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MAY 10, 2010 2:26AM

Saturday Stroll: Grisaille de Mai

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It goes without saying that anyone living in Paris is inured to cold and gray skies. When the ever-elusive sun decides to come out, everyone sprints to the nearest terrace, sheds their layers, and leaves their sunglasses at home to feel the warm rays on their face. We're heading into the second week of May and the temperature has been lingering between 13-15°C (55-59°F) for the last week and a half. I've brought out the winter coat from seasonal retirement and while it pains me to wear it so close to summer, I'm optimistic.
 I've been dealing with a bad back, what an osteopath thinks might be a weak disc and has been causing quite a lot of discomfort. Still, it sometimes feels better when I stay mobile so I took a little stroll on Saturday before the weather turned. I took a look around the Marché des Enfants Rouges, thought about buying some Italian cheese, and headed through the little park across from rue de bretagne/rue du temple. Back in my neighborhood, I met a friend for coffee and ran into another. Running into friends in Paris makes me feel like I really am home. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day weekend (in the States)! 

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Wonderful virtual stroll, sun or no sun.
Thanks Kathy! I realize the photos got cut off a bit once they were posted here, but I'm glad you were able to get a sense for the surroundings :)
Thank you for this little treat! Wonderful, real life shots of Paris life. I love Paris, have been there many times and long to go back. If it's any consolation, it's cold and grey here too in California--would much rather have lousy weather in Paris! :-)
Lovely images. I wish I was there.
Beautiful. I too wish I was there!
If you get a chance, drop into Le Select. You'll spot a left-handed illustrator sketching the customers. He's Rick Tulka, a Mad regular who's been at that table for 15 years and been featured on CBS's Sunday Morning. Ask him about his Select book.
Thank you for the wonderful walk!!
Thank you so much for this, I long to see Paris, this filled me up a bit until I can stroll there myself...
Thank you for the nice pictures. They take me back to the times I was there....Alas, too long ago. What good works in a past life did you do to be living there? If you're in the Marais, check out Petit Fer au Cheval, the perfect simple food restaurant.
Oh thank you! Thank you!
Do you have a post where you explain why you are in Paris and gives us some background about your blog? I enjoyed reading it and would like to know more.
Oh, that was so wonderful. I am traveling to Paris in November for a week, and can't wait. You have a new fan of your blog!
Thank you all for the lovely comments! Let me see if I can answer your questions:

@English Pedagogue - It's apparently capricious weather everywhere... not very May-like! But I think in general you have more sunny days in Cali!

@Leon - Thank you! I just found the article you were talking about on CBS news, will definitely check it out!

@Luminous Muse - I studied in Paris and that led to the overwhelming desire to move and stay! Plus meeting a Frenchman didn't hurt...

@Retablo - well if you head to my blog www.lostincheeseland.com, I usually drop hints here and there of why I'm here, how I got here etc. But it's in the older posts. The archives should help! But I don't ever tell the full story of how I got here!

@sweetfeet thank you!!
Fun pics. Its been over 20 years since I visited Paris.. Your photos brought me back for a bit. :)
Tres jolie - merci beaucoup - J'aime Paris - les fromages, les fleurs et les dames bien sur.
I lived in Paris one summer and will never ever get over it. The cheese. You just close your eyes and point to one, and it's always the best you ever ate. Til the next time. You are one lucky woman!
Thanks everyone! Glad you liked it!
beautiful pictures. thank you so much... :)
Very nice picture!