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JUNE 1, 2011 8:16AM

I hurt myself today DSK

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I hurt myself today

to see if I still can feel the pain

some use a needle or the bottle recklessly

to burn the rhubarb or the rain

for me it's rage that assuages the reported act

Africa assaulted by France in Hotel New York

Such a common nightmare

what he has become

A dreamer gave it to me

One of Monsieur's troubled reveries

his spittle on her uniform and other moist details

made his only space to hide

the prison walls

I plan to sing this nightmare

for I have some steel left

and this sister's wounds to strike Satan

and show what he will become. 


Lucien Senna 2011 All rights Reserved Copywright 



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through poetry, you proved that there are many ways to demean a people
Not quite sure I understand exactly what you mean by "there are many ways to demean a people"? Could you please explain.