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Lori Covington

Lori Covington
Oakland, California, USA
December 31
Two wandering southerners --a neurotic Texan bearing a keen resemblance to Vivien Leigh and a close-mouthed Mississippi sailor with a thing for long-legged beauties, stole me from a red-headed alien who, having laid me on my woven baby blanket under a palm tree at the Alameda Naval Station, was splashing in the cool, funky waters of San Francisco Bay with a seal lion named Frank. Assuring themselves that "it was for the best", the southerners transported me first to San Diego, where a goat ate my stroller, to Florida, where I attempted to eat a frog...


It's summertime and the reading is easy...Maybe you're in a funny mood,  the mood to buy an e-book, for a kid you know, lately released from school and already whining, "I'm boooored!" Or even for yourself, although truly mature people never get bored. (Right? Right?) Here's a boredom-busting bo… Read full post »

MAY 12, 2011 3:50PM

An Open Letter to Our Senators

To Our

I want you to stop all tax breaks to oil companies immediately. They will raise prices to force you to give in to them, and people will shout and complain. I don't care. I want to see solar and wind projects receiving the funding that currently pours into… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 6, 2010 10:15AM

Noah’s Wife Speaks


You frightened me, drafting out this dream

the whole village calling you an imbecile and harmful to us all

I tried to shield you from the laughing, fearful, inquisitive and my own distrust

Baked the bread, carried wine and water where you labored, soakedRead full post »

OCTOBER 14, 2010 10:18AM

Hunting Season

I hear the report

like water balloons on frozen pavement

thud and echo, three times running

October guns

The water gurgles from the tub.

 Beyond an arch of glass, blue harbour

a boat at single anchor, sails furled

self-consciously picturesque.

Water slides down my neck to the sun-hardened towel… Read full post »

1. Lingerie & pajamas. Bullshit. What do you really sleep in?

Men's pajama pants and tshirts so old they have holes in them. When the holes get so big you don't know where to put your arm, it's time to throw away the tee. Puh--ritty!

2. What’s the one thing in your… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 2:19PM


Start with salmon as fresh as you can possibly get it. 

Take a filet, or two or three

Use a glass pan long enough to hold the filet  lying flat

1/4 cup of vodka (you can skip the booze, but it is nice)

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 2:02PM

Winter Train to Montreal


I wake to a world gone sepia

Trees, trestles, barren and scrub

Dark clothed the day under snow

Like heavy wet wool

The world flashes by—a grey lake with no shore.


Firs forward leaning under their damp mantles

Like tall women… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 1:10PM

My New Handbag

I've been busy doing nearly everything but blogging--mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! But I wanted to post this because I just bought the prettiest wool handbag and I want the whole world to know about it. It's made of knitted, felted wool, striped in pumpkin, kelly green, navy blue and mulberry. … Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 6:47AM

Rosh Hashanah

Our hive died out, not due to any disease we could detect--no mites, no foul brood, no nosema.  CCD? I don't know. The queen was lost, I think. It didnt make sense to get a new colony so late in summer, when it would still be weak come winter. All this… Read full post »

Bad parents (I think) never ask themselves  questions about their behaviours because they don't want to look at the answers: if they did, they'd do better by their kids in the first place.  Essentially, good parenting is a matter of taking your responsibilities seriously and asking yourself… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 6:04AM

Losing Your Hive

There is something about the notion of beekeeping that brings up stories of parenting. most of my friends don't keep bees (although that may be changing come spring) but most of them have been parents, and when I told them that our hives were dying out, they told me about their… Read full post »

AUGUST 27, 2010 5:28PM

Let It Fall

 Paper on the ceiling crinkles like a badly-rolled cigarette
the souvenir arrow pierces hangers speared across a wounded wall.
You say in the next rainstorm it’ll
all come down in  plaster, shingles, wet tree limbs
I say let it fall.

The Siamese claws the sofa back
face and paws soiling de
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AUGUST 20, 2010 10:30AM

It's Probably Silly, But

So we decided it would be silly to buy a hive this late in the year, especially with the car newly repaired and the local economy still in its downturn. Silly, silly, silly. A couple of hundred bucks, constant feeding through the fall and then who knows what ailments new bees… Read full post »

AUGUST 19, 2010 9:23PM

Ramen Dream


I dreamed this morning I

swam the crystal waters of a great deep delta

Past houseboats and rafts and lilypads

and ocean liners and gondolas and cargo ships and sailboats

from a dreamy warm-foggy place to the cool-blue-bright sunshine

And in theRead full post »

AUGUST 19, 2010 9:19PM

Boring Old Beans

Boring old beans for dinner again

Boring old beans, I can’t ask a friend

Cause who wants to eat them all

Red, black or yellow

Mixed up with rice or

Embedded in jello


Boring old beans,

you make dinner noRead full post »

AUGUST 19, 2010 9:07PM


Although we'd both lived as vegetarians for several years apiece, we have lived carniverously for ten years. A couple of years ago, I started noticing that meat made me feel kind of miserable, and I started buying-cooking-eating less and less of it, more for health reasons than anything else.  f… Read full post »

AUGUST 19, 2010 5:24PM

Queenless in Queens County

After two separate but probably connected bee misadventures, we believe we're down to one queenless hive, which spells doom for the still-working little dears within. We can see evidence of their trying to raise a new queen--some old supercedure cells are in there, seemingly unoccupied-- but to no av… Read full post »

AUGUST 14, 2010 11:49AM

Bad, Sad Beekeeping Day

After hearing about beekeepers losing half their bees, it finally happened to me. Okay--I only had two hives, but now, one is empty (but for earwigs) and the other not nearly as boiling-over as I think it should be. Maybe we missed a swarm on the big one? And I don't… Read full post »

 I made this poem by taking TS Eliot's  intimate poem and trying to match it in syllables, in rhyme scheme and in theme. But I made the speaker a woman. Worked on it for awhile, being very fussy about it, enjoying myself tremendously and falling even more in love with its… Read full post »

AUGUST 10, 2010 10:13PM

What Bees Like

When you start beekeeping, your attitude to bees changes, almost from the start. Creatures you've generally avoided suddenly become the ones you seek out, peering inside of flowers, watching their paths around the yard, standing by the hives to check for signs of healthy activity, too much humidity o… Read full post »

AUGUST 3, 2010 9:52AM

In a Newfoundland Churchyard



Bittersweet bunches the

only color in this dark solstice

black stems wrought fragile

crimson ice-cloaked berries atop

shocking shiny against a sail-grey sky


marble Celtic crosses

ordered from away

hauled from the harbor city… Read full post »

JULY 30, 2010 9:22AM

Eat Like a Bee

This morning I wandered out into the back yard, still in my PJs, because I told Mike I would start his beeswax heating when I woke up. The candle-making operation is in the barn, and if you've ever worked with beeswax, you'll know why--it makes a heck of a mess, sticks… Read full post »

There are two ways, to my way of thinking to make a tomato sandwich. (And a third that makes the years reel backwards to a time where learning to use a hula-hoop was a prime objective, but to adult tastes, the sandwich is, in a word, yecchy).

The first is… Read full post »

JULY 29, 2010 11:09AM

The Fire

You build fires like a careless child

Casting paper, wood, match and more paper

In wads in bundles in strips until

There is so much spark the wood is finally caught because it has no choice

Emblazoned with crimson char, spiral smoke ascending the chimney.

 … Read full post »

JULY 29, 2010 10:50AM

When You Get a Bee Sting

Many people are put off by the fact that a fully flourishing hive can have more than 50,000 bees in it. When you buy your first baby colony (called a "nuc" or nuclear colony), you will have something like 3,000 bees, and even that makes some people edgy. But if you… Read full post »