NOVEMBER 21, 2012 9:39AM

Catholic Church nixes "exorcist" soccer poster

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Driving the devil out of the Palatines... (Source: HR)

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS been ascribed many attributes over the centuries, but “has a sense of humor” has rarely been among them. This has been born out once again in the case of German soccer player Tim Heubach from the second league team FSV Frankfurt. The club had been planning to use Heubach as its poster child for its upcoming home match against its rival, “The Red Devils," a.k.a. 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The team paid for a photo shoot with Heubach (24) in front of a Catholic church in Frankfurt, dressed in a black cassock with a dog collar and gazing at a game strategy folder as if he were doing a screen test for an Exorcist remake. The poster bears the slogan: “Drive the devil out of the Palatines.”

The club printed up 1,000 copies before receiving a few winks and nudges from local clergy who thought this ironic marketing idea was, perhaps, too ironic by half. “There were a few people who didn’t like the poster,” FSV Frankfurt spokesman Matthias Gast told journalists. “We took that into consideration.”

As it stands today, FSV Frankfurt is at seventh place in the Second Bundesliga. So now that “Reverend” Tim Heubach has been “defrocked” from Frankfurt billboards, the team could really use your prayers this season.



Hessischer Rundfunk




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[r] God, I love the way you write, Alan. "Sense of humor" has never been one of those attributes -- that's for damn sure! So slyly summarized and presented. happy holiday, my friend! best, libby
Alan, enjoyed this. Their reach often exceeds their grasp. If any organization ever desired more control, I have not seen it. Your post reminds me of the church's campaign against putting birth control pills mixed in with the pigeon feed, in the the best interest in not further ruining the statues in and around St. Mark's, in Venice ... I had thought it a joke, at first. But these people have not that much sense of humor, as you aptly draw out.
The question for them remains: Is the closet in the cathedral -- or is the cathedral in some closet? Thank you for sharing.