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Lunchlady 2
March 05
I am now a widow, having laid my last kiss on my husbands brow after he died to say goodbye. Since then I have found an old note he wrote me apologizing for his meanness laying on my floor and two gold coins under my blankets, his way of saying he was sorry and goodbye. I have buried my ex husband, my baby son, my grown son, my mom and now my husband and I wish to bury no more, but life does not work that way. I have birthed 3 children and have 3 more wonderful children from my last marriage. I have 4 living children and a granddaughter I adore and I am in the process of finding me. I have no idea who I am but I have discovered I am loved and I never knew that before and it makes me smile...


MARCH 10, 2011 8:30AM

My Son's First Letter Home From Boot Camp

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Feb 27, 11

Dear Family,

This is the first time they have allowed us to actually write, so I am sorry it taking so long and if your wondering why I'm writing in all caps (cap lock is stuck) it's cuz I'm practicing; here at boot camp this kind of print is used on everything.

OK, so at this point in time (notice date) I don't know whether or not you wrote me or not, like I said before I left, the mail takes forever. I've never really written letters before so I'm going to give news, with parts for every one at home, while directing the majority to every one. ( which is exactly what writing a letter is)

If I were you guys, I'd wanna know how day 1 went, here you go: After getting off the bus that took me from the airport to the front of the base, I step into the first building and BAM! The biggest, scariest black guy is yelling in every ones face saying "What are you looking at? Don't look at me! Stand at attention"...and etc. You should know about 50% of what he said I had to censor. So that was day 1, after I learned to just do what they tell you when they tell you, it became 100% easier.

I've made several freinds, but I can't hold a convo ( not quite sure here what he meant to say so just copied it as it was written) with anyone here, except to know every group has at least one screw up, well this one has 3. I pretty much hate those guys. Aside from them, I've been laying low ( until lately, I'll explain later), extremely low, how low you ask? At one point, I asked one of my RDC's ( recruit division commander) a question and he replied "Who are you? Are you in my division?" I was stoked! I'm not a "squeaky wheel" That was for daddy. Also for daddy, I'm sure your curious about my commanders, well the lowest ranking one is a petty officer 2nd class, then there's a petty officer 1st class, and then we have a chief petty officer.

I actually really like my RDC's, they are extremely helpful and only yell when people mess up, which is like 80% of the time, at the least. Now like I said earlier about laying low, I got picked to be on "ship's staff". It sucks, my uniform is inspectable at any time! And I have to stay calm in front of very high ranking officers upto and including a captain! And that is really high. ( Here I see my little boy letting me know how important a Captain is)

Now that's the bad news, but I do have good news I've already been promoted to an E-2! OOH YA! I had to pass a written test, a running, push up, situp and swim test, all of this timed by the way. But I passed an I now rank higher than like half the guys here.

Like I said, I haven't gotten a letter yet, so I'm gonna ask some questions, hopefully no repeats. Brother you got your shiz together yet? How's Queeny? ( Queenie is the crazy Jack Russell who slept with Zach for her whole life and even now lays on his bed with his electric blanket on, whining when it goes off)  Hahaha. Mom, Are the bills easier with me gone? I'm actually very curious. Daddy, how are you feeling? Is my brother doing the chores well?

That's all I can think of :)

love, Zach

PS I forgot, I've folded more sheets and blankets in 3 weeks than I have in 19 years!

So this is my son's first real letter home from boot camp and while it warmed my heart to read he is doing well it also broke it that he hopes by leaving he has made it easier to pay the bills and feed his brother.

I see him becoming a great caring man and I miss him everyday and when I told him he sounded like a man and he giggled like a little boy it made my day.

If anyone would like to drop him a line I would love to give you his address. Please pm me for the information so he doesn't get silly letters from any crazies that may lurk in the shadows.

Well first letter down many to go and I am happy to know you all are along for the ride.

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Thanks for sharing that LL2, cute and caring, exactly right. Glad he is safe and doing well. From one mom to another, hang in there girl!
What a heartwarming letter from a charming young man. You did a great job here, Mom. That much is obvious. How pleased you must feel to read his words and see the kind of exceptional man he is becoming. Thank you for giving us a peek into your life with him. This was very sweet:)
Rita, I thought it was awful cute too but I am the proud mama..I am so happy when I hear from him and know he is okay.
Susan, Thank you so much his first letter ever was pretty darn good :)
Jane, what a great idea I will take a picture tonight and include it in tommorrows letter! I am writing him everyday now. Thanks!
convo is short for conversation..:)
It broke my heart about the bills too and h concern for his brother.
We are here for you LL2..
Linda, yea that was what I thought but somehow when I wrote it like that it didn't fit... So figured I would just write it as he had :) He really is a very special young man but of course I'm the mom...Thank you for thinking so too!
He wrote you a letter, full of pride and love and caring and concern! You must be beaming. Love to you, proud Mom!
Aim, :) I can't wait to receive another one!
This was a great letter!
(The Queenie part got to me as I have a faithful Jack named Peanut!!!)
You've done a great job and he is off on a huge journey.
Sounds like you've done an excellent job! Congratulations!
You should be so proud!! Here I am going through the occasional sadness of empty nesting and you have this!!! rated of course~
Ladyfarmerjed, I have taken to letting Queenie sleep with me or my other son as she seems so lonely and isn't eating as well as she was. She misses him too :(
Patricia, thanks!
I can feel your smile all the way out here.r
Wonderful letter!! Someday he's going to appreciate all that discipline. Probably not any time soon!
Well, it hasn't changed that much. :)
What a fine, fine letter from a fine young man. His sense of duty--to family--is readily apparent. He will go places, and as you wrote in an earlier post, he'll come out with two year's worth of college credits and finish on the Navy's dime. You're a lucky mom, and he's a lucky son, and Queenie's a lucky dog.
As I read this I had to smile, it brought back some good memories for me. He sounds like he is doing just fine and has already learned a valuable lesson....don't get noticed. This will soon follow by the other valuable lesson: Never Volenteer.

The part of the letter that broke your heart....don't let it. Your son was grown-up enough to know it was his time to leave the nest and he boldly went forward....good on him!
Glad to hear he's doing well - and so glad he's connecting with you, too.
Susie Lindau, as parents we will all feel that empty nest pain if we have raised them right! It's okay :)
hugs, me, I like that!
Satori1, he has always kind of liked discipline is a strange way, just maybe not THIS much :)
Bobbot, is that a good thing? I think it is if it means he will follow in quite a few good mens footsteps.
The Bad Scot, You made me smile thank you..
Toritto, It must be a very strong image to stay in all your minds all these years. I hope he has these same feelings when he gets through!
Torman, I had not seen this in that light and while you made me cry it was in a very good way...he did do right didn't he? He knew it was time to start on his own path. Thank you so much for helping me see it was meant in a good way, in a mom have I helped way.
Yes, it is a good thing. Despite my own problems that ultimately turned out to be mine alone. I was treated fairly and equitably with everyone else I served with.
LL, tell him that, while he's in boot to NEVER EVER ask an RDC if those slashes on his/her sleeve are really called idiot

You don't wanna know how I know this.
Hey, this lad can write! Good genes. Sounds like he's catching on to the military way, too. Congrats on his promotion. Ooh ya, indeed.
Owl, yes he called again last night and we talked about what will happen when he gets out of boot and how to get a phone and all that back so he feels human again.
Bobbot, that is so good to hear!
XJS AND ME, I have a feeling that is like sending a scout off to find that left handed skillet only two million times worse!!!!! Oh my...
It must be wrenching to have your son in boot camp, but I think those settings can really transform certain kids. I love his letter -- he's got a great spirit. Hang in there.
Thank you for sharing this, I think he sounds like a wonderful young man who is really doing well. I know you must be very proud, I sure would be too!!!!!! Great work mothering, LL2!!!
Good on 'im!

Fear and pride and missing him must all be fighting for their places in your heart right now. Please thank him, for me and my family, for his service. Sounds like you raised a MAN.
Make sure that you keep writing to him. I harken back to my own time in boot camp and one of the things that got me through it was letters from home. This will apply no matter where he is though, but especially if he's deployed overseas. Letters from home helped keep me sane in Vietnam.
Thanks for sharing this. Your son is a good person who writes well. I think "convo" is slang for conversation.
Matt, good thing he is a FAST learner or he would be the one everyone hates on :)
Naomi de Plume, I had not thought of that thanks for pointing it out. It makes me smile...
divorcedpauline, he was really looking forward to going but last night on the phone he sighed heavy and said he had wished he had asked his recuitor more questions....yes I worry.
Sheila, thank you so very much.
montanarose, I will, thank you so much for your kind comment.
Beenthere donethat, I had not thought of that either yes I will continue to write him after bootcamp weekly! Instead of everyday :)
Bonnie, everytime he gets to call I learn a little more!
geezerchick, thanks! I tried it there but it didn't fit as well as what he wrote so left it to stand on it's own. I am just glad he HAS made friends!
You sound both proud and wistful, with good reasons for both.
LL, For each hitch you've complete, they give you a stripe, red for blues, blue for whites and these are sew diagonally on the lower sleeve.
Some guys and women have multiples.
One for each hitch is why they're called idiot stripes.
Thank you for sharing your pride and joy with us LL2. I hear your anxieties as well as your joy. May the latter be more as time goes by.
Eva T, I guess really I am...I want the best for him but I also want our late night talks about silly things.
XJS AND ME, now I understand! He is in blues right now, then on to whites?
FusunA, I really hope so too. I think each call home with time to really talk makes us both feel better...
Flower Child, thank you so much and yes my youngest son and I are trying to help Queenie adjust but she misses her boy :(
It's gracious of you to share. Sounds like he is doing well!
Sweetfeet, I thank you for reading. I hope folks don't get tired of hearing about him as I want to share his journey as he goes along.
I'll have to show this one to Geo -- he'll love it! (I just sent a letter off to him today!)
What an awesome letter! There's nothing better than getting a letter from Boot Camp. I will always cherish the letters I got from my son when he was in Boot Camp. I still get them out and read them from time to time. He's not a letter writer so that was the only time in his life where it was his only form of communication. It was exciting to see his growth as he progressed through the 13 weeks. I will send you a message privately and get his address. I'd be honored to drop him a note of encouragement. :-)
Awww, LL, that is just the cutest letter evah. I can see the caring you refer to and I understand completely how you feel about his thinking he's made things a little easier for you by leaving. I have a feeling Zach is going to make you very proud indeed before he leaves the Navy. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Susie, I hope it brings back great memories for George!
Oh that is just so fine to share with you. Thanks!
Sounds all good to me! Congratualtions on having raised a fine man (boy) :-)
LL2-This is something that really tickled me. Especially how proud he sounded about his promotion. I would say it sounds like he misses you guys, but it also sounds like he's adjusting. Good jobll2! Nice post. I
loved it.
Thank you all for reading and for making me smile!!!
So sorry I am so late to the party! This is a wonderful letter and I have to agree that you have turned out a wonderful young man! I am misty-eyed and almost couldn't see through some of the comments. I will send you a PM as well. I would love to drop him a special note. Hugs!