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OCTOBER 22, 2010 7:15AM

The Map of Non-Monogamy

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 There are few ways to represent complex territory better than a well-made map.  While we usually associate maps with physical terrain like our town, our province, or our country, maps can be even more useful for conceptualizing abstract terrain.  This map is an excellent example of that, as it attempts to map out the terrain of non-monogamy.

As a person who currently lives in Polyamorous Relationships, maintains a cabin in Swinging, and has taken a few past excursions to BDSM, I found this representation fascinating, and pretty accurate.  I have a few small quibbles with it ... Sex Work should, at the very least, overlap with Swinging to some small degree, for one ... but overall, it charts out the abstract "location" of various aspects of non-monogamy very well.

If you're planning a vacation anytime soon, perhaps this map can help you plan a holiday in non-monogamy.  There are excellent hotels in Swinging and Open Relationships, and while the B&B's in Polyamorous relationships can be tricky to book, the service is typically phenomenal if you can get in.  Sex Work can be fun for a few days, though, like Vegas, it's not the sort of place where you sleep and relax.  Go there for some balls to the wall fun perhaps, but book a flight to Open Relationships so you can detox in a nice quiet spa afterwards.

Hope you have fun.  Pack light.  It is Friday, after all.  Could be a fun weekend getaway.  Just pack your map so you don't get lost.  Bon Voyage and Safe Journey. 

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seems to me, openly nonmonogamous people are probably rarer than gays. "down low" nonmonogamous people are everywhere.
That's true vzn ... but there's a reason for that. Being gay is no longer criminalized in most contexts ... poly still is. Not sure of the specifics of the law in the USA, but in Canada, I don't even have to try and get married to any of my partners to be in technical contravention of the law. So few people are willing to risk it, despite the fact the laws have never been applied successfully.

By way of illustration, shortly after air, the stars of the reality show Sister Wives were placed under police investigation. No one's been arrested yet, but the police are certainly considering charges. Check out the story at http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8080143/polygamy-tv-star-family-in-police-probe