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February 22
I qualify for what? Twitter: @lschmoopie Putting this here for the OS editor.


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JANUARY 2, 2011 8:31AM

Open Call: Your Writing Space

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A recent post by aliquot featured photos of famous desks. And it got me thinking about all the writers here on OS.

Where do you write?

What does your space look like?

What surrounds you in your writing space?

What kind of environment do you need when you are writing?

Do you listen to music?

Do you prefer a quiet space?

Do you eat or drink while writing?

I'll start. Feel free to join in if you'd like.

I write in my home office space and I feel quite lucky to have a space of my own. My desk is an old office one that my in-laws gave us years ago and I like it because it is L shaped and has a lot of surface space. My computer is an HP Pavilion a1640n and is 5 years old. Even though 5 years is old in technology years, I have no complaints. I'd love to have a laptop too, but I'm not going to get greedy.


This little Internet Angel sits on top of my computer. My mother was a strong believer in angels and collected many figurines over the years. I have had it perched here ever since she gave it to me many Christmases ago. Seeing the tag with her handwriting is both comforting and inspiring to me. Since Alzheimer's has robbed her of so many things I like this reminder of her near me. And she always wrote in green ink just like on this tag. On the back of the tag it says:

Help me log on

without fretting.

Guide me as

I'm internetting.

Bless my down-

and uploading.

Keep my browser

from exploding.

May my website

be protected,

let not my password

be rejected.

Keep my

line connection clear

and tech support

always near.

It is from Abbey Press catalog, but no author is listed for me to credit.


internet angel 

I have received some correspondance from Open Salon members via the United States Postal Service. I keep them stashed next to my John Lennon In His Own Write for inspiration. I also have my mother's volumes of poetry in the black plastic holder you see. All the Post-It tabs you see there are either poems of Mom's that I have posted on OS and written about, or ones that I plan to write about in the future.


My desk faces a window looking out into the front yard and our street. I enjoy that because when I'm composing a sentence I will often stare outside as I gather my thoughts. I also enjoy watching weather changes through the window. For Christmas we had lights in our almond trees and I gaze at them every night while sitting at my computer.


I have a tablet I jot notes down on for ideas for upcoming things I might want to write about later.


Sometimes when I'm pausing and thinking I'll grab a little Burt's Bees Cuticle Balm or Lip Balm. Maybe it's a stall tactic. But I love the smell and feel of it. And my cuticles are looking pretty darn good!


I sometimes like to burn a candle as I write and my sweet friend Carol gave me this beautiful one for Christmas.The scent is called Sugar Cookie and it is delightful. Although right now it's kind of making me hungry for something sweet...


Music often  accompanies me as I write. Especially if I'm writing a piece based on a particular artist I listen to him/her/them while writing. I have a lot of music stored on my computer so it's easy to access it. Right now I'm listening to Pablo Cruise. Anyone remember that band?


I don't usually eat while I write but I often have coffee in the morning or water at other times of the day and night. While I enjoy a nice glass of red wine, I can not write and imbibe at the same time. That's a recipe for disaster. I'm a cheap date-one glass does me in. I have this same mug pictured below. I got one for each of my three sisters and all our names are on it. My sisters are not Carrie, Amy, and Cindy. I use it almost every morning, and since it's in the dishwasher right now I settled for a Google image.

My four best friends took me to a shooting range two years ago for my birthday. I have my target from that night pinned on my office wall behind the door. It was the first time I had ever fired a hand gun. I have to admit--I felt powerful. When I need a boost I look at that target. The girls called me Rambo that night.


 A few years ago after taking several rides on the back of a motorcycle I developed a strong urge to learn how to ride. So I took a weekend long class and learned how to ride and got my motorcycle license at the DMV. My 4 best friends-yes, the same ones that took me to the shooting range-gave me a theme birthday party that year.That's me on the Harley Fat Boy in leathers and a helmet in the picture frame. I wish I could say they were mine, but they belong to my daughters in-laws, the ones responsible for my immediate infatuation with the roar of the bikes. I pictured hubby & I riding into the sunset, but, alas, he did not share my enthusiasm for all things Harley. I look at this little shelf in my office with these mementos and use them to remind me to always try something new. It's one of the things that got me to write in the first place.


My little corner suits me just fine. OK, now it's your turn. Where do you write?


“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”

~Anais Nin~







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Crap. Now I have to find my camera........But I still got firsties!
Thanks for wanting to join in Michael! Looking forward to your post.
Someone asked that question about a year ago. I wrote that I write to Kill Demons. I think I still do, but I also write to get this clutter out of my head. My desk is messed up and unorganized, according to my wife, but I know where everything is, I just can't read my own handwriting. Sad, huh?
I saw mhold do a similar piece. It is so interesting, these peeks into other writers spaces.

Right now, I have no space of my own. I write in my bedroom with pillows stuffed behind my back and head, laptop balanced on my lap, trying not to overheat it and me. My only desk is out in the living room with my wife, two kids and the family TV. Our little townhouse villa is very small.

One day I'd love to have a place like that with all my little creative stimulus' around me. OS is kinda like that for me right now. I hop around here, reading everyone else's stuff to get myself fired up and ready to write.

Great post. Well-written, too.
Love the space you've created! It's so cozy and nurturing and full of life!
scanner: Drats! And here I thought I had a fun, original idea!

Charlie: Thank you for sharing about your writing space and experience. I love hearing how others do it.

ann24: Thanks! I hope you will answer the Open Call and share your space.
I love this idea, and and am looking forward to see other's :)
I will miss this because the papers I've so successfully ignored for 2weeks now demand their time and pound of flesh today and tomorrow...but great oc...loved yours and appreciate the window into your world and process! thanks scmoop!!!
Hi lschmoopie,
I liked what you said a lot, I liked your writing space and your references to your friend Carol and the great candle she got for you. I loved the references to your mom, I feel like moms are really great people who love and guide us, whether they are here with us or not. I also loved the reference to letters you have recieved from OSer's which you keep under your John Lennon book. I will take you up on your "writing space." I will hope you'll stop by when I am done. I loved reading about your many endeavors, I am not sure about motorcycle driving, but I've been on the back of those darn things. I prefer the car to be honest, I hope you have a great 2011.
wow, schmoop, this is a cool idea. i'll be back to read yours more carefully and see if i can come up with something. thanks!!
No surprise that Michael would be the first to comment -- he's an H-D fan too. Me? Not so much -- hereditary enemies and all. But it's sure nice to greet another rider.

As for where I write, well, I've done it pretty much everywhere and under all sorts of conditions, but right now it's at a littered $5 used desk on an emachines laptop.
My desktop computer crashed so I've let it sit there while I use my laptop in the living room. I haven't done much writing so maybe I need to create a new space. Thanks for your post.
LOL...okay but there is going to be a lot of saadness in the post sad to say because I am annoyed today hahahah.Tomorrow my dear friend
Rated with hugs
Until last week I wrote on my houseboat with a panoramic view of other boats. Since then I have relocated onto my motor home with a panoramic view - all Saint John's river, go figure.
I particularly like your target and your motorcycle picture. And your angel to remind you of your mother, your John Lennon book.
Nice space.
Wow! I'm so impressed. I write on my laptop which is on my lap. My lap is on a very comfortable LazyBoy recliner in the living room. I usually have something else happening in the background -- either NPR or the TV or music. My husband thinks I'm nuts (he's very astute). I don't pay much attention to whatever "noise" is in the background, but I do dip in now and then. Right now it's "Face the Nation" -- haven't done any dipping yet (oh, it's over -- hadn't noticed). When/if we decide to live/roam in a 5th wheel, it will be very easy for me to adapt.
Thanks for the tour, very interesting and I love the poem on the back of the angel's tab.

I have two computer spaces and a netbook, so my environment depends where I am and what I'm writing. Unlike you however, I tend to write more fluently and possibly a little too honestly while supping wine.
How neat and organized ! I've become an itinerant writer - wherever my laptop and I find a seat, with good lighting, I read and write.
Oooo... you've inspired me to write about my fuzzy circle bed! I do my best thinking there.
Best Wishes,
Ooooh! A break from cleaning stuff. What a great OC - I loved yours (especially the target and the angel) and I look forward to seeing those of other OS writers. I am VERY nosy. :)
What a wonderful open call! I'll see what I have after I clean up the joint! My dust bunnies are barking at me.
I'll be musing on this all day and getting nothing else done. :)
Hey! Rambo, wouldn't have shot that guy in the BACK!

My heat-burned thighs tell my story. Wanna see pictures? I thought not. Loved yours and LC's though and I hope to see more.
Good thing I am Chicana and was taught to have a clean house for the new year. I dusted everywhere and so I was able to answer your open call. Your space looks quite comfy, indeed.
What a great idea! I was just reading that post on desks and thinking about my own writing space. Will respond later tonight (and look for other responses).
Mine's up. I'm going out to get my new Casio piano now. That broken "F" key will torture me no more!
My best poems start in the shower! I'll think on this and expand.
Great idea, lschmoopie, thanks for sharing this!...I always love to see how more organized people pull off life, the basket for pens, markers, etc. will turn up at my desk soon : )
hyblaean: I'm looking forward to your space!

APM: I understand the holiday pile-up. Thanks for stopping in!

momsacomic: I visited your post answering this call. Loved it!

femme: I look forward to your post!

boanerges: thanks for stopping in. No matter the size of the space they all work for us, don't they?
So cozy and full of love! Your writing space itself tells an engaging story. I may give this one a try. Thanks for a sweet tour.
joanK: I hope you do!

Linda, dear Linda: I sent you a PM. Looking forward to seeing your post if and when you feel like jumping in.

fred: Your view sounds heavenly. A water view-preferably ocean- is my ultimate goal.

Janice. Thank you. Hope you will write about your space too.

Marilyn: I find it hard to write with tv on. I have a little tv in the room but don't have it on when I'm writing. Only if I'm doing other things on the computer.

sheila: I hope you'll write about your space too!

Linda C.: Writing and drinking--my head would hit the keyboard!

blittie: I'll keep checking in to see yours.

Ann: Me too! Hence, the Open Call. I look forward to yours.

Fusun: One of the benefits of a laptop-writing on the go.

xenonlit: I so enjoyed yours! Thanks for heeding the call.

sweetfeet: I'll be on the lookout for yours.
Gabby: LOL!

maryway: I enjoyed your post. Hope you get lots of traffic!

beckalim: I'm glad so many want to participate. I'll look for yours.

xenonlit: Loved your post on this topic!

tg: I hope to see yours here too.

just thinking: Are you going to give it a try? Hope to see yours too.

heidibeth: Do it! I look forward to it.
Well now, THAT is an interesting post! I'd love to join in, but I write mostly on the living room couch, before the sun comes up, with a cup of coffee. And that's it. Wish I were more interesting...~r
I love your space. Mine looks out to the street also and I like that I can see the weather change. -R-
Joan H.: Not boring at all. Just a glimpse into each person's own style. Thanks for coming by.

Christine: Today's view from the window has been mostly rain. But I love looking at it when I don't have to be out in it.
Thank you for doing this. I must be nosy as all get out, because I've had a really good time looking at other people's stuff.
Aha! The source of all this "snooping with lscmoopie"! Since I just uploaded my entire kitchen a couple weeks ago, I don't have the energy to do this open call other than read and peek. (Also, I write in my bed with a legal pad and transfer to my computer). But besides some of our music tastes and collectibles, I also have Burt's Bee lip balm at my desk, and I once went to a target range in Honolulu and also felt the rush. (I'll do a target practice challenge with you any time!)
Julie: Get to writin' girl! Let's see yours. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Wait--

dirndl: I loved all your kitchen faces in your post. Glad you enjoyed this one. You could probably whip me in a target shoot . I only did it that one time. But it was fun!
Lip balm! Me too. Hey, I could write in your space. Looks just right! R
What a great idea! I loved reading about your space and how you write, and I have also enjoyed reading others.
And I just posedt too. Now I will have to get the camera out and get to work. I'll post tomorrow unless something happens.
Thanks for the inspiration! I love reading about others' writing places -- posted mine as well. Rated with a big grin!
This was great lschmoop. since I just spent the last two days doing my absolutele favorite New Years my house (not that I only clean my house once a year, I'm not saying that) I may be able to take a few pictures for you. I, too, need red wine to write.
Ooo, gotta get my response in soon. Lots of pictures still in the camera needing to be downloaded. I can tell you right off the bat that my writing desk usually has a computer and two cats on it.

This was such a fun open call. I loved seeing/ reading about everyone's spaces. Your trees are gorgeous and I like your internet angel!
I loved reading this! Thank you!

This is a great way to meet your fellow writers, and I've enjoyed reading the other posts.

"I pictured hubby & I riding into the sunset, but, alas, he did not share my enthusiasm for all things Harley. I look at this little shelf in my office with these mementos and use them to remind me to always try something new. It's one of the things that got me to write in the first place. "

You're a brave soul, to go for the Harley scene! I love Harley's, too...congrats on you license! I hope to do that some day, along with sky diving, taking a trip in a hot air balloon, etc...

thanks again, for the great opportunity presented here...will write something
What a cool OC! I can't wait to read the responses! And I love the Internet Angel poem! R!!!!
love that prayer!
a nice place to work in, remind me not to get you angry, i mean, first time on the range and you shoot like that?
Natalie: C'mon over!

sophie: Glad you enjoyed a peek into my space. I'm thrilled so many shared their space with us!

ocular: I'll be on the lookout for yours.

Marilyn: Loved your space. Thanks for taking the OC.

trilogy: So glad you joined in the fun!

shiral: Hoping to see yours soon.

Blue: I kind of took that little angel for granted, but when I started writing about the room I realized how many times I look at her.

Debby: It was fun while it lasted. I still get a little sad when I hear a Harley roar past me.

Alysa: Thanks! Hope to stop over to yours when I'm done commenting here.

vanessa: I had a very good instructor. ;)
Thanks for the peek into your writing space--I love seeing where others do their work. That poem is very funny! Maybe if I can clean up the mess on my desk I will join in tomorrow.
Karin: Don't worry about cleaning it up- just do it! Thanks for stopping in.