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Lyle Elmgren

Lyle Elmgren
Saskatoon, Canada
July 20
Lyle Elmgren
Economist, University career, father, investor, researcher, history buff, silver life master at bridge, editor, author, cinephile, and dancer teacher/participant. I joined OS in July, 2012. My friends call me Encylopedia Elmgrenica.


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DECEMBER 14, 2012 10:38AM

Inhumanity: I'm Right, You're Wrong

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Inhumanity: I'm Right, You're Wrong

By Lyle Elmgren

As the years go by Nathan Naive has become increasingly disgusted with man's inhumanity. This includes lack of reasonable sharing in economic gains by all who contribute in some way.

Throughout history self-serving politicians and religious zealots have imposed their views on society. Both groups have mastered the art of projective vomiting with words. In reality, these groups were nothing but tyrants and mass murderers imposing their will on society.

The Roman Empire, the Crusades, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, WWI, WWII and the Muslin Holy Wars are but a few examples of gross inhumanity.

What all these conflicts have in common is the imposition of one group's views on others. The leaders were often 'psychopathic gods' seduced by self-interest and the allure of power. Of course, taking the resources and rights of the conquered was a plus.

New regimes tend to have no more humanity than the regimes they replaced. The outcome of revolutions have mainly been those as described in George Orwell's book, Animal Farm, in which the farm animals deposed their master only to become just as corrupt.
For as long as I'm right and you're wrong thinking prevails, there will be no humanity and it is a certainty that power corrupts. Societies have been and are being managed and not for their benefit.

Power to people. Wake up.

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So I should start thinking that I'm wrong and you're right?

The French and Russians were a quite understandable response to the elite of the day riding rough-shod over the people of the day. As much as America and Americans have made much propaganda of both, those peasants have shown that they had the guts to stand up like men and put an end to horrible regimes.

As is often the case with peasants who have little understanding of how power works, they allowed new egos to occupy the seats of power in the same old pyramid. Say what you want, but when you build a new structure using the same blueprints as were used for the old one, you aren't gonna get a whole lot different building!

As long as there are "leaders" there will be psychopaths willing to do anything to sit in that seat. Anything.

But Sir Lyle, now that you've identified a part of the problem....... What solution do you offer? After all, we all pretty much know what the problems are - we have to live with them - what we need is solutions; y'know?

Thanks for your comments.

I agree with your previously stated position that banning political parties, career politicians and lobby groups would be a good start. Achieving these structural changes will be a daunting task, but surely the people can see that the present system is not serving their best interests.
Actually, I've proposed a different structure that would have no place for politicians and political parties. It would only be necessary to ban lobbyists.

Y'see sir, it just isn't possible to "ban politicians and political parties." The only body of citizens with the power to do that is the government. You can well imagine how likely it is that the politicians and political parties that make up the government will ban themselves.

I know that we're all sick and fed up at the antics of those jokers but we must keep in mind that we have a government in the first place because we want it to serve a purpose. A number of purposes, actually. It is supposed to act as a management team so as to organize and provide for the society those things that the society wants it to do and provide.

If it did its job efficiently and properly we'd have no complaint. The problem arises when its members - politicians and political parties - use their positions of trust and authority to serve their own purposes instead of ours.

If it were not for a very professional civil service, which is the real management team that takes care of the government's job, on their behalf, we'd have a total mess.

I would suggest that we citizens build an alternative "system" where we, ourselves, take turns at being parts of the management team that runs the country.

I have even suggested that such an alternate system can be built starting from the base of establishing and building co-ops for everything we need in our lives. But however it is done, only a fully functioning alternate system, one not built on the present pyramidal framework, can replace the one we now have.

We are, I'm afraid, long past the time when we could survive the aftermath of a bloody, violent revolution. We are just too urbanized to know how to do that. About 90% of us would starve to death in the first two years after such a government overthrow, even if it was successful - and there is no guarantee of that!

We've got to go with evolving a new system instead of the time honoured tradition of revolution (which seldom worked anyway).

Polarization is deadly. We humans have an amazing knack for taking things that are simple and making them exceedingly complex and radically over-simplifying things that are, in fact, very complex. Thanks for this post.
Thom Rutledge. There is truth in what you say.

In one-on-one conversations , it is often quite easy to understand the validity of another's point of view, but on a collective basis it is most difficult. Perhaps, indifference is the reason for lack of collective action. Few act, unless there is a real perceived crisis.

I joined Open Salon this July. Good luck to you.
I've been thumbing thru the Iliad by Homer and the gods do seem to mess with things. I agree that we need to stop the polarization. Even in my own life as I argue with my roommate about gun control I find myself getting steamed. I get mad and can't even talk. Sigh.
Reality 101.

"Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof" - John Kenneth Galbraith