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MAY 14, 2010 4:22PM

Penny candy is for babies

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candy My allowence in the early 1970s was $1 a week. And to earn extra money my friends and I would go door to door asking for any empty coke bottles. We'd then stash them for the week and come Saturday morning haul out the bottles to the nearest 7-11 and redeem them for coins.

And the fun part began: deciding what candy to buy. I'm a big candy freak. I'd rather eat a chocolate bar then having a glass of beer,  drugs or, dare I say, even engage in sex.

I've been disappointed in sex, giving and receiving. I've gotten sick with way too much alcohol in my system. And as for drugs, I was never rich enough, brave enough or stupid enough to try it.

But one little Snickers bar or Baby Ruth and I'm in heaven. Sure, I'm missing several crowns that have popped out my mouth and some place in my head is a cracked tooth and I think it's due to my candy bar habit, but it's a small price to pay for a tiny bit of momentary happiness.

I long ago gave up so many dreams. Whether through fear or lack of money, sheer laziness on my part, or just plain not smart enough, candy will always and forever more be there when the going gets tough, it's raining cats and dogs, or "hanging in there, baby."

Snickers or Twix?

You decide.

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Man, that was a great trip down memory lane. I, too, used to scrounge pop bottles and turn them in for money, only to run straight to the gas station (where they had the BEST candy). And I'm sorry, but penny candy was my favorite! They cost a penny a piece, so I could get 25 for a quarter. My teeth were gummed up for the next week, but it was worth it. Go candy!
Snickers, definitely. I have to rein in my candy-mongering and lately I've been helped by all the changed recipe formulations. I think Snickers have changed, but not so egregiously as Peanut M&Ms, which I cannot eat anymore without being devoured by disappointment. It's just as well: they were my crack. Alas, I still like Hershey Almond Bars.
I'm more into candy now than I ever was as a child, although I would have followed you anywhere for an Almond Joy, a Zagnut or actually any candy with coconut. I am a coconut nut. Still am. And lately I found home made coconut ice cream. Thank heavens it's nowhere close to my home because I know Id find an excuse to have some entirely too often.

sugar. chocolate. almonds. coconut. ummmm....
Does anyone remember a candy called "troglodytes"? It came out about the same time as garbage pail kids, it was chocolate. I have tried to find something on the internet, but I don't remember who made it. My husband thinks I am crazy. Oh, and Twix, definetly.