cartoon fix without having to pretend to read The New Yorker.

And hey. Just curious. Why the tag, ‘women’...?
Before I met my wife ( on eHarmony) I did a lot of online dating. Upon meeting for the first time, more than one girl took a long, thoughtful sip of her cosmo, turned to me and said, "You know, you're a lot funnier online."
You draw great truths Liza!
I can't tell you guys how I appreciate the comments. Thanks. We cartoonists work in a void, really, like so many creative types. So it's long as the feedback is positive!
It's a mystery, isn't it - the online chemistry that goes flatter than yesterday's champagne when you meet in real life. Not that I've, uh, been there ;)
That is the story of my marriage. Love it! My husband will too!
god its sad how true that is...
I have a few of these relationships. Even within the family. Loved it.
There's a lot of truth in that humor - that's the best kind.
I love how honest it is. The guy even looks younger and skinnier on the computer ;)
That's so funny and probably true for a lot of couples who meet online.

Have you ever sent email messages to your husband when you are both at home working on your computers? I do it all the time because I don't want to disturb him while he's working. rated
yes! husband and I have done that several times. Even discussed "difficult" things via email!
Thanks! I aim to please, or at least provoke. Or maybe prod. Make laugh, make smile....any reaction is nice!!