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Lori Covington
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December 31
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JULY 28, 2011 2:12PM

A Toshiba Keyboard Issue

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I hate this thing that my Toshiba laptop does. I don't even know what to call it, but if someone out there recognizes the behavior and can give me a verb for it, I'd appreciate it, because then I might be able to call Toshiba, tell them the problem, and eventually solve it.

It's like this. I'm a writer, and when I'm on my game, I'm typing about 45 words a minute.  That's great, because some of the assignments I get are less than fascinating, and the quicker I can get through them the happier I am. Typing somewhat quickly (even with the five fingers I use to type) is a great help. But not with the Toshiba Satellite P35-611  -- oh, no! When I type faster than maybe 30 wpm, the cursor suddenly leaps partway up the page, continuing to place the text I type into the middle of stuff I've already written. Sometimes it only skips a few lines; sometimes, it's closer to a half page.

Once I see it, I have to stop and go back, erase the misplaced text, return to where I was originally typing and retype it. By then, what little concentration I may have had to start with has been destroyed: I'm frothing at the mouth and shrieking obscenities. This is especially inconvenient when I'm writing dozens of pages on, say, septic systems. It doesn't take too long to lose your motivation under the best of circumstances when it comes to writing about sewage.

Maybe what really makes me hate this seemingly solvable not-all-that technical problem is the fact that Toshiba doesn't have an online customer support—can you believe that! You have to call their 800 number and wait and wait before you get someone who may or may not understand you anyway. I really hate using the telephone when I just want to send a quick email and get a quick email back that tells me how to solve the problem. (And changing the cursor speed didn't work, and that was my only idea). So maybe what I really hate is Toshiba—so, by what self-destructive impulse do I keep buying their laptops?


Lori Covington

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My Toshiba does this too and it is BEYOND annoying. Plus the fact that the stupid touchpad is left of a normal typing position so I'm always accidentally touching it. I disabled the Synaptics software altogether because it kept randomly enlarging and decreasing the size of the screen. If you ever find a solution, besides hurling your laptop out the window, I hope you share with me.
My solution was to drastically slow my typing rate, which took years. I've had this monster for 6+ years, even through a screen replacement, even though we use it sitting up on a spring-form pan so it doesn't overheat. My latest purchase was an iPad with keyboard, and that keyboard is just a little smaller, so my fingers hit the key next to the ones I'm aiming for. It's just one thing after another!