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February 22
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NOVEMBER 3, 2012 2:27PM

Psychedelic Saturday #8

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 Welcome to Psychedelic Saturday!

A weekly post dedicated to all things psychedelic. Post your reflections on psychedelic  happenings via you stories, photos, art, or poetry. 

For the past 34 years I've been married to a Dead Head. Prior to that I knew of The Grateful Dead, but was not privy to the hundreds  thousands of details about the band that my husband knows.

 I didn't see the Dead in concert until 1993, just a couple of years before Jerry Garcia died. The crowd was equally as entertaining as what was happening on stage. I still have the shirt.


 Grateful Dead shirt

 A few weeks ago he began dragging things from the music room out into the dining room. "What are you up to, hon?" I asked. "Oh, nothing-just want to take a few photos." And he lovingly arranged and rearranged and rearranged part of his Grateful Dead collection on the table. 


 I can claim responsibility for a good portion of this collection--sure makes things easy on birthdays and Christmas. I just couldn't resist the Jerry Garcia doll and replica of his Tiger guitar.



 So many books have been written about all things Dead. He especially loves the tabletop book about Robert Hunter, famous for writing most of the lyrics for the Dead songs.


 His most recent addition to the collection: Spring 1990. A numbered collection of 6 shows and assorted tchotchkes included. #1412 of 9000. He's a happy camper.


 So many discussions and disagreements on which song by the Dead is the most psychedelic. But for my husband, it's Dark Star. I've included the shorter studio version here, but the Dead were known for playing this song from 10-60 minutes once they got into the jam. Enjoy and Happy Psychedelic Saturday!


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It took about numerous tries and 90 minutes to get the last photo to upload. I had more photos to share, but I gave up. :(
It took me half an hour just to post s single YouTube here today over at my latest post. That same post made it to Position #5 in the 4 Hour Feed after but ONE RATE.
OS needs its head examined.
Or maybe I do, for staying here.

Not much of a Dead head myself, but Ido appreciate the vision of the band and how loved they were and sill will be. Such popularity is hard to come by anymore, isn't it?
I'm not into the Dead either, but I have tremendous respect for the length of time they have been Dead. That's pretty remarkable. I didn't see any Jerry Garcia ties in the shrine though. That's one of the best Dead items I know. Corporate dudes rocking the ties! /R
Poor woman: Probably some of the most devoted fans out there.

nilesite-Ironically, a photo of 2 ties was to be included. I gave up trying to get it in.
Are you insinuating that the Dead did and allowed psychedelic drugs at their concerts? I am flabbergasted. One piece of half of a Doobie is found on the ground after one of their very straight concerts, and they are labeled a drug band. Just goes to show...,
How did you do this post with the slow connection?! But it was worth every minute. What a connection!!! Wow. I wasn't so keen on the Dead in the sixties but now I am a member of the Jedheads in Second Life and the looooooonnnngg rifs just intrigue me. Mellow Mellow after all these years. Thank you for this.
scanner- Well, I wouldn't know ANYTHING about that ;)

zanelle- I was so determined to get this posted, but it damn near did me in. Glad you enjoyed.