JULY 25, 2008 6:02PM

Sarkozy acts like Woody Allen, gets TOLD by lady reporter

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Dayum. I always thought Christiane Amanpour was a lightweight. Sarkozy embarasses himself in so many ways with this response, I don't have time this year to list them all.

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Maybe the Cuban heels were irritating him?
That's how he always is, though. He was just acting like such a dork at the beginning, you know, like a guy who wants to do anything to please the hotter, calmer, cooler girl he's taking to a dance...

I'm watching it against and that woman has some balls of steel to say that to a president of a country.
hassismold, I"m betting it was the buttplug connected to the nipple clamps that Carla has him wearing under that suit
I thought Sarkozy fielded the question very well. You think that was a tough and impertinent question by Christiane Amanpour? Actually, that's mild compared to the daily battering he has to take from European reporters.

See, I think the reason why we as Americans might think that Amanpour was being so bold and daring with such a question is because here in the U.S., so-called "journalists" grovel at the feet of powerful politicians and beg them not to revoke their press pass for Air Force One, or the White House press room. Only softball questions, or pre-arranged planted questions that sound a little tough, but have already been vetted by the White House are allowed.

I'd love it if David Gregory or some other ass-kissing poser would tell the president he's full of shit and demand a straight answer instead of lobbing a softball at Bush and then scuttling away like a crab in the surf.
On a sidebar to all of this subject, Christiane Amanpour and her husband, Jamie Rubin, are a good example of a contemporary power couple.
Sandra, you made me laugh out loud!
JD, I agree with the idea that our press is totally wimpy, but I don't think Sarko did well at all. First of all, he keeps talking to Amanpour as if she represents the US, whereas she's obviously of Iranian-British origins, and is not exactly full-blood American. Then he says that Colin Powell is not a classic American name? He was just talking blah blah...
Oh and Sandra, I would be surprised if it were any other way. French people, if I may generalize, have issues.
Did he actually say anything at all? It came off as so much blathering to me.
I was thinking about this on the way home. In essence, Christiane Amanpour was asking Sarkozy if he in fact thought that the rioters (allez les beures?) were scum because of their color and how did he align that with the Obama-mania. If I were him (absent the nipple clamps and what not), I think I'd have tried something more like "those were comments made about rioters, not everyone of that color, but I can see how I could have been misunderstood. Still, I've shown my commitment to addressing the root causes of troubles in these areas, and I think my cabinet choices should demonstrate that I am fully comfortable with a multi-racial France." And then stop.
That was painful to watch. His vanity explodes out from him from every angle, in kilowatts.

What a fool. I noticed that he even managed to throw his own wedge between France and the US, spontaneously, with the reference to their race riots not having any civilian deaths, in contrast to American race riots. Well played.

Emphatic ditto to JD's sentiment that Amanpour's question stood out so starkly because our media tends to be so embarrassingly supine. A confrontational, leading question from a reporter? Get the smelling salts and open a window!
"His vanity explodes out from him from every angle, in kilowatts."

beautiful - I'm using that.

But I still hold that his je ne sais quoi is attributable to the butt plug and nipple clamps
hassismold - I had the same thought but couldn't express it as well as you, so thanks. I think Amanpour served him a perfect chance to reframe something ugly into something hopeful, a la Barack. Watching him fumble around, I felt that he missed a real opportunity to take the heat off his past comment and recontextualize it in a positive way. Of course, this would be a) possible and b) effective only if he were sincere. Which I don't think he his. I think he meant North Africans=Muslims=Not French=Scum.
"His vanity explodes out from him from every angle, in kilowatts."

beautiful - I'm using that.

But I still hold that his je ne sais quoi is attributable to the butt plug and nipple clamps

You may have left out the possibility that the kilowatts of vanity came from the electric charge pumped through the nipple clamps?

OK, woah, it's late and my brain is too warped to give it access to a keyboard.
Yes, I rarely disagree with J.D., ahem, but...I couldn't stand to watch that, his vanity did indeed explode, he was just twitching and jerking with his own importance, and rage that Amanpour questioned him that way. Importance, rage, plus the nipple clamps.
Well, I'm a little late to this party, but it did appear Sarkozy had something going on up there that made it seem like he wanted to bust out in shits and giggles, but in the end, despite doing what now appears to be a requirement of holding public office -- completely ignoring the actual question asked by the reporter -- he did manage, however inelegantly, to make a positive statement about encouraging equality of opportunity for all races. In addition, my understanding of what he said indicated he does think Colin Powell and Madeline Albright and Condi Rice are all American names. As for Christiane Amanpour, I think she's a very fine reporter but this question was not even close to "balls of steel" ballsy -- it was of the increasingly all-too-familiar "gotcha" variety that takes someone's past words out of context, using them to try and embarrass a public figure or put them on the spot. Not CA's finest moment by a long shot.
Lonnie, if Sarko was saying that Colin Powell, Madelaine Albright, and Condoleeza Rice were all-American names... Condoleeza, really?

And I don't think Amanpour took this out of context at all. I know the kind of gotcha you're talking about, but this was not one of them.

He called the rioters "racaille," which is a term for a hoodlum, "scum" is a little strong, but it's not a word any politician should be using. It has tremendous racial connotations, since most "racaille" are of North African or African origin who live in poor suburban housing projects (the banlieue or cite). It's a very slangy term, and when used by a white person like Sarkozy in his official capacity, it's racism, pure and simple.

Question: Monsieur Sarkozy, est-ce que vous pouvez nous débarrasser de cette racaille? (Monsieur Sarkozy can you get rid of these racaille for us?)
His response was: Vous voulez qu'on vous débarrasse de cette racaille, on va le faire. (You want us to get rid of this racaille? We're on the case)