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Lunchlady 2

Lunchlady 2
March 05
I am now a widow, having laid my last kiss on my husbands brow after he died to say goodbye. Since then I have found an old note he wrote me apologizing for his meanness laying on my floor and two gold coins under my blankets, his way of saying he was sorry and goodbye. I have buried my ex husband, my baby son, my grown son, my mom and now my husband and I wish to bury no more, but life does not work that way. I have birthed 3 children and have 3 more wonderful children from my last marriage. I have 4 living children and a granddaughter I adore and I am in the process of finding me. I have no idea who I am but I have discovered I am loved and I never knew that before and it makes me smile...


MAY 22, 2011 2:33PM

Changes and song, I sing again....

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 There are changes coming into my life that I can't speak of but I would love to ask for those of you who pray or even will send only positive thoughts my way to please do so. I will be leaning on past posts and reading those comments for awhile. I will also be praying myself for strength to do the right thing. I am not being cryptic on purpose I just can't at this time, maybe never really, say anymore.

I know I am a bit off key here and the damn wind started blowing but I sing my heart out here and , for now, leave you all with this.


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I tried to comment and the whole darn site crashed..
Will continue prayers and loved your video.
feel your many friends here standing with you...
Wishes for courage and strength for whatever changes are coming your way. When you can, do let us know how you are and till then I am sending you every good thought. r
Standing with you in spirit, Terri. Can't play the vid because of bandwidth limitations, but I'm sure it's a hymn of high hopes.
Very nice voice and a soothing video. Prayers your way Lunchlady.
Consider it done. Such a pretty song.Stay strong, LL.
- just take good care of you. After that, you will have the energy and focus to do the many other things that need your attention. We will hold many good thoughts for you.
The site crashed but I'll be back. Hope everything is OK my friend!
"A soft place to fall" I do wish you that, Terri. Beautiful song. I will be keeping you in my prayers and wishing you the very best.
I will send good thoughts your way, and whatever is going on, I hope it all works out! You've always been really nice, even when I was really really stoned.

Bless you
Best wishes for the changes coming. Will be thinking of you.
Thank you all and I wish I could, I WANT to so very badly write what my changes will be but for now I stand alone, scared and unsure of where things are heading but knowing for safety reasons I must make them. I will check in when I can I still have today to read and enjoy you my friends and I love that I can sing here and be free....
Wishing you blessings, always.
Prayers and well-wishes for all your good changes!
hugs and love!! change can be liberating...
We'll be here for you whenever you might need us. Stay strong, and know you have the strength within you to move on... Keep on singing... ♫
Love and hugs coming your way...
Hang in there, LunchLady...
All my best wishes are going your way. Take care of yourself. :-) Lovely song. Rated
You have prayers and hugs too!
I hope everything is ok. Know we're thinking of you and be strong xxx
I feel such a bond with you and hearing your voice I feel like you might be an angel. Thanks for giving me the courage to go thru things that can't be written about. It it tough.
Change is always a challenge, LL2, and often very emotional. So please take care of you.

Sending you love and holding you in my prayers and thoughts.
Wishing you all the best in whatever lies ahead for you; you deserve something good in your life. Keep in touch to the extent you can and/or choose to.
Hope things get better for you soon.
I love the song, I trust the spirit that wrote it will guide and hold you.
You're not alone. It's no easy feat to face changes. Your fear and uncertainty will actually become quiet when you let it go - your heart begins healing.
Oh Terri, what a beautiful, sad, touching, wonderful song. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face trying to reach you with my mind so you'll know I'm here...that we are all here for you...wishing you nothing but goodness. Let us be your soft place...
Oh Terri, what a beautiful, sad, touching, wonderful song. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face trying to reach you with my mind so you'll know I'm here...that we are all here for you...wishing you nothing but goodness. Let us be your soft place...
T- you know how to reach me if you need some professional help on the safety issues. You have a wonderful voice. You do not have to do it alone.
Thank you all for your kind comments and I can't explain the comfort I receive with every one of them...Thanks for listening
Ahhhh woman. Your voice and the words say so much.
I hope you find some peace LL.
I so hope you find that soft landing.
Sending you the best karma I know LL.
Thanks for the tears dripping off my chin right now.
The heal me.
I needed to listen to this.
So beautifully sung! Such a wonderful choice of song!
YAY!!!!!! You are right - I could listen to you sing all day long!!!!! You're gonna convert me to country music!!!! Thanks, LL2 -