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99% Protests largely ignored to date

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Upcoming Elections and the "99%" protests

  The GOP is intent on ignoring these Main Street protests.

 They generally disapprove of Public interest in those events since conspiring Corporate Media and Wall Street vested interests are one and the same, Birds of a Feather under Republican policy.  So "The Revolution Will Not be Televised", will in fact be “Disallowed”, or at least not acknowledged by Republican controlled media.
  They'll continue to treat these protests as "Non-Events" while (by contrast) providing TeaPublican activities all the free media coverage they want, as they have across the past 2+ years.


 ***As Previously Posted***

  These protests represent rejection of institutional corruption, they’re rightly concerned that lack of regulatory "Oversight" has allowed gaming of our Wall Street and Banking (Investment) assets across decades.


  THAT occurred because of a combination of deceitful "Dark Market" business practices and lack of concern for regulations.  Disregard of those standards to the extent of wholesale removal in some cases (IE Glass-Steagal).

  Greenspan and the SEC eventually admitted to this, but not before the corrosive, damaging effects of
Derivatives combined with Predatory Loan Practices and Market Deregulation allowed Investment Banks to throw our *Public Funds* into the investment market, for at least a decade.



 Not surprisingly, the 99% protests reflect outrage at our huge market losses and related financial instability, those crowds represent recognition of the complete lack of accountability for the actions of the “Experts” among Wall Street and related Banking/Investment markets, where are the “Perp Walks” we’ve all been waiting for?

 Who’s being held accountable for our current diminished National Economic condition and why haven’t we imposed broad measures of reform to control those mechanisms of failure, to prevent future “Market Failures” caused by further “insider” corruption?

 Our savings and Real Estate holdings have suffered Monumentally for the actions those pretentious fools, whether our current “State of the Economy” was the intended result or not, and even in today’s broken economy the “Deregulation” and “Investment” experts collect their annual bonuses (at our expense).



    Yet 99% protestors are being considered nothing more than a relative nuisance among the “Conservatives”, they’re being dismissed as insignificant, portrayed as having no possible effect on upcoming elections in the eyes of the Republican party.

   What’s easily apparent up ‘til now is that substantial mainstream media exposure hasn’t been provided, those protests continue to be withheld from Public view as another "Inconvenient Truth" the GOP insists we shouldn't pay attention to.

 TeaPublicans continue to ignore the 99% protestors in support of the same moneyed Constituents mentioned above.

 Wall Street and related Investment Banking Lobbyists have nothing to do with THAT, right?  The corrupting influence of Campaign Finance money never comes into the picture, obviously ;-)

 Especially since Citizens United has progressively reared it’s ugly head courtesy of the Right Wing majority SCOTUS.   Unlimited finance $ firewalled against all potential disclosure, the GOP wet dream come true.

 What can be done by us?  As a response to these tactics, in the short term, what’s our best resource in support of calls for "Reform"?  Participation, of course.

 The rest of us need to do our best to keep the Voting Public informed and aware, let’s expose the GOP as the *Corporate Shills* they are.  And we should make it apparent to the TeaPublicans that ignoring those protests and supported legislation of “Reform" is being done At Their Own Peril in terms of future election results.

 Which brings us to current pending legislation, let’s look at the recently proposed “Jobs Bill”.


 ***Regarding the GOP "Jobs Bill" rejection***

    GOP Legislators won't even bring the Jobs Bill up for vote, since by doing that they'd expose their own betrayal of Public Trust while voting in lockstep against it, by those actions blocking economic growth and intended economic “Recovery" in the Public Arena, openly exposed to all.   

  Instead, their party representatives quietly refuse to devote ANY attention to the Jobs Bill for those same reasons, it would improve the economy and allow increased Jobs Market Growth (to the benefit of we “99%” who approve of that).  

 Bottom line? Under GOP policy our country cannot be allowed to substantially recover before the 2012 election, economic growth won't be allowed to reflect positive credit to President Obama even if impending *Catastrophic Economic Failure* is the alternative.


   Implementation of that bill implies REVENUE of course, and Republicans simply cannot accept it, no increased taxation of the "Economic Elite" can be allowed for under current TeaPublican policy.




  WHY is the Republican Party so adamant about rejecting ALL TAX REVENUE?  Besides obvious intended slow starvation of the Economy and reliant Social programs, I mean.  

  “Starving the Beast” is considered to be a legitimate long term (Disgusting) strategy for the GOP but is not immediately relevant.

  The 2012 Election is the answer, of course.  But we've not yet identied how complete denial of ALL REVENUE will gain them that election, other than immediate economic impact to be blamed on the President.  But that's only an "effect", not motivation for the intended "cause".

  And attempting to blame we Dems/Liberals for "Party of NO" legislative blockades is a risky proposal at best, the Public won't remain blissfully ignorant forever, not even the "Conservative" drones.


  Other ideas?  Perhaps an “Oath” against taxes?

 Think some hypothetical, largely insubstantial “Oath to Grover Norquist” is their persistent over-riding concern?

   Only substantial to the extent that campaign money can be withheld from NRP sources, but let's discuss what's being presented to the public, an "Oath of Honor" under pretense of "Loyalty" to their party.

 An imaginary imperative of such VAST prevailing weight that Oath of Office is completely dissolved under the stress of overwhelming gravitational pull, right?  Yeah, sure, must keep them awake at night ;-)

 Nope.  What motivates the TeaPublicans isn’t lofty ideals, they’re concerned (obsessively!) with Campaign Finance, of course.  They're trying to assure future resources, "Super PAC" and related Corporate financial support.

  They've sold the Trust we've given them (IE Oath of Office) to the highest bidder, they're now wholly owned, functionally reliant Corporate tools. 

  Accomplished by refusing to cooperate with ANY programs relying on Tax Revenue, in effect depriving *We The People* of jobs and critical infrastructure while providing a *Tax Free Future* for the Corporations at our expense.


 But what about their "Positions", as office-holders they're reliant on "We the People" for support, right?  We're Voters, after all.

  Republicans are walking a rhetorical tightrope, they're balancing dependence on sustained reliable Corporate Campaign Finance against Public Outrage fueled by our failed economy and related lack of recovery.

  The GOP is betting that unlimited $ thrown to Right Wing Media Sources (enabled by "Citizens United" financial resources) will sooth voting taxpayers between now and the elections.

  Meanwhile, Republicans will do their best to convince those same voters that President Obama is responsible for the lack of economic recovery, even while Republican Legislators THREATEN and IMPEDE the slow growth our economy has achieved.

  And they’ll continue to stall all Dem initiatives, since economic recovery is not (hasn’t EVER been) their goal.

  The 2012 election is of course the "Brass Ring" they're reaching for.

  As always, Republicans place their own political interests ahead of National Economic Stability, the rest of us aren't much of a consideration compared to the Corporate Loyalty nurtured by current GOP Leadership.

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"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
--sinclair louis

"One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas."
--victor hugo

occupy wall street, my speech to the masses

Agree with most of "my speech to the masses", those protestors support reform generally, concerning a broad range of issues from failed home loans to "tarp" bailouts, selective support of "too big to fail" institutions, etc.

But I think that the public gets it, understands that the "Wall Street VS. Main Street" aspect of the 99% movement carries the most apparent weight, appeals to the largest public segment.

"Get the money out of Politics" seems to be another large influence, an "underlying theme" that calls for attention, tho perhaps less obvious relative to Wall Street.

The perception that "buying" a political office today is completely acceptable, that poorly regulated campaign money has no corruptive influence once a candidate takes office is an absurd but broadly implied concept, sold to the public with a conspiratorial wink and a nod across the political spectrum by those who benefit.

"Citizens United" amplifies that corruptive, toxic monetary influence to an extent most of us are only beginning to appreciate.

But this particular topic of necessary "Reform", Campaign Finance, is of course only one aspect, one "Voice" in the 99% movement. Potentially lost in the collective outrage if not called attention to, if not intentionally brought to "center stage".

With near complete cooperation of "MSM", of course, since they're directly involved, complicit. Purchase of campaign media "airtime" prevails across these campaigns, and the media won't be "biting the hand that feeds them", won't cooperatively expose that corruption unless forced to in the context of "damage control".

Our current Wall Street and Investment Banking state of corruption absolutely needs reform, Public outrage in the form of the 99% protests COULD provide needed (if perhaps unplanned) media exposure of benefit to everyone BUT the 1%, the "Economic Elite".

AND help to expose the dysfunctional nature of money applied to politics thru sheer weight of enlightened public opinion in the form of coordinated effort, protest and "Occupation".

The 99% protests have the potential of becoming the "Catalyst" for CHANGE, could sew the seeds of needed reform on several fronts.

One can only hope ;-)