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SEPTEMBER 29, 2008 11:59PM

LOOKIT: the Squirrel's Freaky Birthday Debauchery - Exposed

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During tense negotiations over a two martini lunch, I outbid the National Enquirer.  Stacks and Stacks of little green paper cannot compete with ::CAKE::

a veritable vat of cake

Freaky is a candidate that only speaks truth and this photo proves it:

"Squirrel has been hanging out with me (though he'll deny it).
We're sitting in a vat of cake and sipping Jameson's from a sippy cup right now.

Thankfully the squirrel survived his birthday.

But only the Tr_ll g_d knows what this will mean for Freaky at the polls, the future of the Dempublicakes Party, or the Troll Women Activist Team.

All ::cake:: below was bought by liquidating the squirrel's non-existent money market account:

Beaththis, Enquirer!


four tiers of moolah




 Beat that, National Enquirer!

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Oh my God LT. This is my first laugh out loud today. I'm taking a break between clients. Between the stock market and the pain in people's lives, the humor is such, as my mother would say, a tonic. Damn, this is so funny. I'm so glad you had your 2 martini lunch. Now just be careful about the drunk dialing (and the drunk posting--although this is most excellent).
Thanks. Saving the squirrel is my good deed for the week.

I'm told I'm more fun and funnier when I drink.

Not sure what to think about that.

Am I not fun at all when I'm sober?
LT...I hate it when people say you are funnier when you drink. Although, you know...some people just don't loosen up unless they've had a drink or two.

Hey, you're a blast when you're sober...but this post was great and the martinis I'm sure didn't hurt.
Freaky's answer to the "Exposed" part: here
bbd, poor squirrel's prodigious nut sack is... well, yes, exposed.

However, having cleaned out the money market account to pay off the troll, I'm not sure if he can afford that fabulous product you so helpfully linked.

Perhaps we should take up a collection for the squirrel's new birthday suit?

MTK, I have a two drink two hour bottle to throttle rule. My early 20s were a haze. A hilarious haze as I'm told, but those days are long in the past. Doesn't feel so good to wake up like squirrel or the BATZ did anymore. No longer that spry.
My peeking into the birthday cake post is finally rewarded with a visit from the guest of honor and I thought I could stop my clicking. But now I have to check here instead.

I thought you couldn't photoshop?

Very funny though.
You made me spit out my drink!!!

hee hee

I am insulted at the very insinuation!
Thanks odetteroulette and Doctor H-P... I have to admit part of the fun with this silly stuff this week is waiting for the squirrel to find it.

That and every time I see his protruding red tongue, I have to laugh as well.
Sorry about bringing up photoshopping.

I am sure it is all on the up and up.
Actually, Stellaa, it saddens me to have this out in the open, but it was either here or nationwide. Best to keep our dirty laundry behind closed OS doors. (wink)

And I would think it is the squirrel doing all the exposing, but bbd linked to the fix for that particular problem above. Soon we'll have that tiny little streaker all proper.
speechless. appreciative and touched, but ... slightly disturbed now also. mainly speechless.


and now ... off to buy underpants.
Squirrel, what do you expect when you consort with freaky trolls?
And you are very welcome. You amuse me every day, so the least I could do was save you from national exposure.

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