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NOVEMBER 12, 2010 11:13PM

Damn It - They Didn't Get the Memo

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“Damn it – they didn’t get the memo!” my best friend says to me on the phone last night. Perhaps it’s the lingering effects of the anesthesia or that I really am on the brink, but I find this inexplicably hilarious.

As I laugh through my tears, I know exactly what she means by this cryptic phrase. And, it has nothing to do with business. THEY in this case is God, a Higher Power, the Fates and the Furies, whatever puppet-master is pulling the strings. The Memo to which she refers states something to the effect of –

“We’re not ready for more bad news..”

or longer version –

“Dear God, we know you only send a person as much as she can handle – at least that’s what the nuns and our Moms taught us – but our plates are kinda full here. We dealt with Katrina, we dealt with having uncles, a sister-in-law, a grandmother and precious baby nephews die in the years following that b-i-t-... We’re still coming to grips with being orphaned in our early 40s and raising teenagers. Can you give us a minute to catch our breath?”

But, of course, life doesn’t work that way. Now, I am not looking for a pity-party. And I’m not asking, “Why Me?”

 As my ever-quotable BFF would say, “Why Not Me?” 

I know bad things happen to good people and each of us carries our share of crappy things.

 I can try to take the birds-eye view my sister offered a few months ago,

“So, what awful thing is going to happen in 2015?”


“Well, Daddy died in 2000. Katrina happened in 2005. And, Mom died in 2010.”

“Hot damn,”
I say, “you mean I get 5 years (before the next big, bad thing..)”

Of course not.

So even though I’m still working through my grief of losing my Mom unexpectedly in June. And walking  side by side with my very best friend in the world since the 3rd grade, who lost her Mom three years ago and her Dad last December..

And even though another friend tells me, I’ve earned the FREE – GET TO BE CRAZY for a year – card, but I promise you grief is no fun-house (see Deven’s post – Writing the Impossible)..

I’ve still got to absorb this latest bit..

The polyp he found yesterday in my colon was too large to be removed during the colonoscopy and will require surgery. The nice, cute, earnest doctor called back today, and oh by the way, it’s Cancer.

I call her back today, “Get to work on that memo...”


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Nice to see you back after such a long (and sad) hiatus. That you can deliver this news with style and humor is a testament to you and your spirit. Please keep us posted (as comfortably as you feel doing so). I wish you a speedy recovery with minimal discomfort. Rated.
And damn, I hate when people fall off my favorites list for no apparent reason.
My best wishes to you for your health. R
Cartouche - thanks so much..it's been a rough few months. I wasn't sure (& am still not) that I'm ready to announce this news but I needed to get it out..it somehow felt easier to write about it than it is to say it out loud. And it just can't really be covered in 140 characters or less, now can it?

It's good to be back here, I still lurk often..

I think I will need to write about it as I go through it to keep what threads of sanity I have left.
I hope everything works out for you.
Hey Lisa--this is a very exclusive clue you've joined. One that is so exclusive that we really don't want anyone else to be allowed in.

I had a different type of cancer, but cancer it was, so I have some idea what you are going through. If you want to ask anything, if I can do anything, please just let me know.

I'll spare you the platitudes--you'll get plenty of those. I'll just tell you that cancer sucks, and you can only absorb so much at any one moment, so don't push yourself too hard.

Big hugs to you.
Susan - Thank you so much. Yeah, I'm not loving joining this club, but I'm gonna fight like hell. I appreciate your support and honesty - I get scans done this week and will know more about prognosis. I'm sure I'll be writing more as I work through acceptance and realization.
Glad you have your BFF to make you laugh through all this.

Best wishes to you.
I always read your blog. This is a sad post but will have a happy ending. This kind of cancer can almost always be safely and successfully removed. It you have to have cancer, this is one of the better places. I'm sure you will be find. Good to see a post again. R