AUGUST 15, 2014 12:56PM

Discretion in the News?

As I read detail after detail of Robin Williams’ death in the newspapers, I wonder just how much of what is being reported we really needed to hear. I understand fully the local jurisdiction’s imperative to release full information about the event, but what I do not understand is the mode… Read full post »

JULY 17, 2014 3:42PM

I’ve Got a Million of Them

In the early days of The Cooking Club on America Online, my Minute Menu was featured daily. For this reason, there are a lot of Minute Menus that live on my hard drive. Here is a favorite summer menu for you to try. It includes a shopping list, list of staples… Read full post »

This morning was my second time at Kroger Senior Discount Day as a newly retired person. Last month, we shopped in the afternoon and found many items picked over or missing, so this month we went early. There seemed to be fewer surly seniors shopping this morning. I had resolved last… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 3:31PM

Becoming an Elder

I don’t like to be told I am aging. The word makes me sound like country ham, excellent bourbon, or fine wine. Therefore, I have decided a new word is in order. From now on, I am eldering. I am becoming an elder. Elders are patient, kind fonts of wisdom. Elders… Read full post »

The grieving process holds many lessons for those who are willing to share them, and I have one to share. Our son died suddenly on the Friday before Christmas this year. After a sleepless night of tears and sorrow, we both realized that we had no funereal attire.

In recent… Read full post »

DECEMBER 23, 2012 7:55AM

Gunfire shattered my world

In the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook, it happened. I lost my son to a gun. I lost him to a careless accident that should never happen to an expert on guns, but it did. When you are really, really good at something, I guess you can decide to… Read full post »

DECEMBER 18, 2012 3:17PM

We can do better

Newtown, Connecticut’s grief is our grief. The horror visited on Sandy Hook Elementary School has been visited upon us all. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters are all able to relate to this all-encompassing sorrow. And, I can’t think of a single hard-bitten, gun-totin… Read full post »

OCTOBER 4, 2012 3:08PM

It Is All About Fear

I have resolved to stop taking this election seriously. For one thing, the campaign is not about leadership; it is about showmanship. Every debate team in every high school in America knows that you need to be able to argue any point from any angle to succeed at debating, and hyperbole,… Read full post »

AUGUST 28, 2012 9:56AM

Coming of Age in Culinary School

"White Jacket Required, A Culinary Coming-of-Age Story" by Jenna Weber is indeed a coming of age story Jenna has a great boyfriend, a loving family and is living the American dream. It is great to have it all, and this young woman does. She is a child of privilege who aspires… Read full post »
AUGUST 19, 2012 11:12AM

The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo, A Novel

I enjoyed F.G. Haghenbeck’s book, “The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo, A Novel” very much. I knew little of this artist other than her paintings, and now I know some of her recipes as well.  And, I am grateful that the author interpreted the recipes in Kahlo’s notebooks for t… Read full post »

AUGUST 9, 2012 1:34PM

Reflections on the Latino Experience

Most of the books I have read this summer have been pretty much of a disappointment, but not this one! It has been a revelation, and I can't say enough about it.
Award-winning novelist Reyna Grande's new memoir, "The Distance Between Us" is a book that has given me an… Read full post »
MAY 16, 2012 12:57PM

Friendships in Silver and Gold

Make new friends, but keep the old.

One in silver and the other gold.

I learned that little song when I was a child in Girl Scouts from a truly marvelous leader.  This year I have become reacquainted with that wonderful leader’s daughter, and that has started me to… Read full post »

JANUARY 25, 2012 4:03PM

Diet Obsession

During the first months of the year, it seems like everyone is on a diet. People who find flipping the buttons on the television remote taxing are suddenly monopolizing the ellipticals, treadmills, and spin classes at the local gym, and eating this and that trendy item (this year it appears to… Read full post »

AUGUST 24, 2011 8:07AM

Brown bagging it this fall

Gosh, where has the summer gone? It seems like school just let out, and here we are already facing the dilemma of what to put in those shiny new  “Cars” lunch boxes.  Not only that, but given the fat-content of restaurant meals, seems like more and more of us are/… Read full post »

AUGUST 9, 2011 3:13PM

Brown Bagging it Back to School

 Gosh, where has the summer gone? It seems like school just let out, and here we are already facing the dilemma of what to put in those shiny new  “Cars”  lunch boxes.  Not only that, but given the fat-content of restaurant meals, seems like more and more of us are bei… Read full post »

JULY 6, 2011 1:49PM

Justice for the Deceased

 I grow weary of the cries for justice for Caylee Marie Anthony. There is no justice for this little girl; she is dead. Since when does punishing the perpetrator give “justice” to the victim? Dead is dead, and nothing will bring this child back.  If finding the accused guilty wo… Read full post »

MAY 6, 2011 9:37AM

The Historian in Me

The Historian in Me


While I do not claim to be anything as grandiose as an historian, I am a lover of history—the good and the bad. Unadulterated truth appeals to me and revisionist history offends my very soul. For this reason, I am appalled at the hubbub… Read full post »

APRIL 12, 2011 10:54AM

Of course it was about Slavery

Of course The War Between The States/The War of Northern Aggression /The Civil War -- whatever you call that great slaughter that allegedly began with the firing on Ft. Sumter 150 years ago today -- was about slavery. But, it didn't begin at Ft. Sumter; it really began with the United… Read full post »

JANUARY 10, 2011 4:28PM

Sticks and Stones


In my childhood, my mother who often recited "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" also parroted Thumper's father and said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Our politicians would do well to heed the latter and ignore the… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 2:21PM

Mincing Words

I am sick to death of the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe, under any of their various names, playing with words they seem not to understand. It annoys me when I hear our President, elected to lead a REPUBLIC through the DEMOCRATIC process being called a socialist.  That is grossly inaccurate, and… Read full post »

OCTOBER 20, 2010 12:39PM

What is your mission?

I work part time for a branch of the YMCA, a non-profit organization known for its mission.  It is nice to have a mission, and for the YMCA it is a serious mission indeed. It makes a lot of sense to me because it feels right to me. Does that mean… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 11:47AM

As We March into Fall

We are officially into fall today as the Autumnal Equinox occurred in the night, and my hometown is anticipating a high temperature of 99ºF this afternoon. We haven’t seen a drop of rain in weeks and, all over town, shrubs and trees are shriveling up and dying.  This time it seems… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 3:50PM

Complete Comfort with Apples


The Complete Comfort of Apples

Modern Recipes for an Old-Fashioned Favorite


By Philip and Lauren Rubin


Although I was skeptical about this cookbook given the similarity in title to Ruth Reichl’s “Comfort Me with Apples”, I decided to give it a look… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2010 1:34PM

Comfort food for Sunday

It has been a gorgeous weekend! This morning, we dodged Ironman competitors and made out way down to Cunningham's on Harrods Creek for their sumptuous brunch. When I went back to have one more tablespoonful of their wonderful Hot Brown Casserole, I found three other ladies waiting patiently for a ser… Read full post »

AUGUST 24, 2010 12:28PM

The Anger Quotient

How is it that those who profess and call themselves Christian can be so vitriolic about anyone who disagrees with them?  I am, of course, speaking of the Tea Party and its ilk. I had a confrontation with a man this weekend. He made profanely harsh statements about Keith Olbermann’s televiRead full post »