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OCTOBER 7, 2009 9:09AM

I Got Scammed By An Ad On Salon

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I wish I had read Dr. Amy’s post on supplements before I did this asinine thing. But oh, no – I got scammed.


I like acai (ah-sci-EEE) juice. I put it in my smoothies and like the taste. I had also heard it was really good for you


Well, on a lot of Salon pages there is an ad for an Acai diet or cleansing or something. Now I buy off the Internet, but only from well known sites such as Amazon, Petsmart, etc…. you know what I mean.


So I clicked on the ad, filled with endorsements (supposedly from CNN, CBS etc.) about the advantages of acai due to the large number of anti-oxidants. I didn’t think about it too much but this ad kept coming up, and it offered a free month trial for only the shipping charges of 5.99. I thought, hell, what’s the harm? It came with an acai powder of some sort, and a colon cleanser (I should have been alerted to that – all I need is diarrhea).


At any rate, despite something in my gut saying ‘NO, NO, NO!” I ordered it. Well, shortly after I received a call from the Fraud Dept. at my credit card company. Did I endorse a charge of $79.99 from Perfect Health? NO, I replied, what do I do? He suggested first contacting the company to see what was going on, and then they’d take over if no satisfaction was obtained.


Well, I started an e-mail campaign – they had not lived up to the 5.99 ONLY shipping charge, I hadn’t even RECEIVED the stuff. I sent emails over and over only to get responses that they would ‘look into it’. Not good enough. The credit card company gave me their number. I called and was greeted by some poor soul in Mumbai or somewhere, who had to take my (low key) abuse. She tried to explain that after 2 weeks if I didn’t want it, I had to send it back within those two weeks. BUT IT WAS A MONTH FREE TRIAL!!!  More snotty from me, no reasonable response and I kept calling getting more poor souls in Mumbai trying to explain something that made no sense, with a policy from some damned company that had hired them,


Finally, FINALLY, they saw I wasn’t going away, and with the threat of the Fraud Dept. coming there way very soon, they removed the charge from my credit card.


So I’ll be sending the damned stuff back. The only catch is – you have to send it back to China. I’ll probably pay half the 79.95 on postage. I was an arse.


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No, you weren't an arse. The jackasses who run that company are the arses.
Oh, thank you Procopius. I feel better I am not an arse - just pretty dopey.
I don't see why you have to send it back to China at all. They've already reversed the charge to your credit card. What are they gonna do? Re-charge it to you? That doesn't seem likely. Also, how did they send it to you in the first place? First-class mail? More to the point, do they have any sort of Proof-of-delivery (like your signature)? If they can't prove that you ever received it, they can't prove that the charge is legit. If all else fails, you can always demand to see the signed piece of paper where you agreed to their 'contract' (of course, there is no such piece of paper). So I say screw them. After all, they screwed you. ;-)

Just my two cents.
You have some good points there, Aric. Some very good points. They sent it by Purolator, and if I just refuse the parcel - well as you say, they can't prove I got it. HA! BUGGER THEM BACK!
I'm so glad you posted your experience. I was very tempted to respond to the same ad. Thanks for the heads up!
I'm so glad you weren't un con come moi, Monsieur.
Also M. Chariot, if you haven't already, you should read Dr. Amy Tuteurs articles on supplements. And this is a woman who knows what she's talking about!
Send them the remaining portion of the stuff, along with a bag full of proof that it cleaned out your colon.
You're not the first person this has happened to, trust me. Tons of those products have "small print" that essentially people wind up agreeing to when they order it. Thousands of men have ordered that Extenz product that is supposed to make their penis grow or something. They order the free trial, but the small print somehow allows the company to charge them over $100 at the time they make the purchase. Tons of men are too embarrassed to admit that they ordered it, so the company gets away with it.

A couple of years ago Columbia House sent me an email and an invoice telling me that my video had shipped and I owed them money. The hell I did! I hadn't even ordered anything from them. But it seems that the small print on some website I had signed on to also signed me up for Columbia House. I went ballistic just on principle. I emailed Columbia House and took them to task. Refused the package when it arrived. Documented everything and called the Better Business Bureau in the city where the company has it's headquarters. They took Columbia House to task as well and eventually I got my name off of all their lists and got their creditors off my back. Moral of the story, always call the BBB if this stuff happens to you.
I did this once too (different product). I felt like such a guppie! But we learn. And I even got to learn how to send sh*t back to China! :)
Has anybody seen this guy who, in his comments, always mentions watches which he's trying to sell? I forwarded it to the editores, but he's still there?

Good piece.
I got scammed by acai too. (A different ad though) They did not take the charge off even though I called repeatedly and even contacted the BBB. Consider yourself lucky. I was really pissed, but I've given up. I can't spend every Saturday on the phone yelling at people.
Just don't pay it. Put a hold on the charge with your credit card company. Then make the scamming company do all the legwork.
Any reason you can't just cancel your credit card, and get a new one? With a scam that complicated I doubt that stuff is ever coming anyway, and I wouldn't want that company to have my credit card number.

I do find it amusing, however, that you have all these Acai ads on your post. Oh Adsense, you are SO dumb.
Okay I guess it was just one Acai ad that seems to have disappeared. But it was funny while it lasted.
Twice in the last few months I've had unknown charges appear on my credit card statement. I challenged them with my credit card company and they disappeared without a word or explanation.
I am with Paul J. O'Rourke on this. Send it back with proof.
I'm sorry I haven't responded to you all in a timely fashion. I was drinking acai juice all afternoon (ok it was beer). I really like the idea of sending it all back with proof that the colon cleanser actually worked. I ALSO as Julie suggested find it hysterical that Acai is still advertising on my post. What numbnuts.

Wow, Iamsurly - didn't know Columbia House was sleazy too. Bad, bad, bad. Everyone is trying to make money with this fine print business. Recession sleaze?

John, I've seen this poster as well. I have also seen some tart trying to get you to go to her website as there are 'lots of nice women and men'. I was dumb, but to think anyone would by THAT one, or the watch broker...jeez.

I think I'll just refuse it at the door, and get the Fraud folks to get it off my card. I am suspicious that they triggered so fast to this - I suspect that this company was on the 'watch' list.

Again, thanks for the comments, and some good laughs. The ad is back on my site again. Har har.
Look of Noni Juice...but Tahitian only...full strength... Iherb store is good...but by the Tahitian only...horrible tasting..but will heal you of anything except WMDs. Under 20 a bottle and only need two tbls a day.
Thanks TS, interesting information!
PS - I'll probably get a container of melamine.