liza Donnelly

liza Donnelly
Rhinebeck, New York, USA
May 12
New Yorker cartoonist, writer. New ebook soon! Women On Men (21st Books). Recent book: When Do They Serve The Wine? (Chronicle)


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MARCH 21, 2009 10:23AM

Self Medication

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Couldn't sleep last night so I took a quick 'trip' to Florida to Mick Steven's house via YouTube and took a tour he has up of his studio. (like this cartoon).
Thanks, Bob. Once visited Stevens on Martha's Vineyard when he lived there. I will check out the video. We have a profile of our home, etc in Inside Out Mag this month. Not sure if it's online yet.
"I'd invite you in but my life's a mess." Love your cartoons.
ant thanks Boanerges1. I am guessing "snork" is positive because you rated the cartoon!
Liza, I'd go for a red-wine-anger-management session with its antioxidant health side benefit!
His Cartoon Island gallery?
liza - I'm with designator on the red wine self-medication but it's the same comic relief idea. Actually, I want what ever that very relaxed dog is having...Rated.
I, too, am a red wine person. Martinis and I don't get along. But the eliteration of "martini" and "management" works better, I think. Ah, to be a dog!
Vodka tonic twist of lime let's get it on libation
Great as usual. I'll have a Bellini.

I'm curious Liza, have all these cartoons already appeared in print? I see you have New Yorker in your tags. Are you able to use them as you wish, once published? Thanks.
No, these have not appeared in print. They are actually "rejects". I am contractually obligated to show The New Yorker my cartoons first before using them elsewhere.
My drug of choice:
Gimlet made with gin not the imitator vodka gimlet.
Great cartoon.
Just returned from a tour of your wonderful website. Funny lady, funny couple.

I have a feeling my niece (at Vassar) is going to enjoy your class.
I want what the dog had too. Liza there is nothing "reject" about this! What were those silly New Yorker types thinking... perhaps a little self medicating of their own.
Buffy, who is your niece?

Ablonde, thanks!! It is so tough to get into that magazine, I'm telling you.

Another thing: they let us use our cartoons, with credit, after they are printed by them. So that is good.
Hey, Liza.....I think you may be on to something
Hey really does work!!
Most of us married folks know that!.........
Hehehehehehe... LOVE IT! Fantastic. :)
Funny...didn't think of this as a marriage cartoon per se. But of course it is. Might have drawn it differently for that, like they just had a fight.
so true for my marriage--we might drink wine or beer though instead of martinis. rated for authenticity.
Another good one, Liza. Silly New Yorker!
She says, wishing she dared submit anything to them.

My anger management tipple would be more like a little good sherry and a chance to fume.

The "anger" might not be marital; maybe she had a lousy day at work, or just scrubbed crayon marks off the walls.
For me, the anger is directly resulting from the corporate ceos. AIG, to name one. thanks, all!
JUST ONE! That's.the.problem.with.YOU!!

Reminds me of a martini quote from another time and place.

Let's slip out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini.

I attribute this to Robert Benchley but could be wrong.
I know this is a "comic"but...Adding Alcohol to anger is not a means of management. A drunken brawal or suicide attempt maybe.
GREAT 'toon!!! I was actually trying to link to the "I'm grumpy and saying things I shouldn't" post on OS and "stumbled" delightfully on your blog. Oh, this was the cartoon i needed to see/read LAST night...LOVE it! Thank you!
Self-editing: the correct title (above) was "I'm grumpy and talking about stuff I shouldn't". So, the cartoon was particularly appealing.
By the way, does anyone know what happened to that post? It's a "no-linker". Peace,
liza, your simple lines convey so much meaning, truth and grace. (And your drawings aint bad either!)
I prefer an anger-management mojito myself... martinis just make me angrier...
Just had to tell you, this one has been in my head for days...loving it!
thanks /i had that martini two nights ago ,back to the drawing board once more / this economy is taking its toll ......
You've got a talent, Liza:) Your cartoons are awesome. This one made my day:)
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