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Gocomics Policies of Censorship (reprisal)

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  My first post on Open Salon was a declaration of indignation, in August of last year I explained my disgust related to emerging rampant Gocomics.com editorial Censorship.


  As described at that time, those policies remain intact.  Site management essentially removes anything they're in disagreement with based on arbitrary political criteria, as stated in that comment:

 Several of we Liberal content "Contributors" are directly effected and resulting complaints are widespread, we're essentially being "Targeted" by those policy changes.

  But policies at that site are worsening.

  I've lately posted links to editorial cartoons on Gocomics only to find that site management has removed my content "commentary" several months later, they're apparently tracking my Current Postings and editing past site content Because I've referenced it.

  So let's think about the "Memory Hole" mindset at work here.

  Let's say I currently comment and reference an editorial cartoon done in July of last year as I've recently done on THIS site (http://home.assets.gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2011/07/26).

Referenced a few days ago on Open Salon while commenting on this post:


  Contained in that recent comment on OpenSalon I mention that "searching my user ID [M Kitt] will display my comments" related to that editorial content.

  But recent review of that July 2011 Gocomics page shows that my comments of that date have been Selectively Deleted several months after posting them.

  This means, of course, that I've been the subject of much Greater editorial ire at that site than I had previously been aware of, that I'm now the object of Such Intense political attention that even comments written several months previously are being essentially UNWRITTEN at the behest of Gocomics site management.

  Setting aside the fact that Freedom of Speech is the foremost issue here, I STILL can't believe the concentrated, intensely destructive intent that drives those actions.  I find it difficult to grasp the extent of intended willful (Personal!) animosity that would motivate such actions on behalf of Gocomics Management.

  As stated in my first posting on this subject:

    *What's actually occurred to effect policy at that site appears to be Entirely Politically Based and won't likely be subject to review by "We the Public".  Based on the number of other Gocomics.com paid members who're complaining about those new "Policies", I don't expect any "Official", publicly available explanation as to why these new Censorship tactics are being enforced.*

  But my simply calling attention to rampant Censorship at that site isn't nearly enough of a response, doesn't address the SCOPE of the problem involved.  Malicious "Memory Hole" tactics at that site require further action on my part.   

  For starters, I'm going to post my comments from that Goccomics page (http://home.assets.gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2011/07/26) here for review, so that readers make their own judgment, will be enlightened regarding Gocomics' politically motivated censorship.

   This way they'll observe for themselves what constitutes "objectionable content" under Gocomics Management policies.

   Thanks in advance for your valued attention, we contributors should all be concerned about the results of Anti-Liberal Bias at Gocomics.  Or anywhere else, for that matter. 





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As promised above, here are are the CENSORED comments related to the following Gocomics editorial page, unedited, in the order they were posted.

Anyone browsing that site finding missing "M Kitt" references can post me a request here, I'll be happy to supply the "Memory Hole" deletions so reviled by Gocomics.


For Fundamentalist Bigots who support the “Norway” philosophy:

Do you think the “Twin Tower” site is a Christian Holy relic of some sort?

The NeoCons apparently do. That’s the PRETENSE, anyway.

I understand the POLITICAL importance of that location to the GOP, they CAN’T admit that the entire religion if Islam ISN’T responsible for 9-11, otherwise the rationale for military intervention following that event (IE IRAQ) falls apart at the seams.

So why’s it so important to you, Righties? What makes the concepts of A) Terrorists and B) Religion so difficult to differentiate in your’ mind?
Let’s try another comparison, no terrorism involved this time, just WAR promoted by POLITICAL GOALS.

Do you think, for instance, that all Christians are responsible for support of Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany?

If not, why would you support blaming all of Islam for 9-11?

Waiting for the End Times, much?

If I were you, I’d consider that the right wing agenda is based on POLITICAL, not RELIGIOUS goals.

You’re being USED.

The right wing thinks that the rest of us should all bow down to their sacrosanct version of 9-11, that it’s “Holy Ground” to the religious right Fringe.

This plays to the perverse NeoCon version of that event that “All Muslims are responsible” for 9-11.

Hence their Faux News Disinformation “Echo Chamber” has been cycling complete nonsense, pablum for the WingNuts about ”Terrorist Mosques” ever since.

Al Qaida conducted the 9-11 operation, Islam is NOT Al Qaida any more than the White Supremecist Christian movement represents followers of Jesus.

Got a clue yet, Militant Evangelical Fundies? Al Qaida and White Supremecists are both Hate Groups and potential terrorists, NOT RELIGIONS.

Let me know if I need to simplify it further for you

Hey Sven

Prescott Bush associated with Nazis, historically FACTUAL. http://tinyurl.com/37ds8w

Using the broad brush you WingNuts seem to prefer I COULD say that’s YOUR preference.

Again, let’s consider where we’ve seen these tactics used, historically.

(IE Guilt by Association, McCarthyism in action).

Would that be insulting to you, Sven?
But I don’t support using those tactics, what about you?



“Bullying Tactics” aren’t about presentation of information, they’re based on Smearing and Disinformation, like calling people you disagree with Nazis, Socialists, ETC.

Speaking of “Smearing”, Joe McCarthy knew those tactics VERY well. The GOP “Fear Agenda” after 9-11 was a fine example of that behavior, blending Politics and Religous Bigotry to suit their needs, to cover for policies that the public would never have otherwise allowed. For instance, show me a Liberal who’s in favor of RENDITION or PREEMPTIVE WAR.

So those same “Bullying Tactics” you mentioned were PERVASIVE during the George W. “Shrub” administration, to cover for their complete lack of coherent Government Policy. Not to mention what many of us recognize as Criminal Behavior, AKA WarCrimes.

Suppose if President Obama were to start a few pre-emptive wars and subsequent occupations, approve rendition of prisoners and related disregard of the Geneva Conventions, contract with his former Corporate buddies in KBR for no-bid War Enterprise profiteering, then he’d be right up there in the approval ratings with George W. and Cheney, right?

And what you’re trying to call “Bullying” on my part amounts to me recounting Historically Factual Information, best I can tell ;-)

You’re a fine representative member of the GOP ;-)

@Sven let’s stick to comments about “Behavior” rather than to engage in debate about your preferred combined Religious/Political Doctrine.

So tell me, based on Behavior which “Lefty Socialists” are persuing invasion and occupation of Muslim Countries, Sven? And when “Lefties” oppose these ruinous policies
we’re labeled “Saul Alinski” followers by “DittoHeads” like you, bet you and Limbaugh are in complete sync, huh?

And by opposing those ruinous GOP policies you’ve stated that “Liberals are engaging in Religious Bigotry”, right? By speaking out about the pointless loss of Iraqi and U.S.
Citizens (Troops), according to Right Wing Doctrine we’re being “Anti-Christian Bigots”, right?

Right Wing Fundamentalists who’ve insisted on blaming “All of Islam” for an attack on 9-11 ARE engaging in Bigotry, for the OBVIOUS reasons I’ve given above.

“Al Qaida conducted the 9-11 operation, Islam is NOT Al Qaida any more than the White Supremecist Christian movement represents followers of Jesus.”

Not really that difficult to understand, right? Yet NeoCons and their Fundamentalist supporters STILL promote that Bigotry, for their own Selfish, Opportunistic Reasons.

In persuit of the combined NeoCon, Fundamentalist Agenda. Let’s call that agenda Middle East Conquest, and concurrent Political Control of the U.S. Government, thru the Smearing and Intimidation tactics we’ve all become familiar with.

But since you’re inclined to label me a “Socialist Lefty”, I’ll ask you to clarify the status of the Religous Beliefs YOU Support, Sven.

Do you think Iraq/Afghanistan is an End-Time Holy War, Sven?

Perhaps that’s why the death of so many innocent Muslims is just fine with you, unnecessarily inflicted on them by your POTUS of choice, George W.

But the entire planet (excluding the USA) is well aware that 3 or 4k dead on 9-11 can’t justify AT LEAST hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi casualties or LIMITLESS
invasion and occupation, there’s obviously No Parity, no moral equivalence.

Unless we listen to the NeoCons and their Fundamentalist Supporters who lust after “Final Days”, “Rapture”, “End Times”, and associated endless Middle East War Rhetoric.

All to be gained thru shedding of Islamic Blood.

Thanks, Sven. The legacy of destructive Right Wing Doctrine continues, you’ve shown that the “True Believers” among you STILL persue the NeoCon Agenda ;-)
Suppose it was only a matter of time ;-)

Further research confirms that Gocomics.com has removed ALL of my content from that site, so my above statement that they've "Selectively" deleted my earlier posts has been proven incorrect.

Instead, I've essentially been PURGED from that site.

Since I'm still a paid member of that site with "Membership" standing I'll look into the legality of this. By those actions that site apparently asserts that ALL content I've provided past and future tense is "Unacceptable".

Further evidence of Anti-Liberal bias arbitrarily based on MY POLITICAL VIEW.

Partisanship taken to the extreme, worse than I would have suspected. Complete site EXCLUSION of myself, a paying member, while allowing full access to unpaid "Visitors" supportive of the Reicht Wing

Thanks Gocomics. You've once again impressed me with further extremist CENSORING behavior, lowering the bar for editorial conduct, displaying complete intolerance of Liberal values.

Indicative of Reicht Wing "supporters" of INTOLERANCE operating true to form.