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JANUARY 4, 2010 8:31AM

New Year's Eve Just Ain't The Same

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I remember when New Year’s was a real whoop. Lots of booze, champagne and French kissing at midnight accompanied by fireworks.


I’m getting old. I hate parties now where everyone is forced into a false gaiety (in my eyes) and now spend New Year’s with a couple of friends. This year showed me how truly sapped I am.


It started out okay, some good drinks, looking forward to the fireworks at midnight I had insisted on buying (despite the year before when one fell over and chased me around the yard), champagne in the fridge all ready to go.


We decided to watch a movie which was depolorable as we had our drinks.  (Anyone who thinks the Hangover was funny must be a guy. My brother recommended it).  These older people watch movies instead of wearing party hats and blowing tooters. At ten, I looked over and saw that two out of the four of us were asleep. I don’t even think it was the movie. They just hit their bedtime and that was that. The only other awake person and I looked at each other, headed to the fireplace and continued chatting and imbibing, but knew we were fading fast. We made it to twelve, but I was so wasted (not necessarily by alcohol, but by fatigue) it was all we could do to wake the other two, and wish a muted Happy New Year. I didn’t even have the energy to put on the firework display and no one wanted the nice Moet Chandon champagne. Everyone went to bed.


I had a friend tell me yesterday not to feel badly. Ten is the new midnight for those of us over fifty. Still, it is the year 2010, a new decade, and I feel like I ripped myself off some. I remember the year 2000 and the excitement it generated in everyone. I went with a friend to the city hall, and we stood in the freezing cold (in addition she was from California – very cold for her) and listened to music, enjoyed the fireworks at midnight and kissed strangers who may have had god knows what disease. It was a celebration.


But here we are. Ten years later and old fogies. I hate it. My blood sugar sucks from all that Christmas candy and booze (I’m not a big boozer by the way) and fatigue from opening too many presents. Then the Christmas tree has to come down (we wait until ‘little Christmas’ on the 6th). I dread it.


I have past my prime. Although my head says I haven’t my body betrays me. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an awful New Year’s Eve, and it was a fabulous Christmas. It was just – well – not like the New Year’s Eves of the past. I guess I better get used to it.


Yesterday we spent a day with a couple of friends, drank the champagne, and had a grand time. That was more of a New Year's celebration than the one on the 31st. We were home and in bed by - you got it - 10 o'clock. Though the box of fireworks remains unopened.


Nonetheless, for you of stamina, a Happy New Year to all, and I hope you tooted your tooters loudly and French kissed everyone.

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I understand what you mean. Although I was never a partier, we have attended various parties in the past, including our neighborhood party right up the street. I didn't feel like getting out in the cold this past New Year's Eve and so just stayed home. I was going to invite a couple of friends over, but since our two youngest boys were pretty sick...I decided not to for our friends' sake. My husband went to bed about 11:40 and I stayed up past midnight....just because it was New Year's Eve. (I tend to stay up late anyway and get up a little later in the morning.) I don't mind a quiet uneventful New Year's Eve....but I do kind of feel that I missed something by not doing something special.
Can't honestly say I have the falling-asleep-at-10 problem -- I worked every shift under the sun (and moon, for that matter) for years, and my sleep patterns are thoroughly fouled up. Usually hit the sack about 1 a.m.

And I also can't say I miss the partying, either. We live what must seem like to outsiders a staid, quiet life ... but appearances can be deceiving.
Glad to know others are taking it easy too, Patricia. Sorry about the boys being ill though. At least YOU saw the NY in. 2010, sort of a benchmark. Ah well.
B1 - With you, I'm SURE appearances can be deceiving!!!
Can't we just not celebrate it one year? Declare a moratorium?
What a good idea blu. Let's just stay in 201o and f*ck 2011. Stay home and watch Housewives of Atlanta. (Aack).
And some people say that carefully measured amounts of fancy recreational drugs before, during and after the party would make you have the time of your life. Say no to drugs, kids.
And some people say that carefully measured amounts of fancy recreational drugs before, during and after the party would make you have the time of your life. Say no to drugs, kids.
There's that too, Thoth. Well put - New Year's Eve is a popular rave night for those of us who can't stay up later than 10. Better in bed at 10 pm than dead at 10 pm
I only made it through midnight because I'll slept in the morning before. I usually go to bed by 10pm when I have to get up the next day. I feel like an old lady sometimes.'re not alone.

Ah, Gwendolyn - the 'before' napper! I should have thought of that! My spouse however, regardless of weekend or holiday would rather be in bed and asleep by 9:30 or 10:00. I can sometimes force 11 if we are watching a good film, but that's pushing it. At least there are SOME times you have to go to bed at 10:00!
Similar to how sizes keep shifting scale (six is the new eight, eight is the new ten, and so on) and ages do the same (40 is the new thirty, 50 is the new 40), the same is true for time. Ten is simply the new twelve.
Which makes me 45, size 10 (Canadian!) , and retiring every night at a sophisticated midnight.
You lucky dog - I'm STILL in the old bag category even using your theory. It should work for everyone. Dammit.