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February 22
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NOVEMBER 17, 2012 9:39AM

Psychedelic Saturday #10

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Welcome to Psychedelic Saturday. 


A weekly post dedicated to all things psychedelic. Post your reflections on psychedelic  happenings via your stories, photos, art, or poetry.  

Psychedelic Pill. 

It's not what you think. It's not LSD or  DMT or cannabis. It's the newest album by rocker Neil Young. Ironically, his first album since giving up drinking and pot smoking. But some may want to indulge as they listen to the first track, Driftin' Back, a 27 minute long ride. If you have the time, just click play, put it on full screen size and let yourself drift...go on. I'll be here when you get back.


Was it good for you?
It was for me. 
I admit to having a deep love and appreciation for Neil Young.I've written about him before on Open Salon.  But he continues to be a creative force to be reckoned with. Psychedelic Pill is his second album release of 2012 following the folksy Americana along with his best seller memoir, Waging Heavy Peace
Shhh...I bought it for hubby for Christmas. Is that kind of like the little boy giving his mom a baseball glove for her birthday? I can't wait to read it.
As long as there is a Neil Young, I know all is right in my world.
Happy Psychedelic Saturday, friends.

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It was good for me indeed !
I might be a pagan, but man, I do love Neil Young. His voice is the soundtrack of my late teens, early 20s. Thank you so much for bringing this out today! That kaleidoscope is so great.
always loved neil young.. he is part of our souls.
desert rat- Thanks for coming into the realm of Neil.

nilesite: His voice continues to be a soundtrack of my life. I thought the kaleidoscope was pretty cool, too.

Linda: He is, indeed. (hug) back atcha.
Neil's career has been so interesting because of all these peaks and valleys --- and he's definitely in peak mode this year. Loved the two new releases and can't wait to read his memoir. I'm sure I'll be finding it under the Xmas tree this year.

Seeing him and Crazy Horse with Patti Smith opening next week -- 11 days to go! Can't wait.
VA: Is the jealous green glow leaking through your computer monitor right now? I KNOW that will be a great show, and I hope you'll write about it eventually. Thanks for fighting through tech issues here to leave a comment.