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NOVEMBER 17, 2009 7:01AM

The Sexiest Man Alive

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                               My Ed





Psst! Hey you, Ed. Ed Harris! It’s me madcelt. Yeah, you Ed, with the blazing blue eyes and that chiseled face. I’m writing this Open Call Salon thing about the sexiest man alive (a little cheesy I know) and it kind of prompted me to stalk you…I mean find you. Man, you look good in person. No pretty boy here, just a manly man.


I’ve always thought you were a great actor – you’ve done some iffy films (not many) but you are never mediocre. A muted actor, who can play nasty (A History of Violence) or sympathetic (The Hours) you never go over the top. I first saw you in The Right Stuff, Ed and fell in love then. You were a great John Glenn, but you were better looking than him. The slow way you move…purposefully. That you don’t say more than you have to is a real turn on. Again, you are a true manly man – Johnny Depp may be gorgeous, but you twirl my gonads.


Now I know you’ve been married to Amy Madigan for 28 years and have a kid, BUT…isn’t a change in order? Let’s grab the kid and head for the hills. Yeah, you and me. I know I’m a lesbian, Ed…no need to point that out, but I think I could change teams for you.


Your voice is to dream for – on the deep side, and your acting is so subtle it changes more in the way you say it, than in a mass of histrionics. Sexy. You are the actor’s unactor. You have been called the most overlooked actor of your time, but you have been finally and more recently nominated for Academy Awards and directed Pollock. Finally some notice of my guy.


Yes, Ed – my guy, with the high cheekbones,(I can’t help mentioning those eyes again.) Not blue pools, but blue ice.


C’mon Ed – Amy will be fine – take a chance, I’m sure we’d have an exquisite life together. You acting, me standing on the sidelines cheering you on. You could even get drunk like you did in Pollock and I would still think you were sexy. (By the way, you even look good in a beard, but I prefer to see that strong chin).


You are without a doubt, the sexiest man alive – you’re a real GUY. Understated, a true artist in your craft, and without a doubt, look like you just got off a horse with a cowboy hat. Oh, you did, right, Appaloosa.


Let’s go now Ed, while Amy’s not looking. Uh, what’s with the security guards? Ed! Ed! Ed! I LOVE YOU!


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I couldn't agree with you more. I fell in love with him when I saw "China Moon". He and Madeline Stowe had that whole "Body Heat" thing working for them in spades. And who can forget him as "Pollock"? Great choice. I'd do him. Any day.
Good Taste O'Really. Good taste.
Good, meant to be silly.
WSFTC - I too found writing this a tad difficult this morning. Especially with the picture. I mean look at the guy, he's at an award show wearing a T-shirt. Love that.
Oh, incredibly good choice. I'm particularly fond of His Edness with Clint Eastwood in "Absolute Power."
Funny. I happen to look just like Ed Harris. People come up to me all the time. I've signed hundreds of autographs.
Orally: You'd do anybody.
Not quite blu. Your the exception.
That should have read: You're the exception.
John, you're just a pervert. Thank god.
I see your Ed Harris and raise you Sam Elliott.
Sam Elliot - definitely on the list - but he just doesn't have Ed's well...intellect. But yeah, good choice.
he is a good second but sam elliot rules good we all have different tastes...can you imagine how tired these poor men would be if we only chose ONE!
I don't know about Ed, but you, Madcelt, are stupendous -- on either team.
You don't care how many hearts you break, do you?
I saw Madeline Stowe's name. That eased the pain.
Rated, anyway.
I love this guy. My sister made a movie with him when she lived in Texas.... Alamo Bay - She was Amy Madigan's stand in and was in several scenes as well. She said both of them were very nice.
Steve, and Thoth you're really the sexiest men . I just had to make Ed feel good. He was having a bad day.

MAWB - I loved Alamo Bay - excellent film and I'm jealous of your sister.
Oh yes! And married 28 years to boot! We love Ed.
Have always had a thing for him as well.

He's an honorable man, too, in addition to being just a brilliant actor and a good family man. He's damn near perfect.

(Check out his performance in Touching Home; and the prose of the twins in You're Either In, or You're In The Way, to see what I mean, about his honor.)
I loved him in Pollock, pretty good in Truman show and very good in Hours.
Yes, an honorable guy and a hugely talented actor/director. Not just a 'persona'. I may have seen him in films that I wasn't crazy about, but he was never bad.
See History of Violence, or that stupid one with Nicholas Cage that no one can remember.
madcelt, I have to admit - good choice...
Thanks, Nikki. Shows your own good taste too ;-)
I've always felt like I was a minority in loving him--but it seems that among my more artistic friends on OS, I finally fit in!
Note to self: buy "China Moon" on apple TV tonight.
No, not alone at all, Karin!
i can see it. i used to have a thing for him, but it faded.

i think it peaked when he played john glenn in The Right Stuff.
Yeah, but Dave...think of all the great work he has done since then - Beautiful Mind, History of Violence and the fabulous Pollock. But then, you can't push someone onto someone else, so I respect your opinion.
Oh, yeah - and The Hours!
The one with Nicholas Cage is "The Rock". Sean Connery also starred.