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February 19
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APRIL 10, 2011 12:48PM

An Ode To My Butt

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Butt, o' butt, my dearest butt,

You've always been my friend.

We started out together

And you'll be there in the end.


I've taken you for granted,

Tho' you've always been behind me.

From the bottom of my heart

I want to Thank-You, hiney.


You've never caused me grief or pain,

You've always shown such class -

Could I pick any derriere,

I'd still pick my sweet butt.


I'm sorry that I fell on you.

Oh, I don't mean to moon -

Butt, I would be most grateful

If you'd get better soon!





(Inspired by a recent fall which has given me greater awareness of my backside)

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FIRST. Sorry for your fall, but you made light of it in this very funny post. I especially love how you DID NOT rhyme class with Ass. Made it even funnier, K. RRRR
Oh dear! Wishing you a speedy recovery. I love the second stanza!
Bernadine -
Thanks for coming by.
WHAT!!! There was a pun word that rhymed with Class?
Well dang, dang dang it all to heck!
Heidibeth -
Thanks for the compliment and the good wishes. My recovery has been speedy, I can't believe it's been a month already!
So sorry for you fall and glad you are okay but this was cute.
Rated with hugs
Bonnie -
Glad you got a laugh, but the 'A WORD'?
I already missed church AND wrote about my butt.
I'm going straight to H-E-Double Hockey Stick as it is.
Your hugs always help.
I'm sorry for your fall, although it gave rise to such a witty poem. Wish you a get well from the bot-tom of my heart.

Sorry about your butt, but this was a funny post. Get well soon. -R-
~TEARS~ Your butt is your friend, treat it nicely!!


This reminds me of some of my mother's poetry.
Butt's are important. I hope yours will get better soon. Thank you for some poetry on an all-too-often overlooked subject, and "get well" wishes to you and your backside!
Did you look around to see if anyone saw you do it? Like a tree falling in the woods, if nobody sees it, maybe it didn't happen. And denial is not just a river in Egypt for me!

Otherwise, it's the old "I meant to do that!" quip that comes out of me on the second bounce...

Honestly, brother, I hope you are ok.
It's not everday that I get to read an ode to ones ass. Very enjoyable.
Good luck to you and
know I care about
your sweet derriere.
Sincere Thanks to all for the delightful comments and positive wishes. I'm not going to be able to reply to each of you, but really, I am going to try and start catching up on all of your blogs and lives (I think that's my new motto).

Anyway, it's true I've been in a lot of pain, but I won't take this sitting down! I'm going to do my darndest to get the old rear-end better than ever!

Sending the love back to you, with interest

knowing how much that must have hurt, it is hard to laugh, butt (lol) your poem made me !
Oh no!! I'd offer to kiss it better but, well - you know. Take care of yourself. rated
Oh no!! I'd offer to kiss it better but, well - you know. Take care of yourself. rated
OUCH. Great poem though!