FEBRUARY 14, 2010 3:01PM

My Not So Funny Valentine

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I love my OS peeps. You know I do.

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Mmmm...the eggs looked great!
I was waiting for them to slide off the plate and out of my monitor.

Always holding up my lighter to you...

Luvya man... great performance!
I'm out. I don't swing that way. :)
didn't know there was more... last fair deal. Damn. On to watch the rest
Happy Valentine's Day, Lonnie! Actually, I think it's very buddhist of you to eat and chat...just a human person talking to his friends. xox
No Mick Jagger, but not bad!!
Love the performance, but not the sentiment -- at least in my case. I'm afraid I must forgo satisfying your poor, poor, bleeding pleading heart -- or any other part of your anatomy.

Happy Valentine's Day to you Lonnie.
Lonnie, my sweet, my pet, I've missed you, and such sad news about your family, am sending love and peaceful vibes your way. But, damn, I am SO jealous of Lauren and Denise!

As for the Valentine serenade, it's so good, now I'll have to show you my feet.
"I got no chance of losing this time." I really enjoyed that song, Lonnie. Way to hang it out there. Very fine.
We love you, too. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo
Do you always wear your sunglasses while eating breakfast?
Thanks for the songs.

Hope to be couch surfing soon myself.
I call lipsynch. Lovely, really. Lovely.
I'll never be your pizza burnin' ! Love this Lonnie.
It felt like you were singing directly to me :-) That was just lovely. Lonniecam is wicked cool. I hope you had some fun today and felt our love bacj at ya!
Oh yes you do...thanks for this Lonnie. Somehow you don't seem to be a beast of burden...so you are all the good stuff a friend should be...in front or behind the curtains!
Great cover! I've always loved this Stones hit, which I interpret as the Anthem of the Ex-husband.
really sweet. r. and added as a fave.
so jealous!! You all look fine!!!