JULY 16, 2008 10:25AM

A collection of bad jokes from John McCain

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Can you imagine if the Dem's wife was a pill-popping drug addict who adopted a kid without asking her husband, and who got a marriage license with him before his divorce from his first crippled wife was finalized? And can you imagine if this Dem's wife was a black woman? Oh, but I digress.

I mean, these jokes: (1) they're just not very funny, and (2) he always laughs at them to himself like a moron, reminds me of Bush's self-congratulatory chortle, sends chills down my spine...
I hear the L.A. times just did a scathing piece on John McCain's treatment of his first wife. Haven't read it yet.
"technically not a joke"

Thank you for that distinction. I'm almost thinking it could apply to the last one, too.
We don't like John McCain.
I love Blake's comment, pure and simple. I need to get down to Austin someday when it's not summertime.

Before I knew too much about McCain, I did like him. He seemed unlike the run-of-the-mill pol. I lost a great deal of respect for him when he got in bed with Bush and Rove after they treated him and his relations so abyssmally. The dog just rolled on his back and played submissive to get his treats and let his family dangle in the wind. For once, I'd like to have a true gentleman as president and, other than Russ Feingold, I haven't found one lately in either party.
Aww, Russ Feingold, I have a crush on him. He's Jewish, tho, and I think that would be a problem. The rightwingers would be all "How will the Saudis react to a Jewish president?" and even though that's wrongheaded in 14 different ways, the same peeps who believe Obama is Muslim would probably fall for it...
Even worse for Feingold's nonexistent presidential ambitions besides his Judaism, is the fact that he's a divorced Jew. Voters don't trust divorced politicians who haven't remarried. Plus, he's anti-death penalty. I think that hurts him more than anything else.
These crude jokes (or whatever you want to call them) certainly put McCain in the same league as Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and their ilk. Not very presidential or statesmanlike at all.
Yeah, what Blake said.

I didn't like him when I voted for him in teh MA primary in 2000 either, but I really loathed Junior and thought he needed to be derailed (still do).
There was a time I respected McCain -he never struck me as an idealogue. I didn't know the whole story - that became clear only after he embraced the Bush Adminstration. I thought that was a cynical move to get the nomination in '08, but I think the tenor of these 'jokes' reflects the real truth - that underneath it all he's just another fucking entitled frat boy pounding his chest and anyone who dares get in his way.
Entitled frat boy? The man who whose father and grandfather were both 4-star admirals, who only got into the Naval academy because of that, and spent most of his youth beating people up and going strip clubs? Noooo!!! :)
I have to think about this one. When Clinton didn't have sex with Lewinsky, I stood firm on my position that I didn't give a damn about a politician's personal ethics or actions.

My concerns with McCain's jokes are the misogynistic tone and an absence of judgement. As Stellaa said, it's as though he isn't aware that these jokes are in poor taste. I suppose the lack of awareness worries me more than the misogyny.
Besides, he's wrong. Chelsea Clinton looks pretty damn good if you ask me.

The bomb Iran one was pretty funny. It was kind of like Reagan's line about outlawing Russia and bombing starting in the next five minutes.

But the rest of them just aren't funny.

That's the thing. You can be offensive as hell as long as you are funny. But if you're not funny, then you get in trouble.