JUNE 1, 2012 8:11AM

Harvesting Melissa

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Yesterday I started my harvesting of lavender from our new lavender bed I planted last June.

Lavender bed

Lavender bed

This whole bed is new and it replaced the space where our dearly departed Elm shaded our yard. I am amazed at the difference a year makes. Here is the same area last June.

New lavender bed

Lavender bed planted June 2011

This lavender bed has several different lavenders that are all about ready to be harvested. Yesterday I harvested Melissa, which is the second plant from the left of the first picture. I’m looking forward to using Melissa in cooking and baking. I see lavender shortbread cookies in our future.

Melissa cut and ready to hang

Melissa cut and ready to hang

Melissa is different from our other lavenders in that the blooms are white. Not as pretty as the others, but it is recommended for baking.

Every year after harvesting I wrap the bunches together with rubber bands and hang them in the garage. This year I thought I’d experiment with adding a paper sack over a couple of the bunches. Not sure it will make any difference, but thought it would keep the buds from dropping off onto the counter. I always put a cloth under them to catch the buds that fall off.

Melissa hanging to dry

Melissa hanging to dry

More lavender to harvest this weekend.


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