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OCTOBER 24, 2008 1:14PM

Home Shot up Over Yard Sign + latest Obscene Palin Photoshop

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Warning: The Palin

 Photoshop is obscene.

It is at the bottom of the


The source of this article is, a Florida station.  If you think this is isolated, feel free to read about the yahoos in Oregon who lobbed molotov cocktails at a sign last week and almost burned down a home.  Rioting in the streets is assured writes one OS blogger today, but that same blogger minimizes the chances those rooting for Senator Obama will participate in rioting.   I am not so sure as the election is still days away and they are already shooting and burning:


Republican HQ Manager's

 Home Shot Up Over

McCain Signs

'Democrats Far More Aggressive in Seminole County,' Victim Says


POSTED: 11:26 pm EDT October 22, 2008
UPDATED: 10:45 am EDT October 23, 2008
LONGWOOD, Fla. -- The home of a Central Florida Republican headquarters manager was shot up and damaged over his support of Sen. John McCain, the man told police.

IMAGES: Home Shot Up

Rog Coverely said several pellets pierced his Longwood home. Coverely showed several spiderwebbed-holes in the front windows of his home.

The Republican manager said he is convinced he was targeted because of new McCain signs he added around his home.
"All I can tell you is this, I have a very good relationship with my neighbors," Coverely said. "I mow my lawn. The only thing that has changed is I have two McCain signs in my front yard."
Coverely said he has taken about 300 calls concerning stolen or vandalized McCain signs in the area.
"It says this campaign is getting vicious," Coverely said.
Coverely said it appears Democrats are becoming more aggressive in the county.
"I wouldn't say slipping, but I would say the Democrats have become far more aggressive in Seminole County because it is such a heavy Republican area," Coverely said.
Meanwhile, McCain was in Florida on Thursday.
The Republican presidential nominee spoke at Allstar Building Materials in Ormond Beach. Later he'll be in Sarasota for a "Joe the Plumber" bus tour rally at Robarts Arena.


This photoshopped image of Senator McCain and Governor Palin is circulating in emails.  It was sent to me from someone who received it from a relative supporting Senator Obama.  Pease feel free to attempt to justify or excuse it.  After all, it is ok to be sexist towards women we don't like because they deserve it:
No more bush
 The Brazilian is not lost on me.  No more bush?  That is really not funny.
Links to past happy Palin Photoshopping Misogyny:
 Now I really need a two martini lunch...

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Stellaa, I try to read Shakes daily and it helps me in my progress, but I admit to falling down a little this week as I have been trying to get things done for Noriega in my precinct. Your comment is so close to the top that I think most people will check it out - although I will add it in to the body when I get back from lunch.

BBE, A photo shop does not count. Arnold is still the most daringly free Governor in the land with his unabashed posing.
Yep, this is the one sent to me...have a martini on me
I don't imbibe until way late at night
I don't need an excuse like this to drink before lunch. But I'll take it.
This is pure excuse to start drinking again. Period. This picture is as sexist as John McCain was when he picked Palin to be his running mate.
What kind of mailing lists are you folks on?
right and left going away at this game-
all women are potential targets (they might say the men are having sex, but the women, for the women we have to have it in pictures- preferably photoshopped ones, because even our smears have to be sexually appealing- wouldn't want to damage those masculine retinas)
I'm tired of US politics. They are just building him up now, to rip him down later. The higher the pedestal the harder the fall. I always thought it was our press that was unkind, until I realized that it was our people.
Time to get the wine bottle out.

Oh, LT, it's too much. I don't understand the mentality. We don't photoshop men we don't like onto sexually suggestive bodies. Or at least it's not as pervasive. Why do men feel like an attractive woman in power just needs a good fucking? That seems to be the message behind all of this.

It's like some people have lost all sense when it comes to politics. Shooting up your neighbor's over a sign? Is it really worth it or going to change anything?

Sigh. At least I have one good bottle of red left.

(rated because you're a busy bug when it comes to knocking the sexists)
2 glasses of red and I still feel icky. Bedtime. I hope I don't get nightmares. I mean, the blow-up doll was one thing, but this mess on a chair is too much for my sensitive constitution, much less the United States Constitution. It's a disaster for all constitutions.
thanks for posting it. It made me angry and not a little sick even--the photoshopped palin...and I clicked on some of the links you provided.

I agree with you about the misogyny and nudity, except that I think that the naked obama picture is not quite as distinct from the palin shots as you suggest...obama has been targetted for his looks throughout this campaign in a way that even attractive white males have not (like edwards...edwards was criticized for vanity, but never reduced to mere physicality the way obama was for example on the European tour where major network pundits kept commenting over and over "he looks presidential" as if his physicality mattered most, so much that they couldn't just say "obama was presidential.." that would have been presumptious in allowing a black man to have a mentality or inner life instead of being a mere body looking a certain way, in the manner that, yes...a woman often is...and there is the also the historical context of black slaves being judged for their physical attributes alone...)

anyway, you can disagree if you like. I just remember reading an article that observed that women candidates are judged by their looks as no man, with the exception of obama, really has been. If you look at the way the media describes him, maybe it isn't a coincident that we haven't seen a naken mccain or white men they are allowed to be mental and not mere physical persons by default.

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