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Lyle Elmgren

Lyle Elmgren
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July 20
Lyle Elmgren
Economist, University career, father, investor, researcher, history buff, silver life master at bridge, editor, author, cinephile, and dancer teacher/participant. I joined OS in July, 2012. My friends call me Encylopedia Elmgrenica.


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FEBRUARY 12, 2013 7:57PM

Top 10 Cougar Moves

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1. Swizzle Stick Sharon stirred her drink, took a sip, then drew the stick across her voluptuous lips.

2. Hair Flip Helen routinely batted her eyelids at all new beaus.

3. Coy Colleen smiled attentively at new play things.

4. Lusty Lucy never wore the full complement of undergarments and had a way of making this obvious.

5. Potty-mouth Penelope talked dirty. Guys like that, right?

6. Giggly Gail laughed at words of nonsense uttered by new prey.

7. Academic Annie recited wisdom poetry.

8. Busty Brenda was always hot. She undid her buttons to cool off. 

9. Slow Dance Sue provocatively moved right, left, forward, and back to all songs, regardless of tempo. Sometimes danced, by herself.

10. Songstress Sylvia belted out the tunes, "Let's Get Physical,
Something in the Way She Moves, and Girls Just Want To Have Fun."

What male could resist such temptation?

Here, kitty kitty. Let's Party.

Okay gals, what are the guy moves?

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' cougars', males, females, a date

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Torritto - seniors seldom go out after 8 pm. Thanks.
actually, lyle, what i do is steal from the gals.
i can do a decent hair flip myself! haw!
and i know some real damn wisdom poetry
"Those who restrain desire, do so
because theirs is weak enough to be restrained;
and the restrainer or reason usurps its place
& governs the unwilling." blake, The Voice of the Devil
James - Thanks. A great quote. I yield to temptations. I like a good game of tag.
I hear pictures of their junk sent via text is all the rage among Mack Daddies.

Lezlie - Thanks for reading this silliness.
another quote , more appropos..?
"And dimly she realized one of the great laws
of the human soul:
that when the emotional soul
receives a wounding shock,
which does not kill the body,
the soul seems to recover as the body recovers.

But this is only appearance.

It is really only the mechanism of the reassumed habit.

Slowly, slowly the wound to the soul begins to make itself felt,
like a bruise,
which only slowly deepens its terrible ache,
till it fills all the psyche.
And when we think we have recovered
and forgotten,
it is then that the terrible after-effects
have to be encountered at their worst.

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1928) dh L
James. Thanks for those insightful lines.
[r] Hah!!!!

1. Swizzle Stick Sam stirs his drink and then inspects his nails and digs end of swizzle stick under left thumbnail that carries just the teeniest speck. He thoughtfully remembers not to return said stick to said drink.

2. Hair Flip Hal lifts knife up vertically to examine state of hair on such a windy day and tries to casually but quickly pass fingers of right hand through hair to settle it down but then must reach out to shake hands with just arrived blind date, ruing that he had not settled hair with fingers of LEFT hand instead or applied less mousse before leaving home.

3. Lusty Lucifer undoes belt before ordering dessert, winking at date across the table, and amply filling her empty water glass with the remainder of the bottle of wine much to the chagrin of a hovering waiter as well as date.

4. Potty mouth Peter shares with all in his dining vicinity how f-ing hot his newly arrived plate is.

5. Academic Al explains to the waitress the missing apostrophe from "Chefs Salad", inserting punctuation with his available pocket pen.

How am I doing?????

best, libby
Libby - You are off to a fine start. Fun with the pen.
BTW, I read all the comments on your Political Stew blog and I see things as you do.

Take care.
What about asking a woman questions? How about genuine interest? That's an appealing trait in a man. Show your interest in ways like squaring your hips (or if you're sitting shoulders) to the woman. Take a drink when she takes a drink--it stimulates the sense of connection. When you're talking to her, look at her eyes and if your eyes must wander, don't have them drop below her chin--that will make her think that you are interested in her mind and not just tuned out and fantasizing about her boobs.
Most women of worth are sapiosexuals. They will be turned on with their mind.
Avoid alliterations--almost always. Would-get-into-bed-with-you Wanda will think you are way cheesey.
Din Mutha- Thanks for your comments. I find showing real intelligence and wit to be a big turn on.

I agree that alliteration is a lack of thinking on my part. Thanks
Haha! Just to clarify: I love alliterations and use them frequently. But yes, woo her with intellect.