L. S. Heatherly

On the Natural Selections of Natural Culture

L. S. Heatherly

L. S. Heatherly
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
February 22
Author on Humanity and Earth-life
Life-long, Independent Philosopher: essays, poems, song lyrics
Arguably, [one of] the greatest philosopher[s] and social commentator[s] on the planet. No one has written as many ideas, insights and enlightenments on our root essence, what we call our 'humanity', as has L. S. Heatherly. His major work has drawn such Reviews as (excerpts): "an amazing book, truly ground-breaking.." "Astounding!...with amazing clarity, it exudes enligtenment..eminently readable prose..my guide to life" "Absorbing, Enlightening, and Fascinating...Heatherly is a beacon... his work may become as important as any by Darwin or B.F. Skinner..Bless Heatherly's soul for forming and publishing these ideas." "a mind-expanding series of [151]short essays, convincing and thought-provoking, uplifting and wonderful.." "I commend the Author's diligence, engaged in what Thomas Berry called the 'great work' of restoring harmony between humans and the rest of nature." Main literary blog is at www.lsheatherly.blogspot.com. Official site and Biography is at www.nurturome.org/lsheatherly.html

Scalpeled Justice, Truth, Reality, Court Trial, and Socioculture

The jury and lawyers were given FALSE and UNREAL instructions,
evidence, arguments and CONCEPTION of the event on trail. 

The event, IN REALITY, started with following and confrontation. 

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Occupy Freedom Hidden by History's Lies 
Occupy Freedon, Hidden by History's Lies

 Occupy a Rain Forest 6,000 Years                                       … Read full post »

Elder pundits and politicians are wrong multifariously, about OWS!
What the OccupyWall Street Movement has begun will transcend the egoistic politics  and the personal finance-budget issues of any, particular Time.

This rebellion's source is wide and deep within civilization's oppressed… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 12:22AM

The Real 9-11: Humanity's Tragedy


9-11 --all massive, human killings-- defy conventional truth, reality and meaning.

Feeling out of sight, for meaning, love and grace: What is human tragedy?
Slaughters of wars, acts of terrorism, are attacks on all peoples, of all civilizations.

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SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 11:51PM

The Real 9-11: Humanity's Tragedy

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Polluted Humanity and Earth  

( For Robert Frost, U.S. Poet, 1874-1963: from Frost's watching "woods fill up with snow" and personal "promises to keep"; to watching Earth and Humanity fill up with technological polution; and lost, primal promises of "Earth's human soul to keep."… Read full post »

Quenching wanderlust, dispelling fear,

where end of human roadway

meets trail of rabbit and deer;


re-bonded, with what is real--

with human and Earth-life held dear;


wilderness-cleansed, the maverick,

receeds to City-herd's lifeway--

conflict, desecrate and disjoint--

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Wave of Our Future  

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