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The Wanderer

The Wanderer
New York,
June 04
Masculine guy comfortable in spaces most guys aren't. A walking contradiction. Subject to change without notice.


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JANUARY 1, 2012 1:46AM

New Beginning(S)

As this new year begins, let us hope that the people alive are equipped to solve the problems left by the previous generation. It is our time, we need to take special care with how history treats us.

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AUGUST 30, 2011 12:39PM


Loss of Mother Poem

Now that I am gone,
remember me with smiles and laughter.
And if you need to cry,
cry with your brother or sister
who walks in grief beside you.
And when you need me,
put your arms around anyone
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AUGUST 19, 2011 1:41PM

A story that involves Boobies! Yay!

Well I have been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to sleep let alone surf OS. I have been working on some outside projects that have flexed my writers muscle so I have not been missing that part of my life too much. However, I feel somewhat out of… Read full post »

MAY 6, 2011 12:07PM

Great Things

Well my last foray into the OS world was a sentimental post about my wife. I guess second time around it should not be any different. . .

On some days I feel so much love for my wife that I can’t describe it in words. It isn’t an infatuation… Read full post »