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November 24
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FEBRUARY 12, 2011 12:09PM

Spritz - the ubiquitous cocktail of Venice

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The call for citrus drink recipes has spurred me to re-tag this recipe for this week's SKC.  All other comments still apply!

The call for citrus recipes has brought so much freshness and color into the cold, grey of this year's winter - thank you! This drink was a hit at my book club and it features oranges, so I can't help but share. 

This cocktail really isn't a cocktail at all, but an apperetif  served in outdoor cafes all over Venice, Italy.  When we were in Venice in 2004 we loved going to the cafes in Campo Santa Margherita which was near where we stayed.  We noticed everyone was ordering an orange iced beverage with a slice of orange.  We quickly learned that the drink was called Spritz (pronounced Sprees).  It is made with Aperol, an apperetif made by the same folks who bring us Campari, and prosecco, the bubbly of the Veneto region of Italy.  So refreshing, lovely and low in alcohol!  It tickled us that when you ordered Spritz it came with a small bowl of potato chips!  This seemed incongruent with Italy, but then we remembered that this region borders Austria, Germany and Slovenia, all of which have influence on the food of Venice. 

When we returned from our trip, I looked all over for Aperol.  Campari it seemed was everywhere, but we couldn't find Aperol.  About a year ago it started appearing in our local liquor stores and I snapped up a bottle immediately!   The recipe on the back of the Aperol bottle is 1 1/2 ounces Aperol, 2 ounces prosecco and a splash of club soda over ice, garnished with an orange slice and served in a double rocks glass.  We all agreed that more prosecco is be better.  Don't forget the potato chips!   Our friend Steve is modelling the required "look" for when you drink Spritz.

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Fantastic. That must be one fun book club!
Always on the lookout for new ways to imbibe and this looks like a very attractive drink. Thanks!
Looks great-- festive and refreshing. And your friend Steve looks like he did not have be coerced into testing or posing :)
Great way to bring the exotic vacation home! :) Rated