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MAY 19, 2011 6:12AM


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 I supped with a man last night

Moon fasting on full-bodies

The road of the condemned

racing racing together

skulls pulsing in the smoke

preparations for the redolence

of chrysanthemum blues in tune

I know I love this man and he me

His vermillion paints

Eyes torn chaste

"Who are you?" I ask

"It is you who sings it," he laughs

An iron wells draws only bone

Thirst in such a voyage

Men follow the way

Death is a call to the beloved in the day

A scarlet reprieve

Cormorants not claret carrion linger there.

2011 Lucien Senna All Rights Reserved Copywright 



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Wow wow whoopee. This was more fun than flopping down on a Whoopee Cushion.

You can Love some Creatures from a distance. It be more great if we sat together on a Couch.

Yesterday I had my photo taken after I ate some of her asparagus with boursin Goat Cheese.

By the way, before I forget.
You misspelled one word.
The seventh stanza? blues`
blues in tuna? tuna in can?
What a bunch of asparagus!
You eat beets? Shiiitake too?
That is not a real bad word.

I met Cook - Carla Hall yesterday.
Wow, She's easy to fall in love with.
Carla cooked on TV's Top Chef Show.
She cook at - Alchemy Caterers in DC.
Carla (Stephanie, Sarah, Susie etc., too)
Practices Mindfulness and Yoga Balance.
She espouses every encounter is `Grand
When I first met Carla Hall I had no idea.
Warmth exudes from her interior essence.
Carla's cuisine is 'out of this world' delicious.
She loves arugula, red vein dandelion, lettuce,
and I think Carla Hall eats greens all day long.
I almost didn't turn this gadget on. Whoopee!

Enjoy asparagus spear' with gold beets, shiitake mushrooms,
and salad with goat cheese boursin & tarragon dill vinaigrette.

Saute shiitake, lightly pepper, arrange beets to look pretty,and eat with a fork.

Or, use hands.
Sip plate juice.
You can burp.

Great read.
No gore Ox.
No eat fork.