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OCTOBER 8, 2009 8:16AM

A Tough, Gritty Look at America from Clueless Europeans

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Many dramatists have written about places they've never been and gotten a few details wrong. Shakespeare wrote about the "shores of Bohemia," and Bertold Brecht made a few blunders writing about China.

The folks at Saturday Night Live have imagined a group of Norwegian thespians making a New York-set drama with amusing results.



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This is an absolute riot. It's also reversibly true of how Americans view Europeans viewing America. For whatever it's worth, they see us more clearly than we often see ourselves.
That's true. As a movie critic, I've noticed that many of my favorite movies about my beloved USA were made by visitors or immigrants (The Apartment, Witness, Chinatown, etc.). I'm always intimidated thinking about how Billy Wilder wrote some of the wittiest lines in English-speaking cinema, and he was working in a third language
Add Louis Malle and Otto Preminger to the list.
Amen to that. By the way, Norwonk, a talented Norwegian blogger, has written a hilarious takedown of Thomas Friedman.


Damn those foreigners and their witty, insightful and fluent English writing!